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SARMs – Definition, Benefits, Side Effects, Before and After Results

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You count all your calories and the precise number of nutrients consumed. You try your damndest in training. You lovingly research and purchase sports supplements, such as citrulline, Tribulus Terrestris, and protein powders. But this is just not enough. Progress is slow so perhaps you are toying with the idea of anabolic steroids. Hey, these guys work alright but their use is linked to dangerous side effects of steroids. And then, like some sort of miracle from heaven, you came across SARMs and doubtless, you are hugely impressed with their proclaimed effects and innovations.

Are these medicines the cornerstone of bodybuilding, which can shift the paradigm? Should you use them? Can they honestly burn fat as effectively as some anabolic steroids? Or should you take a wide berth and avoid them? Let’s explore this issue further.

SARMs – What They are?

The word “SARM” stands for “selective androgen receptor modulator”, like other selective receptor modulators (or SRMs), these meds can either inhibit or activate hormonal receptors in cells depending on the type of their effect. Consequently, SARM drugs can inhibit/activate bodily receptors selectively, mimicking the beneficial effects of anabolics in some tissues, while minimizing typical side effects of steroids in other tissues. SARMs belong to a class of substances that duplicate the effect of androgen hormones (a special sort of hormonal substances that are “manufactured” in the genitals, one of these substances is, famously, testosterone). SARM meds attach to androgenic receptors in cells, which results in a process of activation of some genes responsible for muscular growth, regeneration of bones and connective tissues.

In fact, anabolics & prohormones also bind to androgenic receptors, causing mass gains. Currently, no androgen receptor modulator is truly selective, they merely have a higher anabolic index. However, SARMs show their anabolic activity only in musculature & bones, with minimal or negligible effects on other tissues and in the body, for example, on the prostate, in contrast to anabolics, which can disadvantageously impact on this function. One more advantage: SARMs are typically used orally, rather than in injectable form unlike most steroids so hugely more palatable particularly for new users or the terminally needle phobic.

Brief History of SARMs

Anabolics steroids, as a rule, are legally prescribed by doctors in two cases. The first scenario is the treatment of muscular atrophy, caused by underlying serious diseases, such as osteoporosis. The second is the deployment of anabolics for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, the key problematic issue with steroids is their invasive and far-reaching side effects, horribly harmful to general health.

In the last century, scientists developed drugs with all the benefits of anabolic sterols, but zero or nil sides. According to a study by Shalender Bhasin and Ravi Jasuja (2010), attempts to invent the first prototypes of steroidal selective androgen modulators occurred way back in the 1940s. However, the revolution in the development of SARMs truthfully took place in the 1990s when scientists from several well-known universities and institutions collaborated to develop non-steroidal SARMs.

Thus, SARMs were born, selectively attaching to receptors, stimulating only the growth of muscles and cleverly and incontrovertibly side-stepping undesirable side effects.

What are the Benefits of SARMs?


These meds are everywhere, used by bodybuilders, ordinary gym visitors (attendants), and other athletes as a substitute for anabolic steroids. They have the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle growth.
  • Prevent loss of muscle mass during cutting and weight loss.
  • Faster recovery after intensive training.
  • Faster recovery post-injury.

Additionally, SARMs can be used as PCT remedies after steroid cycles.

Types of SARMs

There are many types of SARMS in the black market. Amongst them are:

  • LGD-3303. This enlarges mass and boost sports performance and is absent the negative effect on androgenic organs. LGD-3303 has a bigger potential for enlarging muscle mass and preventing catabolic effects than many other SARMs contenders with smaller side effects androgenic effects into the bargain.
  • YK-11. This doubles up as both a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor, so indisputably one of the most powerful, if not the most potent, SARM. The drug causes stronger anabolic effects compared to classical steroids or so the manufacturers claim.
  • ACP-105. This medication has a higher anabolic activity than testosterone with minimal androgenic side effects. The anabolic index of the drug is 3.19:1. ACP-105. It is safer and more effective than classic prohormones & anabolics.
  • Radarine (RAD-140). This is a powerful new generation SARM exhibiting virtually no adverse effects, and without a negative action on the prostate gland. Its effect is comparable to anabolic steroids and prohormones. It speeds up muscle mass bulking, improves endurance, speed and strength during high-intensity training.
  • Ligandrol. LGD 4033 is a strong selective androgen receptor modulator. It allows you to gain large muscle mass and simultaneously dissipate body fat.

