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Roger Clemens steroids: judgments and justice in professional sport career.

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Roger Clemens was born in the 1962 year in Ohio. He is a famous American baseball player with an amazing career which is full of wild-guesses. Every single fight he took part in was the real evidence of his power. It made him being one of the most famous and popular pitchers in baseball. His name already turned a legend. His career started when in the 1984 year young Roger right after he finished his education at the university joined the team. Its name was Red Sox. His first role in this team was pitchers and in the 1986 year, he was named as the most honorable player in the whole baseball. After that, he turned his career with the win of the important prize of one of the most famous pitchers of all baseball history and this fact made him turns life legend. There were 24 wins and only 4 losses with amazing statistics in his games.

In the 1996 year he repeated this amazing result and made people believe that he is not another one simple player – he is the real legend. In the 1997 year, his career in Red Sox was stopped and he moved to N.Y. This city’s team becomes his new home Since 1986 till 1998, his name always was in the first places of different ratings. After that, he decided to stop his professional activity but continued that in the 2014 year. He signs the contract for 2 years in Houston. This year brought him the best pitcher prize again (it was already the seventh prize). Some months after that, when he already was 43 years old, he showed his best result. After that in the 2007 year, he signed a new contract with Yankees.

People started calling him “rocket” because he was the fastest pitcher ever with amazing reaction. Somehow he saved his amazing physical shape and even multiplied it. It was amazing to watch how someone after 40 years can show such amazing results. As it is possible to guess, people started talking about his addiction to forbidden drugs.

Some people noted effects of cortisol on the body of the sportsman and others told that Terry Crews steroids were based on the testosterone booster. Anyway, people saw the result and it brought many guesses about a sportsman. His career was ended only after he got an injury. During the whole period of being popular, he got many blame with addiction to drugs. Main problems came when Jose Canseco in his book supposed that Roger Clemens sued steroids.

Scandals with steroids

When first accusations were published, it was important to find the truth. People should know everything about their own heroes. There were some rummages in his apartments and police found a lot of interesting there.  There were everything and list started from the somatropin. When results were published, Roger Clemens explained this situation in his own way. He told that everything that was found in his flat belongs to his trainer. He explained that trainer recommended these drugs to him without any explanations and he didn’t know what actually that was. At the same time, there were some interesting facts, like cortisol stimulation test and some observations which were made during competitions. They showed that sportsman was clean. It was impossible to fake them.

This period of time was accompanied by interesting research and some publications which opened some new names in the sport with pieces of evidence of the drug use. It was a huge scandal and as the measure to keep people calm down, Senator George Mitchell decided to give all sportsmen from the list time for explanations.

Roger Clemens decided to win this war because the whole career depends on it. He made a new claim with requirements to regulate all wild-guesses about his situation. On his hands, he had many pieces of evidence that his words are the truth but at the same time, there were many people who already believed that the “rocket” was nothing more than just another victim of the drugs. In the 2008 year, he swore under oath that there were no any drugs in his professional career and the only one thing he used were painkillers just because of the injury.

Court of justice

All this period took 100 weeks. The jury took about 10 hours to justify all the information about the sportsman. The second wave of problems came when the court decided that Clemens was lying about the thing that he never used any drugs. As the result, there appeared 6 new indictments. At this time all problems with the law continued only after 5 years. Yes, this long period of time was the real hell for Clemens. He was in the situation when no one could hire him or make an offer because his name was almost forbidden. After long years of attacks, finally, he got the freedom. There were no real pieces of evidence that he used forbidden drugs and no one could show proves that such episodes were in his life. The main anti-hero of this story was the trainer. He confessed that he made some injections to Clemens and the drug was a steroid. At the same time, he told that sportsman asked: can you drink alcohol while on steroids?”. Why he could ask such things in case if he is clear?! People did not believe him because his reputation was not pretty good.

Guesses about drugs

As you can see, there are no pieces of evidence that he used drugs. Some meds which were found in his apartments were on the base of testosterone. In case if that was the truth that he used them, he probably would have problems with the speed. The thing is that this activity is amazing and no one ever can show the same result of the speed. It means that he probably should use some nerve system stimulators, but at the same time, it would be not easy to concentrate the attention. Anyway, it is not easy to find the real drug which this hero used, because in the professional sport if someone decided to use supplements, they preparing them on the basis of health features.

So, the secret of Roger Clemens steroids will be always with us. There are no real pieces of evidence of his lie and no pieces of facts which could show the real situation. Now his career is in the past. His activity already gone and it doesn’t matter, but at the same fact, in case if his results were made on the drugs, it means that they are not real.