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Nolvadex for Sale – an Anti-Estrogenic Drug Against Anabolics’ Side Effects!

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Nolvadex (tamoxifen, chemical makeup: C26H29NO) is an estrogen blocker used in both biomedicine and sports. The medical remedy assists with breast cancer treatment in ladies. Men often use it to circumvent the negative effects of anabolic steroids (if we define steroids, we can say they are chemical substances which have a hormone-like mechanism).

Below, we’ll tell you about the peculiarities of using this medication for different purposes.

Nolvadex for Men — Features of Use in Sports

Although breast cancer is predominantly a feminine concern, according to statistical data, the medicine is inordinately famed betwixt sportsmen. High dosages and the prolonged duration of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) cycles lead to a significant increase to the risk of feminization in males.

Feminization can include the accumulation of the fat, fluid retention in the body, gyno, and other vexatious effects. The drug, because it has an antiestrogenic action, can withstand aromatization and block the formation of bonds between receptors and estrogens.

Tamoxifen is typically used at the final stage of the cycle as it boosts production of the endogenous testosterone, the level of which is greatly reduced after a long steroid cycle. Taking the drug is an individual matter — it depends on the “power” of the cycle.

To prevent estrogenic catalysts, it is advocated you take the meds in a dosage of 10 mg daily. Do not exceed if you’re inexperienced. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) usually begins on the last week of the cycle and ends 14 to 21 days after discontinuation.

The optimal dosage for cyclists prone to aromatization or gyno when taking potent steroids (for example, Anapolon, Testosterone, Danabol, and/or a Winstrol cycle), is 20 to 30 mg daily until the undesirable effects are eliminated. Each dose of the product should be imbibed with food.

Recorded results of its use are as follows:

  • Reduced “bad” cholesterol, raising “good” chol.
  • Reduction of the risk of cardiac disorders
  • Increased natural testosterone levels
  • Blocking estrogens’ actions
  • Stopping fluid retention in the body and preventing its accumulation
  • Restoration of the secretion of endogenous testosterone. When taking the medication, the sensitivity of the pituitary gland to gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) increases, which elevates luteinizing hormone levels and boosts T production in the testicles. However, this effect is observed only at the time of taking the drug.

The drug has a strong effect. Compared with Clomid, the required dosage of Nolvadex is significantly smaller.

Nolvadex for Sale — Possible Side Effects

In cases of incongruous administration, incendiary side effects are possible, even likely. Nolvadex does not set back the aromatization process, it only freezes the work undertaken by receptors. Testosterone and its man-made synthetic varieties remain subject to transformation into estrogens.

We can say that the medicament is fighting for the right to command the estrogen receptors. Unbound estrogen receptors under the action of the remedy can begin to create compounds, and the opposite, unwanted effect may become apparent.

To skirt this phenomenon, Nolvadex may be combined with Proviron. If an athlete uses high dosages, the insulin-like growth factor can be significantly repressed. Vision impairment, temperature regulation issues, and headaches may also occur.

Nolvadex for Medical Purposes: Use and Dosage

Females suffering from cancer can buy Nolvadex with a prescription issued by an oncologist or other healthcare professional. Its anti-estrogenic properties equip the drug with the means to influence tumor growth, reducing it in size and stopping its advancement (some types of cancerous tumors develop due to estrogen abundance; the formidable content of these substances in the blood leads to mammary gland augmentation in both males and females).

According to Z. Kmietowicz (BMJ, 2014), Nolvadex decreases the breast cancer rate in compromised healthy females by nearly a third. J. Cuzick, I. Sestak, S. Cawthorn et al. (The Lancet Oncology, 2015) reported that this estrogen receptor modulator offers a long period of protection after the cessation of therapy.

Buy Nolvadex in Liquid and Other Forms

Nolvadex for sale is available in several distinct forms. You can purchase tablets or the liquid form of the drug (sold under the moniker Soltamox). In fact, these versions do not differ in terms of action. However, some people despise swallowing tablets, others, on the contrary, loathe syrups and other liquids.

The medication is also sold under the following brand names:

  • Tamofen
  • Tamoxifen Cherubino
  • Apo-Tamox
  • Zitazonium
  • Adifen
  • Ebefen
  • Tamoxistad
  • Crisafeno
  • De Fu Ling
  • Xifen
  • Tamsulon
  • Tamoblas
  • Catidam
  • Apotamex
  • Tamophar
  • Oncotam
  • Tevafen
  • Tomifen
  • Xifen
  • Valodex
  • Gynatam
  • Tamoxifeno Microsules
  • Tamoxifeno Lafedar

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