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Rich Piana: Famous Bodybuilder Biography and Steroids Use History.

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Probably every person involved in bodybuilding has heard about Rich Piana. And probably everyone knows: Rich took steroids. This statement is based on real facts, not on guesswork. Richard himself confessed to the use of “juice” several times. Below we’ll tell you about this athlete and about how the steroids influenced his life.

Rich Piana’s Path of Life

Richard Eugene Piana was born in 1971 in Texas (the United States of America). From childhood, the guy dreamed of prosperity, especially about the huge penthouse for his own family. From a young age, the boy began to save money (every cent) to buy a house. Every penny counts, you know. Simultaneously, the guy began to train in the gym and prepare for competitions. As Rich later admitted, there were times when his daily dietary regimen during periods of preparation for competitions included 6 meals each repast consisted of 1/2 package of ravioli and 4 whole eggs. The cost of such a menu was just $1.

Such thrift contributed to the accumulation of start-up capital for business investment. He showed remarkable abilities in sports at 18. He recorded 407 lbs in one rep in bench press. The athlete achieved amazing results not only with the help of dedicated training and nutrition, but more due to the cycle of anabolic steroids, which gave him about 22 lbs of lean muscle mass, and an additional 88 lbs in bench press.

Impressed by the first results, “The Mutant” realized that he could not stop there. But not everything went smoothly, in the competitions the bodybuilder did not achieve impressive successes. However, a series of victories suggests that Rich was a good bodybuilder.

  • 1999 — seventh place in the US championship in fitness and bodybuilding;
  • 2003 — 1st in the championship of Los Angeles;
  • 2004 — 6th in the national championship among super heavyweights;
  • 2009 — 1st place in the championship of Sacramento among bodybuilders;
  • 2009 — the triumphant of NPC Border States Classic Bodybuilding championship;
  • in 2010, the sports career was ended, because this period did not bring the man any prize places.

His lifepath was closely intertwined with sports, but the bodybuilding did not become its meaning. All his life the man tried to earn and organize his own business. Rich became an outstanding businessman, this is not surprising because for a long time he was an ascetic. The bodybuilder incorporated sports nutrition brand “Rich Piana 5% Nutrition”. He had a large assemblage of exclusive tuned cars. He also bought estate in Texas.

Rich Piana as a Video Blogger and Inspirer of Gymrats


Rich Piana had his blog on YouTube (DAYUMAY) where he told his subscribers about sports and life. Users loved him for being honest. The musclebound person talked about the use of steroids but did not promote or encourage the use “juice”. His videos had hundreds of thousands and even millions of views. This channel exists until now. There are even new videos that were not released during the life of the athlete.

Death of Rich Piana: What Killed the Tragic Athlete

Unfortunately, anabolics and other doping drugs are harmful to health. Even those athletes who know how to use steroids properly are at increased risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular. Rich Piana died, most likely because of anabolic steroids. On August 7, 2017, he was in his mansion with his girlfriend. She cut Rich’s hair and he suddenly felt ill. The girl tried to hold him, but the big body of the bodybuilder fell to the floor. He hit his head and did not wake up.

The girl called an ambulance and Rich was taken to the hospital. Doctors were forced to introduce him into an induced coma. After a while, Rich died. Death overtook Rich Piana at the age of 46, on August 25, 2017. This was a shock to the whole bodybuilding community. The death of Rich was not one famous loss in 2017. August 22, 2017, bodybuilder Dallas “Big Country” McCarver died. He was a real contender for the title of Mr. Olympia in the following years.

Sometime after Rich’s death, the results of his autopsy appeared on the Internet. It turned out that Rich Piana had brain swelling, mild coronary atherosclerosis, huge liver, enlarged spleen and thyroid gland, etc. This is a clear example of the negative effect of anabolic steroids on the human body. However, we haven’t a clear answer to the question of what was the determinative cause of Piana’s doom, who died after a 18-day coma.

Steroid Cycle of Rich Piana: “Get BIG as FUCK” (30lbs In 3 Months)

Rich Piana took gazillions of anabolic drugs. The athlete posted his steroid cycles on Instagram. For example, in 2015, he posted “get BIG as FUCK” 3-month cycle. It included:

For instance, these are first 3 weeks of this cycle (source: original photo from 1daymay Instagram page):

Week 1Week 2Week 3
Mon½ Test E

½ Deca

½ Mast P

¾ Test E

¾ Deca

¾ Mast P

1 Test E

1 Deca

1 Mast P

+ Every DayGH (Serostim) 2.25 IUGH (Serostim) 4.5 IUSame

In addition, Rich has used preparations like synthol to give large volumes to his shoulders and biceps. According to official sources, he has used injections of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, (C5O2H8)n), better known as “organic glass”. Plastic surgeons use PMMA as an implant for the lips, for correcting scars, etc. This preparation is dangerous when used without consulting a doctor. Its brand names include Crylux, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Diakon, Acrypet, and Perspex.

Thus, thanks to steroids and other drugs Rich Piana has achieved a lot. However, these drugs led to the premature death of the athlete.