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Roger Clemens steroids: judgments and justice in professional sport career.

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The famous baseball player Roger Clemens was born in 1962 in Ohio. During his illustrious career, he became known for wild guesses. Referred to as the ‘Rocket’. Every pitch showed an unparalleled power and a fighting spirit. His career was launched in 1984. Shortly after graduation from the university, he entered the Major League by joining the Boston Red Sox. He sprang to fame as a pitcher and was named the, ‘Most Honorable Player’. He single-handedly struck out 20 batters. An impressive feat, he would repeat the process a decade later. The legend experienced 24 wins and only 4 losses with amazing statistics in his games.

Clemen’s Impressive Pitching Career

In 1996, he left the Red Sox to join the Toronto Bluejays. He spent two years in Toronto and was presented with the Cy Young Award. His prestigious and amazing abilities won the team the triple crown: most league wins, strikeouts, and ERA. Clemens would be infamously traded to the New York Yankees. While playing for the NY team, he achieved two World Series titles. By 2003, he had led his teammates to 300 wins and thrown 4,000 strikeouts. Soon he hooked up with the Houston Astros. He spent three years with the Texas team and won seven additional Cy Young Awards. Finally, in 2007 he went back with the Yankees. He had gained the respect and admiration of baseball enthusiasts around the globe. He was the only pitcher to ever achieve an astounding 350 wins and manage to strike out well over 4,500 of the league’s best batters.

The Rocket Ages Like Fine Wine

The Rocket was the fasted pitcher to ever step out onto the field. As most players slowed with age, he only appeared to get better. At 43 he was three times the player he was in his 20s. Some called it skill but others alluded to a more sinister and dark secret. How could a man nearing middle age outperform younger males in their prime? Could it be the effects of cortisol on the body? Word-of-mouth claimed Terry Crews steroids were based on the testosterone booster.

Many speculate about how far he could have gone if he was not struck down by a chronic shoulder injury. The man’s career was not without shadows and controversy that had nothing to with steroid use. He was known for throwing close to batters and being overly intimidating. In addition, he made racial slurs against Asians during one press interview. He was unapologetic. He appeared to lack likability. His former manager, Cito Gaston, called him an asshole and a double-talker.
Kyle Farnsworth, a Yankee reliever, made bold statements concerning Clemens special treatment such as not having to travel with the team. Also, in a bestseller written by Joe Torre along with Tom Verducci, they stated that Clemens had a peculiar pre-game ritual that he performed with almost superstitious diligence. He would rub muscle liniment all over his testicles and penis after soaking in scalding hot water.

Scandals with steroids

In Jose Canseco’s published an inflammatory book that made blatant accusations of steroid use. Supposedly Clemens turned his nose up to rules. The book pushed home the fact that others diminished with age but Clemens skills gradually enhanced to an almost shocking level. When asked about the overment Clemens only admitted to using the painkiller Vioxx.

Scrutiny became intense when Jason Grimsely publically claimed that Clemens used steroids. Andy Pettitte was also disclosed in the statements. IRS Special Agent Jeff Novitzky presented a search warrant with an affidavit that showed Grimsely had gotten human growth hormone, amphetamines, along with anabolic steroids for Brian McNamee the former Yankee trainer and personal strength coach to Clemens.

The groundbreaking and startling Mitchell Report would mention Clemens 82 times in direct association with enhancement. McNamee boldly claimed that he personally injected Clemens with the drug Winstrol. Despite the testimony, it must be noted that Clemens never tested positive for the drugs. The allegations were explosive.

Clemens agreed to appear on the television talk show 60 minutes. He sat before Mike Wallace and denied the use of any enhancing formulas. He credited his long and impressive career to hard work. He claimed his former trainer had bald-faced lied to avoid prosecution and prison.

A federal judge would throw out most of the case but allow the process to proceed based on the statements made about Clemens. He was forced to stand before the Congressional committee. He swore under oath he did not take injections containing illegal and banned steroids. He had only been injected with B12 mixed with lidocaine.

Court of justice

The scandal had all tongues wagging. Senator George Mitchell requested explanations because there are inconsistencies in the testimony. They directed the justice department to thoroughly investigate to determine if Clemens had lied after taking the oath when he stated that he had never used the performance-enhancing drug. they believed that perjury had taken place in front of Congress.

Clemens went to trial. The first trial was a mistrial. The second he was found not guilty on every one of the six counts of lying.

Guesses about drugs

Whether Clemens used steroids to enhance his skills will remain a mystery but many speculate that he did. Especially when news of his extramarital affair with country music singer Mindy McCready hit the headlines.

The most shocking aspect of the illicit sexual alliance was that it started when she was only fifteen. She stated in an interview they had been lovers for years and during that time period, he frequently suffered from erectile dysfunction which is a symptom of anabolic steroid use. Her innocent statements only stroked the flames and reaffirmed the belief that the pitcher used steroids to attain his glory.