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Scott Steiner – Possible Steroid User in American Wrestling Shows

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Many people believe professional wrestling is not realistic, colorful theatrical show and all its representatives prone to steroid consumption. This claim is rather controversial. But the assertion that the bulked bodies of wrestling athletes and their excellent body shapes aren’t natural, seems to be truthful. The opponents to such opinion doubt that this physique is sculptured using special preparations. We don’t mean nasal steroid sprays or natural steroids. We say about “heavy metal”, namely synthetic anabolic steroids.

Who is Scott Steiner?

Scott (nicknamed “Big Bad Booty Daddy”, “Freakzilla”, “Big Poppa Pump”, and “The Genetic Freak”), will hardly be forgotten anytime soon. He is considered one of the most talented personalities in this combat sport with a very curious physique. These peculiarities will stay in the fans’ minds forever. Even when he played for his college team (he studied at a University of Michigan), he demonstrated a favorite frankensteiner jump, implying jumping and embracing the opponent’s neck with his legs. This trick is the most stunning technical element ever presented in the ring. Over the years, the sportsman reinvented himself in this field. He was persistently improving his appearance, making it more massive.

Some Facts from the Biography of Scott

Scott Carl Rechsteiner has been signature support in the professional wrestling for over fifteen years. When he commenced his career, he wrestled in some smaller clubs as a solo fighter. Then he came to the NWA (WCW) where he joined Rick, his older brother, in a two-man team. Being part of the most powerful tag crew of the 1990s, Steiner gained world-wide popularity.

Being with WCW, Scott won his first title (the WCW TV) in a short singles push. Having participated in contests under the WCW umbrella for several years, the Steiners left the federation to join the WWF in 1993. In 1994 the brothers went on assaulting every other tag team standing on their path. They triumphed the WWF Tag Team titles twice and left the federation at the beginning of 1994.

After decamping from the WWF in 1994, the Steiners joined the new federation in July 1995 – this time they were hosted by the Extreme Championship Wrestling. Having participated in local battles, they returned to WCW in 1996. In late 1997, Scott Steiner began to “move to the Dark Side of the Force”, turning into a negative character. Later, Scott took part in the battles of the New World Order; he was part of the World Wrestling All-Stars, fought in independent networks and chose TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, the American wrestling federation, which in early 2017 was renamed Impact Wrestling).

In 2012, Freakzilla abandoned TNA. His profile was removed from the promotional website, which is commonly done with fired or departed employees. Scott deserted it in the wake of a series of scandals. In those years, the organization was headed by Hulk Hogan and his companions. They sued Scott for his negative comments about TNA, but Steiner won the case.

The sportsman reintegrated with his brother in the ring and enrolled in the Global Force with Jeff Jarrett, but never stepped in the ring under their support. Scott became a real star in India, where he scared several people, as shown on the Ring ka King records.

He didn’t get on with WWE either. Firstly, at the insistence of Hulk Hogan, he was blacklisted at WrestleMania, and two years later he broke up with WWE when he was offered a contract with the Legends.

On April 23, 2017, the lionized wrestler reverted to Impact Wrestling to team with Josh Mathews. Steiner had a fight at Slammiversary, wearing a shirt and looking much smaller in size compared to his usual form, and wrestled jointly with Josh Matthews in a vain effort against Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park. After that, Scott Steiner parted with the company. Nowadays he walks a very different path after acquiring a bistro and starring as himself for advertisements. He reports he’s happy and well.

Use of Steroids in Wrestling

In 2015, quondam World Heavyweight Champion Great Kali gave an interview in which he expressed his opinion on steroids in wrestling. He said: “Yes, some wrestlers take them to alleviate the pain from injuries and to perform excellently at another show, but in comparison to the previous years, their number has significantly decreased for obvious reasons. 10-12 years ago there were more individuals who used such remedies.” He looked bulked up, and his muscles looked unnatural. As of January 2019, the athlete is 56 years old. And his body parameters are awesome. Those who are knowledgeable in the organization of the human organism understand that it’s impossible to keep such a mass at this age since the testosterone level is gradually declining (by the way, here’s an article on how to increase the level of testosterone naturally).

What Steroids Did Scott Steiner Take?

Now the question arises: which steroids did Scott Steiner take? In 1990, it was probably widespread Deca Durabolin, but long-lasted excretion forced wrestlers to terminate its usage after WWE introduced anti-doping tests.

As for the 2000s and these days, many fighters resort to HGH drugs and peptides, featuring short detection times. The same goes for non-estered Trenbolone and testosterone. For example, Testosterone propionate can be revealed only within two weeks. Therefore, if an athlete fails the first checking, he can take it anew in two weeks when he’s cleared, and get permission to perform. In addition, most oral steroid pills are heavily abused, because they are removed from the body quickly. They include, in particular:

  • Andriol (oral testosterone medication, available in gel capsules). The ability to esterificate and dissolute in oil contribute to the absorption through the lymphatic system, like dietary fats.
  • Oxymetholone is an effectual oral preparation got from dihydrotestosterone (or DHT), which can provide 10 kg weight gain to beginners. It promotes water retention, and this liquid is the largest part of gained mass. It’s not an appealing feature. However, the drug enhances strength and stamina.
  • Oxandrolone, obtained from DHT. Exists in oral form. Characterized by a pronounced anabolic impact and minimal estrogenic actions. It’s famous due to its mild steroid action without severe adverse events.
  • Methyltestosterone (Metandren, Testred) is the 1st oral medication in the world. It has exponentially enhanced oral bioavailability (BA) and metabolical stability in comparison with the test.

So, we cannot say exactly which medications Steiner took and conclusively state he took them at all. Maybe it was HGH, Trenbolone, and/or some oral steroids.