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PCT Steroids – Buy RX & Over-the-Counter Meds for Using After the Cycle!

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Many sportsmen use steroids today. Such advertisements as “Deca Durabolin for sale” are popular on the Internet. Anadrol, testosterone (T hormone) esters, and Methane are popular meds for stacking in cycles. However, using these products may lead to different adverse events associated with decreased T hormone production. To dodge these, post-cycle therapy should be used.

PCT Therapy to Recover from Steroids

What are steroids? These are meds that increase T hormone (testosterone) rates in the system. This leads to an increase in estrogen, because the more T hormone in the body, the more actively it is mutated into estrogen.

This means PCT after steroids are needed to some extent if you take “juice”. Some drugs for juicing, e.g. Primobolan and Masteron, do not touch estrogenic rates, consequently, they are tremendously popular.

When using low amounts of anabolics, PCT is facultative. However, on such occasions, the cycle’s performance will be low. To obtain maximum results from AAS, large doses and mixed stacks are needed (for example, testosterone enanthate and Trenbolone), which will inescapably lead to aromatization and use of PCT.

Buy PCT Steroids — Estrogen Blockers

Estrogen blockers (antiestrogens) downgrade the production and/or actions of the primary female sex hormone. They include, in particular:

Elevated estrogen is associated with provoking tumors’ growth. So, antiestrogens have been created to help the gentle sex to handle breast malignancy. Medics say blockers work splendidly, providing up to 90% decrease in estrogen rates.

E-blockers work as follows: (1) they suppress the production of estrogen in the body or (2) counteract its activity.

The first mechanism is clear. Tons of estrogen in males are created by aromatizing (transforming T under the influence of aromatase enzyme). Many blockers make this enzymatic substance non-effective, reducing the quantity of T hormone that turns into estrogen. Others work prevents estrogen from entering cell receptors. Its existence becomes purposeless and soon it simply leaves the body.

There are two dominant reasons for athletes to take antiestrogens by choice:

  • use of AAS;
  • the belief that these meds improve body composition.

The need for the blockers in post-cyclic treatment is because synthetic T hormone and other anabolic products boost estrogen levels. These meds prevent side effects associated with elevated estrogen, including oedema, fat-to-muscle ratio increase, gyno, bloating, and others.

Some gym rats (not on steroids) take estrogen-based medications or herbal supplements to improve muscle growth, definition, and strength.

Suppression of action of estrogen enhances the activity of the “male hormone” and even increase its rates by reducing its “mutation” into the “female hormone”. This enhances bulking. In theory, it sounds not bad, but in practice, there is more in this than meets the eye.

Drugmakers often state that antiestrogen medicines help to build muscle tissues faster by increasing T. Indeed, according to clinical studies, they increase T levels, sometimes by as much as 40-50 percent. But there is one interesting observation: these do not increase T in skeletal muscles. Therefore, bulking processes will not accelerate, as in the case of an average increase in T hormone production.

Another putative antiestrogens’ action is an increase in athletic performance, which allows for intensive training and faster muscle mass gain. However, at the moment no studies have shown that these blockers can increase athletic performance. Therefore, the only positive effect of the meds is minimizing the undesirable side effects of anabolic meds.

How to use antiestrogens? Aromatase inhibitors tablets (such as Letrozole) are used during the course, to block the estrogen effects. Estrogen receptor blockers (Tamoxifen, Clomifen) or Toremifene should be administered within 14-21 days after the cycle is finished, to reactivate endogenous processes. These meds take a key position and are very significant.

Possible Harm of Estrogen Blockers

According to scientific information, it seems that these meds are safe in the short-term. However, there is much evidence that long-term PCT steroid cycle can cause various adverse events. For example, researchers say that these drugs can increase the possibility of demineralization of bones, joint pain, fractures, increased chol, cardiac problems, stroke, and blood clots formation. Antiestrogens may cause hot flashes, constipation, vertigo, itching, qualmishness & dispiritedness. They also cause low cortisol levels (because estrogen is necessary for its normal rates). Well, it’s not a good picture.

Nevertheless, most experiments have been conducted with the participation of breast cancer sufferers, so healthy individuals may not experience these unwanted effects. There is a lack of long-term studies with male volunteers, therefore, further consideration of this issue is envisaged.

Anyway, you need to be prepared for at least several undesirable effects when administering the blockers. Artificial lowering of hormone levels disrupts natural processes.

PCT Steroid Cycle: Other Remedies that Can be Used Post-Cycle

Other pills and supplements may also be used during PCT.

  • Chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that prevents the development of testicular atrophy. It is used on hard & long-lasting cycles.
  • Cabergoline is an inhibitor of prolactin secretion. It can be used during (after) a cycle of progestin meds (such as Nandrolone), which increase the quantity of prolactin in the organism.
  • Natural T hormone boosters (“goathead”, D-Aspartic acid, and fenugreek) are supplements that can help reactivate T hormone production in the body.
  • Growth hormone is an anabolic drug that is sometimes included in steroid cycles.
  • Liver protection tablets are meds and supplements that reduce the negative effect of steroids on the liver. These are Cholbam, cholic acid, sulfoadenosyl, Liv 52, methionine, resveratrol, LivSafe, Liver Protector, Sylimarin 2X, SAMe, etc. In addition, according to P. Muriel and Y. Rivera-Espinoza (Departamento de Farmacología, Cinvestav-IPN, 2008) Curcumin and thalidomide are effective protective and curative compounds.

Over-the-Counter PCT for Steroids — Does It Exist?

Estrogen blockers are usually RX meds. So, over-the-counter PCT for steroids isn’t available in most countries. But you can buy PCT steroids on the black market. This would have legal consequences so is not advised. So, where to buy meds for PCT? They are available for sale online at many drugstores and sports stores.