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Nolvadex for sale – an anti-estrogenic drug against anabolics’ side effects!

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Nolvadex is an estrogen blocker used both in medicine and sports. The medical remedy is used to treat breast cancer in women. As for men, they often use it to prevent negative effects of anabolic steroids (if we define steroids, we can say that they are chemical substances having hormone-like action).

In this article, we’ll tell you about peculiarities of using this medicament for different purposes.

Nolvadex for men – features for using in sports

Although breast cancer is a female disease, according to statistics, the medicament is more popular among sportsmen. High dosages and prolonged duration of administration of drugs with a high androgenic level (anabolic steroids) lead to significant increase in the risk of developing feminization in males. Feminization can include accumulation of the fat, high water content in the body, gynecomastia, and other side effects. The drug, having an antiestrogenic effect, is able to withstand the processes of aromatization, block the formation of bonds between receptors and estrogens.

Most often, the drug is used at the end of the course of taking anabolic steroids. This is due to the fact that it is able to significantly increase the production of the body’s own testosterone, the level of which is greatly reduced after a long cycle with steroids. Taking the drug is an individual matter – a lot depends on the “power” of the course of anabolic steroids. To prevent the appearance of estrogenic effects of anabolics, it is recommended to take the medicine in dosage of 10 milligrams daily. Application of a post-cycle therapy begins approximately 3-4 weeks after the end of the cycle of anabolic steroids.

The recommended cycle with the drug for athletes prone to aromatization or gynecomastia, when taking strong steroids (for example, Anapolon, Testosterone, Danabol, and Winstrol cycle), is 20-30 milligrams daily, until the side effects are eliminated. The drug should be taken during the intake of food.

Results of using:

  • Reducing the level of bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Increased amount of endogenous testosterone.
  • Blocking the action of estrogens.
  • Stopping fluid retention in the body and preventing its accumulation.
  • Restoring the degree of secretion of the body’s own testosterone. When taking the medication, the sensitivity of the pituitary gland to the gonadotropin-releasing hormone increases, which enlarges the level of the luteinizing hormone and the level of testosterone production by the testicles. However, this effect is observed only at the time of taking the drug.

The drug is quite powerful. Compared with Clomid, the required dosage of Nolvadex is significantly smaller.

Nolvadex for sale – possible side effects

In cases of improper administration, side effects are possible when taking the drug. A special feature of Nolvadex lies in is that it does not stop the aromatization process completely, but only “freezes” the work of the receptors. Testosterone and its synthetic analogues remain subject to conversion to estrogens. It can be said that the medicament is fighting for the right to control estrogen receptors. Free estrogen receptors under the action of the drug can begin to form compounds, and the opposite effect may be observed. To avoid this phenomenon, the cycle with the medicament may be combined with taking Proviron. If an athlete uses high dosages of the med, insulin-like growth factor can be significantly suppressed. Also, vision impairment, temperature rise, and headaches may occur.

Nolvadex for medical purposes – using & dosage

Females suffering from cancer diseases can buy Nolvadex by a prescription issued by a doctor. Its anti-estrogenic properties make it possible to influence the tumor, reducing it in size and stopping development (some types of cancer tumors develop just under the influence of estrogens; high content of these substances in the blood leads to an increase in mammary glands in men and women).

Buy Nolvadex liquid & other forms

Nolvadex for sale is available in different forms. You can purchase tablets or liquid form of the drug. In fact, these forms do not differ in terms of action. However, some people do not like to swallow tablets, others, on the contrary, hate syrups (liquid form of medicaments).

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