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Rich Froning and Steroids: Did the Athlete Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

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Have you ever thought the word “steroids” is compatible with such a CrossFit athlete as Rich Froning? A lot of news concerning this issue has appeared in the mass media over the past year. The big question is how has Rich Froning achieved enormous success in CrossFit and become the most trained athlete in the world?

There are many conjectures related to his resorting to interdicted substances. Many experts and Rich himself assure fans that his success results from something else, not steroid taking. Without a doubt, everyday hard training for several hours is a key factor in the athlete’s exceptional triumph.

Sadly, some speculations about using steroids in CrossFit are becoming increasingly popular.

Rich Froning — the Profile of the CrossFit Athlete


Rich is from Mount Clemens, Michigan, where he was born on July 21, 1987. He showed significant activeness and curiosity from an early age. At Cookeville High School, he performed in baseball, playing in matches against other counties and states. After graduation, they gave Froning a baseball scholarship at Walters State Community College. Although he intended to become a middle fielder of the big league, Rich lost interest in this occupation and left the sport. After six months of staying at home and working at the car factory, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee. One of his teachers taught him about CrossFit and the future star fell in love with this sphere.

In June 2009, he received tuition and passed an exam for getting a first-level cross-trainer certificate. He spent a year exercising in his garage and won the Deep South Sectional, then – the Southeast Regional. He was the second at CrossFit Games 2010.

After that, as he thought he was a failure. He was totally disillusioned with CrossFit. He left the training routine for several months. The second place, for which many would be proud of, pushed him to work harder. He eventually achieved the title of the most highly prepared athlete on the planet.

It’s incredible, but in the period from 2011 to 2014, Rich was the first in all the Open and the Central East regional competition stages and he won the main CrossFit competition 4 times in a row. He deserves to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The athlete can be recognized by his tattoo which is scrawled from his armpit to his hip -Galatians 6:14. He has his own affiliate gym, CrossFit Mayhem, in Cookeville, Tenn. Currently, he collaborates with such companies as Reebok, Rogue; he’s a Rehband ambassador (together with Margus Hunt, Derrick Johnson, Mattie Rogers, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Josh Bridges, Luther Burrell, and Malin Ewerlöf). His page on Instagram (@richfroning) has over 1.2m followers.

“Trice man is always a few steps behind and it’s the best,” one of his citations.

Rich Froning’s Training

In an interview with the American edition of Muscle & Fitness Rich told about his preparation. Several sessions a day is the norm for him. Some of them look like this:

Morning: rowing, running with the max acceleration–8×500 m. For 10 minutes, he lifts the bar, weighing 95 kg, to the chest without a break; AMRAP (15 minutes), comprising 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats.
Evening: squats, deadlifts, thrusters, snatches or cleans–75 repetitions divided into rounds with different intensity.

Circular training–5 laps of strict bar muscle-ups (10-8-6-4-2 reps) + wall balls and kettlebell swings (50-40-30-20-10 repetitions). After a small rest (5-6 minutes) he moves to weightlifting jerks + handstands push-ups with a deficit–10 minutes. He is literally a universal athlete since he can perform any movement from the CrossFit arsenal (both weightlifting and gymnastics): toes to bar (T2B), overhead squats, legless rope climb, butterfly pull-ups, hand-stand walk, pistol squats, and many others.

Froning notes he even trained a rugby team and a local fire brigade daily and “joined their training himself,” doing jogging, various workouts and strength training with them.

It worth noting that Rich is a self-motivated athlete. He doesn’t have a coach and orchestrates his training by himself. He usually trains with his fellow CrossFit co-athletes (Josh Bridges, Mat Hewett, Dan Baliey, and others).

Rich Froning’s Nutrition

Froning maintains an unconventional diet. He doesn’t consume bread, flour product or pasta, but he isn’t indifferent to desserts and pastries. According to some data, he often relies on peanut butter and milk.

Froning states he tries to

  • to sleep 8-10 hours every night. He doesn’t doze off during the day but sometimes drinks energy beverages.
  • He says that many people who do CrossFit adhere to a strict Paleo diet, but he observes no specific way of eating, because of burning enough calories.
  • He dotes on apple pie and never resists the temptation of trying a piece.
  • He receives all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients from food, uses protein shakes and amino acids, but isn’t sure of their effectiveness.

It is believed that intensive training destroys muscle tissue to maintain body activity, so taking amino acids before, during, and after workouts helps the body to repair muscle damage. Then, taking the protein immediately after training, you help the muscle fibers grow and recover, so in 24 hours you will be ready for new accomplishments.

Are There Proofs of Rich Froning Steroids Use?

In fact, there is no official evidence that Froning has ever taken illegal steroids, like Sustanon and Winstrol. Only rumors are found on the Internet. Some media outlets want to cause a brouhaha and accuse Rich of steroid use, but no official proclamation has ever been made.

Rich Froning is convinced that there is no special method of gaining success. All he does is several hours of rigorous training per day every single day. He harmoniously combines exercises from different directions and puts the focus on the exercises which he loves less (for example, running). He claims that he works his butt off. But don’t think such a regimen is a gospel for other people. He is considered a barbell-chested phenomenon in the fitness industry. He possesses an interminable capacity of enduring pain. His body serves him as a trustworthy ally by revealing his capabilities and surmounting the obstacles he encounters.

Now we can say that Rich is a clean athlete who has become the best only with the help of hard work, an orderly approach, and dedication. He says to the individuals who suspect him that those, who want to belittle your desire and ambitions, shouldn’t be trusted.

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