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Ronnie Coleman: How Did Steroids Affect the Life of the Bodybuilder?

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What is more important: to be beautiful or to be healthy? Undoubtedly, healthy. Besides, beauty is a relatival notion. Still, in the pursuit of bulking, things get complicated. By mischance (or not), some have lost their health due to anabolic steroids. One of them is Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie Coleman — Biggest Policeman in the World

Ronnie Dean Coleman’ place of birth is Monroe (a Louisianan city in the USA), where he drew the first breath on the 19th of May, 1964. The boy grew up in neighboring Bastrop where his family moved soon after his birth. As the family had difficulty in making both ends meet, the future Olympic champion had to make the pot boil working after classes and at weekends. Being a teenager Ronnie took a shrewd interest in basketball, baseball, and gridiron. He was cut above the rest due to his astounding appearance featuring the weight of over 170 lbs and the height of around 150 cm.

Ronnie became interested in the heavy sport by chance, going out of curiosity to the school gym. At that time, he didn’t understand intricacies of resistance training, only after having been engaged in powerlifting for a long period, he realized them. Nevertheless, American football remained Coleman’s devotion until adulthood. His accomplishments allowed him to enter Grambling State University (GSU) and win a scholarship.

He graduated from GSU with honors, receiving a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in accounting. He again had to earn extra money in different places to earn a livelihood: he worked as a newspaper and pizza deliveryman and for some time as an accountant until he got a job with the police. During the work as a cop, Ronnie Dean Coleman got swept away in bodybuilding.

As a result of training, the new entrant Ronnie Coleman easily won the title (in both heavyweight and general categories). It’s ironic that he surpassed his mentor. So the triumphant procession of the athlete in bodybuilding championships began and lasted for almost 20 years.

End of Professional Career and Surgeries

Ronnie Coleman finished his career as a pro bodybuilder after the Olympics in 2007, where he took the 4th place. The athlete always worked with extreme weights (for example, a 1-ton leg press!), which were more suitable for powerlifting, but Ronnie called them light. His opinion on this account didn’t save his joints from severe wear out so that they had to be replaced by artificial ones. In 2014, surgeons implanted him with a hip joint prosthesis and operated on his other thigh. In addition, the athlete underwent several operations related to the hernia of the lumbosacral spine.

Ronnie Coleman’s Steroid Cycle

For a long time, Ronnie Coleman didn’t wanna admit he had been using steroids. He was a policeman. Bobbies should observe the law. So he adhered to the US legislation or pretended he was law-abiding. Therefore, the athlete had to deny that in his sports career he used AAS.

On the Internet, you can find some fairly old and short videos in which Ronnie Coleman allegedly claims to be practicing steroid cycles. But they are fictions because their content is taken out of context. In addition, there is a video where some big guy resembling Ronnie gives an interview on a TV show and says he uses steroids. But his face is shaded for reasons of confidentiality. Officially, Ronnie admitted the fact of taking steroids only in 2011, giving an interview to the magazine Muscular Development.

What steroids were taken by Ronnie Coleman? It’s believed that his steroid cycle consisted of the following drugs:

Sustanon. It is a mix of different testosterone esters. Each form of testosterone that is contained in the medication has a different absorption rate, which allowed Ronnie Coleman to maintain a consistently high rate of anabolic substances in the blood for the whole month.

Deca Durabolin (Deca). It is an anabolic substance that can be formed in the human body. It was chemically synthesized in the 1960s and has been one of the most popular steroid meds over the past decades due to its high anabolic activity & minor androgenic activity.

Boldenone (Δ¹-testosterone). This anabolic medicament with developmental code name RU-18761 was originally designed for use by cow-leeches. It is slightly less effective than test in terms of anabolic activity, but its androgenic activity is 2 times weaker.

Oxymetholone. Initially, this drug was developed as a medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia, as well as for improving muscle growth in weakened patients. But it has become incredibly popular in bodybuilding.

Methandienone. It is a steroid pill, which is used by many professional bodybuilders. This medication is a strong anabolic with moderate androgenic activity. This is a classic mass-gathering product that allows athletes to simultaneously increase power parameters.

Somatropin (HGH). This drug is often added to cycles of anabolic steroids because HGH has a different mechanism of action and complements the effect of steroids. It is a synthetic version of the hormone of the same name (HGH), which is produced in the human body and is responsible, in particular, for growth processes.

Ronnie Coleman used steroid preparations in gigantically high dosages, as described in the table below.

The drug’s nameDose (up to)Frequency
Sustanon0.5 gDaily
Deca200 mgThe same
Boldenone300 mg
Oxy100 mg
Methane100 mg
GH16 IU (International Units)
He also used sports supplies

This information has never been confirmed by Ronnie or his comrades. Ordinary people should never use such dosages.

No sane sports fan, if he has reached the pro level, will resort to such dosages. Without proper experience and preparation, huge amounts of anabolic steroids will do more harm than good. Moreover, we believe that the Olympics should also be clean, not fueled by steroids. But, unfortunately, these are just dreams.

The Bottom Line on Ronnie Coleman and Steroid Drugs

If you look at Ronnie Coleman steroids before and after photos, you will see that now the athlete looks significantly worse than before. Ronnie knew how to use steroids correctly. Of course, he used PCT steroids. But this did not protect him from health problems. Of course, it wasn’t only steroids that affected Ronnie’s health. He put himself under tremendous strain in the gym. But, you see, the athlete could hardly deal with such huge weights without using steroids. Everyone makes their own choice and we cannot blame Ronnie since he achieved a lot. Despite his positive achievements, some negative experience will become a warning for potential steroid users.