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Ryan Braun & Steroids: Disputed Testosterone Test & Proof of the Drugs Use.

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Unfortunately, in many sports, anabolic steroids are widespread. Baseball is not an exception. Some famous players secretly take these drugs and try to hide this from anti-doping checks. They masterly manage to conceal the realness. One way or another, the truth is coming out. Has Ryan Braun taken steroids?

Who is Ryan Braun?

Ryan Joseph Braun, who is nicknamed “Hebrew Hammer”, “Brauny” and “Ocho” is a professional baseball player from the USA, serving as an outfielder for the Major League Baseball club the Milwaukee Brewers. He is one of the top, most versatile players for the power of his hits, his high batting skill, his speed and dexterity, out-fielding, and the incredible strength of his hands. Before being engaged in the pro arena, he performed for the baseball team of the University of Miami. There he was included twice in the All-American team, and in 2003 he received the Newcomer’s Award for Baseball America. In the 2005 Major League Baseball Draft, the future star was chosen in the first round under the fifth overall number by the Milwaukee Brewers. He still plays for this crew, although the San Francisco Giants were forced to look for an outside outfielder, due to Hunter Pens’ trauma, and there was the probability that Braun would be purchased by them in 2016. According to USA Today, the leadership of the “Giants” held only preliminary and short negotiations with the Milwaukee Brewers regarding the possibility of acquiring the sportsman. But the athlete remained in his native team, which he adored and never intended to give up.

Ryan Braun and Disputed Testosterone Test

In December 2011 the results of a urine test conducted in October the same year appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. They stated that Braun’s checking was positive. The presence of an enhancing medicament, aimed at increasing testosterone levels, was revealed. Braun was punished by being barred from participating in 50 games. The laboratory which carried out the test announced that the detected amount of the forbidden substance was the highest in history. It exceeded the top previous results by more than twice. Nevertheless, an independent medical establishment organized a second controlling event. “Brauny” appeared to be completely clean. Mysterious, isn’t it?

According to Jeff Passan, the sportsman called a male who collected his sample was anti-Semitic in order to discredit him (Braun is a Jewish).
Braun disputed the conclusion, which showed elevated testosterone rate, in January 2012. Three judges changed the results of the 2-to-1 vote the next month. It is considered the first successful appeal of the anti-steroids test made by an MLB player. The panel, whose members included MLB representative Rob Manfred, the players’ lawyer Michael Weiner, and Shyam Das, admitted that Braun asked important questions concerning the way Dino Laurenzi, the specimen collector, handled the sample of his urine.

The NY Times wrote that the sportsman “won on a technicality”. On Saturday Braun’s urine sample was taken and sealed. As it was a weekend FedEx delivery centers were closed, according to Laurenzi. Therefore, he had to follow the conventional protocol by storing the exemplars in a special container made of rubber. On Monday, they were taken to the FedEx center. However, Braun stated that within five miles there were about five FedEx locations operating till 9 p.m., and moreover there was also a 24-hour center. MLB assures that sample tampering was not evident. The US Anti-Doping Agency asserts that when the exemplar is kept in a refrigerator the amount of testosterone cannot rise within a week. However, the MLB’s drug testing protocol requires those responsible to send samples to the laboratory on the day of their collection, which is fully adequate.

Ryan Braun and Proven Use of Steroids

In the summer of 2013, Ryan Braun was penalized for violation of anti-doping conditions. He was disqualified till the season’s termination. The team got the short end of the stick since the most prominent member of the National League as of 2011 didn’t participate in 65 games in total.

The MLB at first didn’t announce the reason for the disqualification, but the 29-year-old baseballer was mentioned among 20 players connected with the investigation into the doping activity of Biogenesis America clinic. Other baseballers whose names were associated with this incident, including Alex Rodriguez and Nelson Cruz, were also under investigation.

In August 2013, Ryan issued a public apology, affirming that he had made a fatal mistake. He admitted that he had used illegal drugs in the second half of 2011. The athlete said that those were testosterone cream and lozenges. He resorted to them with an intention to accelerate recovery after a nagging injury. These preparations are legal steroids; however, they cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription.

“… I am deeply ashamed and I compounded the situation by not admitting my mistakes immediately”.

He seemed to be like hunted prey who made the statement from despair. Perhaps Ryan had used only those steroids that he mentioned. But probably he had been taking other drugs, such as oral anabolic steroids, which have a fast half-life. Such meds include:

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