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Rich Froning Steroids: Did the Athlete Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

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Have you ever thought that the word “steroids” is compatible with such a CrossFit athlete as Rich Froning? A lot of news concerning this issue has appeared in the mass media over this past year. Indeed, the big question is how Rich Froning has managed to achieve enormous success in CrossFit and become the most trained athlete in the world.

There are many speculations concerning his drug use. At the same time, many experts, and Rich himself, say that his success is the result of something else, not steroid taking. Hard everyday training for several hours is the key factor of the athlete’s success.

Nevertheless, some speculations about using steroids in CrossFit are becoming increasingly popular.

Rich Froning – the profile of CrossFit athlete

Rich was born on July 21, 1987 in Mount Clemens, Michigan. He grew up as an active child and, while studying at Cookeville High School, played baseball in matches in his county and against other states. After graduation, Froning received a baseball scholarship at Walters State Community College. Although he had plans to become the middle field fielder of the big league, Rich left baseball, feeling that it was no longer his sport. After six months of staying at home and working at the car factory, he entered the University of Tennessee, where he learned a lot about CrossFit from one of the teachers.

In June 2009, Rich received a first-level cross-trainer certificate, and a year later, after “garage” training, he won the Deep South Sectional, then won the Southeast Regional. He was the second at CrossFit Games 2010.

After the performance in 2010, he was completely disappointed in CrossFit. He did not want to train at all for several months after the games. Someone said that he should be proud of even the second place. But it was not enough for him. After that he started to train more and more and eventually achieved the title of the most highly trained athlete in the world.

It’s incredible, but from 2011 to 2014, Froning won all the Open stages, all the stages of the Central East regional competitions and all the main CrossFit Games competitions!

Rich Froning’s training routine

Rich Froning has spoken about his weekly training to the American edition of Muscle & Fitness. Rich usually trains 2-3 times a day. Some of his training routines look like this:

  • Morning: run with the maximum acceleration – 8×500 m. 10 minutes of lifting the bar to the chest without rest for a maximum of repetitions (weight 95 kg) – 15 minutes for a maximum of repetitions: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats with body weight.
  • Evening: squats or deadlifts, or barbells – only 75 repetitions divided into rounds: 1 round – light weight 5 repetitions, 2 round – moderate weight 5 reps, 3 round – heavy maximum weight – 5 reps (then back to the light weight and again).
  • Circular training – 5 laps of bar muscle-ups (10-8-6-4-2 reps) + heavy ball throws up from the squat (50-40-30-20-10 repetitions). Rest 5-6 minutes. Then he practices weightlifting jerks with a barbell + push-ups in the rack – 15 minutes.

In addition, there was a period when Froning trained a rugby team and a local fire brigade daily and according to him, “joined their training himself,” doing jogging, CrossFit workouts and strength training with them.

Rich Froning’s personal records:

  • Clean and Jerk: 170 kg;
  • Burst: 139 kg;
  • Deadlift: 260 kg;
  • Squats with a barbell on the shoulders: 215 kg.

6-8 hours are spent in Froening’s daily training during the preparation for CrossFit Games.

It worth noting that Rich is self-motivated athlete. He doesn’t have a coach and orchestrates his training routines by himself. At the same time, he usually trains his CrossFit co-athletes.

Rich Froning’s nutrition

Froning does not adhere to strict diets. He does not eat pasta and bread, but he is not indifferent to sweets. According to some data, he often relied on peanut butter and whole milk.

Here are some excerpts from Froning’s interviews that are related to his nutrition:

  • “I try to sleep 8-10 hours every night. I do not doze off during the day, but from time to time I have to use energy drinks.”
  • “A lot of people who do CrossFit eat a strict Paleo diet, but I do not subscribe to any specific way of eating, but if you burn enough calories, you do not need to.”
  • “I love apple pie. If I see it anywhere, I eat it whole.”
  • “You must receive all the necessary nutrients with food. I use protein shakes and amino acids, but to be honest I have no idea whether or not they help me.”

By the way, it is believed that intensive training destroys muscle tissue to maintain body activity, so taking amino acids before, during, and after training helps the body get the necessary nutrients that restore muscle damage. Then, taking the protein immediately after training, you will help the muscle fibers grow and recover, so in 24 hours you will be ready for new routines.

Are there proofs of Rich Froning steroids use?

In fact, there is no official evidence that Froning has ever used illegal steroids, like Sustanon and Winstrol. Only speculations are found on the Internet. Some media which want to cause a sensation claim that Rich was accused of steroid use, but no official announcement have been ever made.

Rich Froning is convinced that there is no special method of gaining success. All he does is several hours per day of training routines, every single day. He tries to harmoniously combine exercises from different directions and put the main focus on the exercises which he loves less (for example, running).

Now we can say that Rich is completely clean athlete and really the most trained athlete in the world, who has gained the success only with the help of hard training, a systematic approach, and dedication.

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