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Resistance Band Butt Workout in 5 Minutes: Before and After Results

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You have a desire to get a perfect butt. It’s nice. But you probably do not have enough (if you read this article). We have a good option for you (not with weights). You can use resistance band exercises. Below you can read about these exercises and a proper technique of their performing.

Resistance Band Butt Workout – Main Advantages

A resistance band in practice can replace the whole gym providing impressive sports equipment. The risk of injury when doing the band exercises is minimal, which is also nice.

The resistance band is a good tool for daily training, because with its help you can strengthen all muscle groups. By doing several exercises, you can get a perfect physique.

In general, you can hide dumbbells under the couch as in the near future you will not need them. A long band with a weak or even an average level of resistance will definitely suit you. Of course, it all depends on your discretion, if you prefer dumbbells, use them, if you prefer machine workouts, you can perform a Brazilian butt lift workout. But in this article, we will talk about resistance band workouts.

An important advantage of these workouts is that they can be performed at home, without any sports equipment. Exercises with the resistance band at home may also be used for warm-ups. With the help of the band, you can relieve tension from the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Additional effects of these exercises include:

  • Make the stomach flatter.
  • Develop the muscles of the chest.
  • Get rid of extra pounds.
  • Make the muscles of the inner thighs elastic.
  • Make the gluteal (butt) muscles beautiful.

There are some rules for proper performance of these exercises. When you start training with the band, you should familiarize yourself with certain rules, which are as follows. Strength exercises without extra weight should be performed 8-15 times (reps). If they are easy to do, then you need to decrease the elasticity of the band. Before training, warm-up is done to avoid injuring the muscles. Load is produced when the band is in a stretched state. You can pick up several devices of different rigidity. Before each set, a small pause is to be made to restore breathing. This will make your butt workouts easy.

Resistance Band Butt Workout – Sample Exercises

There are several effective exercises with which the desired result may be achieved.

I. Side Leg Raises. These raises, in general, are the most useful and best movements for a round butt and sexy thighs. With the help of these exercises, you can get rid of the excess fat, clean it from the front and inside of the thighs, buttocks. The starting position for performing such an exercise is lying on one side, with one hand leaning in front of you in the abdominal area, while the other supports the head. The lower leg should be bent at the knee, and the upper leg should be straightened. One side of the band should be worn on the lower leg, and the upper leg should hold the loop of the second edge of the band. In this position, you should lift the upper leg, keeping the straight, lingering at the maximum point for a few seconds. After this, you can smoothly lower the limb. Repeat the movement 10-20 times in a row. Then you can turn on the other side and perform the exercise for the other leg.

II. No Machine Leg Press. Such an exercise will allow you to correct and rebuild the front and the inside of the thighs. To do this, you should lie with your back on a flat surface and tighten your knees bent at the chest. Putting a loop of the resistance band on the feet, pull the other loop with your hands behind your head. Further, making an effort, straighten your legs forward and after a brief pause at the top point, go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

III. Standing Side Leg Raise. The starting position is as follows: you should stand with a resistance band in the arms. While holding one side of the band with your hands, fix the other side with stops, pressing it to the floor. Then start moving one leg to the side, stretching the expander. Hold the upper point for a few seconds, then return slowly to the starting position. Repeat the movement 10-15 times with each leg. This exercise is great for doing it at home to everyone who wants to have the perfect shape of the legs & butt.

IV. Standing Leg Curl With a Resistance Band. This exercise is one of those techniques that will help you to improve the shape of the buttocks, bringing it to the ideal, and also make the hind surface of the hips more impressive. Do this exercise, you should put both legs in the loop of the band and, standing straight, alternately take them back. In this case, you should pause for a few seconds at the most distant point. You can do 10-15 reps of the movement per each leg.

V. Resistance Band Sit-Ups. To increase the load during the performance of sit-ups, you can help yourself with the resistance band. Sit-ups are complex exercises that help to train the upper butt, lower butt, and side butt. Tie the band around the legs just above the knees. Make a regular squat and stay at the bottom. Now without bending and turning your knees, take a step with your left foot to the side. Put your foot back in place. Without leaving squatting, leave the right leg, and then come back. You can step with both feet alternately, or take a few steps right, and then a few left. If you want to further increase the load, you might tie another band around the ankles.

This is far from all the exercises for the buttocks with the resistance band. You can train the musculature of the legs with the help of the resistance by performing other movements. Make a 30-day butt workout routine, then it is recommended to modify it.

You can read more about but exercises in Brazilian butt lift workout article.

5-Minute Butt Workout for You

Here is a sample of your resistance band butt workout in 5 minutes:

  • Warm-Up, 5 min;
  • No Machine Leg Press;
  • Side Leg Raises;
  • Standing Side Leg Raises;
  • Standing Leg Curl With a Resistance Band;
  • Resistance Band Sit-Ups;
  • Plank, to failure.

You can use other exercises in your 5-minute butt workout. By the way, you might be interested in the best butt workouts for women and men.

Well, what to expect from resistance band butt workouts?

Butt Workout – Before and After Results

An average person usually needs to train 3-6 months in a row to achieve significant results. Do not expect quick results, unless you are a genetic monster. Regularity should be a cornerstone of your training. Only then you can receive great results. We hope, your butt workout before and after results of your butt building will really impress you! But do not perform workouts of the butt daily, as this may lead to overtraining.

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