  • Ostarine (GTx-024). This is a powerful SARM for increasing muscle mass and strength, incredibly popular amongst professional athletes. High efficiency has contributed to rapid growth in its usage and prevalence.
  • Reverol (SR9009). It is the newest drug that increases the efficiency of metabolic processes in skeletal muscles. Key effects of the med include reducing fat tissue, increasing endurance and productivity. The drug simulates the action of physical activity, fighting excess weight without resorting to exhausting physical exercises and training bouts. However, its effect is greatly maximised if you also train in a gym.
  • Cardarine. There is a commonly held misconception that Cardarine belongs to SARMs. This drug is one of the most effective fat burners, working by accelerating the process of lipolysis in the body. Cardarine increases stamina and explosive power plus offer a powerful anti-catabolic effect. The drug does not interfere with the metabolism, does not induce weakness and lowering of blood glucose rates.
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677). This is a powerful stimulant for the production of growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor-1. It strengthens lipolysis, increases lean muscle mass, and burns fat. It does not bump up cortisol levels. In the 21st century, it is one of the most powerful growth hormone activators.

Are They Really Safe? Possible Side Effects of SARMs

As we have already learned, the modulators act similarly to anabolics, with virtually no adverse reactions. Contrast this to traditional anabolic drugs. Listed below are some of the undesirable effects of anabolics, why risk it? Ditch the worry, just take SARMs.

  • Prostate cancer risk increase;
  • Baldness;
  • Skin problems;
  • Body hair growth;
  • Gynecomastia (gyno) – acquisition of female traits and characteristics;
  • Elevated arterial pressure;
  • Liver disorders;
  • Elevation of “bad” cholesterol levels;
  • Heart hypertrophy;
  • Fluid retention;
  • Bloating.

Are these medicines too good to be true, are they really safe for the athlete? Manufacturers and suppliers of SARMs repeatedly claim that these meds do not inhibit the production of bodily testosterone, however, this is simply not true. They do indeed suppress the production of bodily testosterone rates. For instance, in one research study, males taking 3 mg of SARMs per day over a three month period, experienced a 23% decrease in free testosterone and a 43% decrease in total testosterone rates. Similar conclusions were confirmed by a number of other clinical studies.

In fact, SARMs can actually act as contraceptive agents in men, by reducing levels of LH & FSH hormones, thereby slashing spermatozoa amounts and testosterone rates, hardly surprising if you ponder a little on the main mechanism of action of endogenous androgens. When a person uses artificial androgens, their body reacts to such an elevated increase, consequently reducing its own production of hormones.

The higher the quantity of SARMs the athlete uses, the more side effects arise. SARMs, like all invasive medications, are never one hundred per cent safe and free of contraindications, but as a rule, their side effects are minimal if a person consumes small amounts of these androgen receptor modulators. The trouble is that bodybuilders are infamous for their inability to moderate their dosage size so they frequently experience a lot of adverse events, more commonly associated with the administration of steroids, including acne & male pattern baldness.

SARMs’ Before and After Results

These medications are favourites to achieve different goals, such as muscle mass gain, weight loss, increased endurance, enhanced sports performance, etc. The correct combo of several SARMs allows takers the prospect of achieving the very best results. Usually, the cycle of SARMs usage lasts 12-16 weeks, depending on which SARM you have chosen.

However, some athletes who tried SARMs penned some disappointingly lukewarm and neutral reviews. Their opinion was they had a small effect, but insufficient to make a difference. SARMs though have an undeniable advantage over anabolic steroids – miniscule side effects. Fat burning is one winner but SARMs also increase bone density, a big tick for bodybuilding. But some commentaries reveal that the fat burning effect itself, is not very pronounced. Therefore, they advise of greater benefit the use of more natural methods such as periodic high-interval training, eating fewer carbohydrates for weight loss, and adding natural supplements, such as BCAA. You can read more about these methods on our website where there are expert advice and helpful links.

So, as anticipated, the truth about SARMs lies somewhere in between two points on the spectrum – effective but perhaps not quite the miraculous show stoppers claimed by their suppliers and manufacturers – it was ever thus. An amazing physique is hard won through dedication, commitment and genuine brow sweat not just by popping a few supplements and missing out on gym sessions. Act purposefully, eat properly, exercise sensibly, technically, and anatomically and don’t forget about gracious and invigorating rest. If you are unsure, hire a trainer to guide you. There is tons of information and link ups online. There is no limit to your success or the body you can achieve except your brain and willpower.