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Proviron for Sale – Additional Drug to Use During Cycles in Moderate Dosage!

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Proviron (mesterolone) is one of the most “grizzled” anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) on the market. In addition, it is a weak aromatase inhibitor. Proviron has a high androgenic action and minimal anabolic action. Its active agent is mesterolone with molecular formula C20H32O2.

Proviron — Popular Steroid Drug for Sale

In sports, especially in bodybuilding, the medication is used usually during anabolic cycles as an ancillary product to increase free testosterone. It prevents disorders associated with low production of this hormone. It also inhibits aromatase and prevents adverse events connected with aromatization (transformation of androgenic hormones into estrogens). The active agent of the pharmaceutical, mesterolone, is a steroid substance with forceful androgenic effects & light anabolic ones. Mesterolone has a low anabolic index (just 40% of natural testosterone), but the androgenic one is high (150%). Therefore, mesterolone is usually considered an androgen.

The list of its brand names includes:

  • Valest by Walter Bushnell;
  • Viropace by Consern Pharma Pvt Ltd;
  • Mestilon by Uni Sankyo Ltd;
  • ProvinoX by Malay Tiger;
  • Proviron by Finnea Pharmaceuticals;
  • Androviron by Innovagen;
  • Testiwop by Pasti V Ltd;
  • Provironium by ACE Golden International;
  • Mestoranum by (1.0mg/ml in Acetonitrile) from Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.;
  • Mesterolon by JDY Farm;
  • Proviron-Ver by SC “VERMODJE SRL;
  • Androviron and Mestoranum.

Cycle of Proviron — Peculiar Properties

Since mesterolon has potent androgenic effect, which enhances the definition & stiffness of muscle tissues, it is often used not only as a helper during bulking cycles (before and after steroids), but also for cutting, when the purpose is to get the quality muscles, for instance, for participation in bodybuilders’ competitions.

Many authors point to the use of the same receptors by mesterolone and anabolic steroids, which allegedly reduces the efficacy of the cycle. However, most specialists reject this theory as false.

Proviron Dosage — How Many Tablets to Take?

In bodybuilding, this medicine is popular primarily among male persons as an additional tool. Females typically don’t take this steroid, as it isn’t needed for them and can cause some irreversible virilization effects including female-to-male body type transformation, increased skin oiliness, gruff voice, elevated hair growth on the face, etc.

Regarding its using as an additional anti-estrogen drug, cyclists should begin to take tabs from the start of the cycle (usually on the 1st or 2nd week of the cycle, although taking features depends on a particular person). Proviron dosage may be 25 to 100 milligrams a day (as a rule, it is 25-50 milligrams). To achieve the maximal effect, athletes should use the medication every day because it has a short-acting effect (just about 12 hours after the last administration).

Higher doses can lead to bad effects. In case of prolonged erection, which is often hurting and uncomfortable (the so-called priapism), the dosage should be reduced (or its taking should be canceled). Given that mesterolone increases libido and improves the erection in males, its use is a good choice during the cycle of drugs that reduce libido (for example, nandrolone and trenbolone).

Benefits of Proviron Medication

In bodybuilding, Proviron for sale and its active ingredient (mesterolone) are valued due to their several benefits. The 1st benefit is boosting the content of free testosterone (the drug almost doesn’t influence the synthesis of testosterone in the body. However, it increases free T levels in the bloodstream. The mentioned effect is possible due to suppressing the activity of globulin, which binds the sexual hormones, which is known as sex steroid-binding globulin (SSBG). The medicine can help a sportsman to prevent different disorders related to the deficiency of the key male hormone.

The second significant effect is the anti-estrogenic one, namely, the possibility to inhibit aromatization processes. It is an impactful aromatase oppressor that stops processes of transformation of anabolics into female hormones. Therefore, it can help athletes to prevent side results of estrogenic nature, such as gynecomastia.

Results of Using Proviron in Medicine

As for medicinal purposes, Provironium is typically prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and to normalize the functioning of male reproductive system.  The drug may be used by sportsmen for the same purpose — for enhancing production of sexual hormones suppressed by anabolics.

According to some studies, the drug increases the quality of sperm and the number of male sex cells. It also has a stimulating effect on the development of male genital organs and secondary sex characteristics, enhances sexual desire & potency, and shows anabolic properties. According to some reports, the medicine proved to be a good antidepressant.

Side Effects of Proviron Drug

It may lead to severe side effects. When using the steroid, athletes are exposed to the risk of adverse events of an androgenic nature. They include acne, hair growth on the face and the body, pronounced skin oiliness, losing head hair, etc. Overdose can cause lowered lustfulness. After canceling its intake, all side effects are usually disappeared on their own.