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Natural Progesterone Cream: Where to Buy, How to Use, Dosage, Side Effects.

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If you suffer from unpleasant side effects, caused by menopause, premenstrual syndrome, fibroids or infertility, natural progesterone cream is definitely the thing you should try. It will help you to liquidate the manifestation of hormone imbalance, caused by various factors. Don’t be afraid to use this very efficient drug, aimed at relieving and even complete removing some hormonal problems.

This OTC cream is made of progesterone, which has natural origin. Fat solubility of the progesterone cream is very high. That is why it is absorbed by the skin very fast. Using the progesterone in cream form will enable the user to determine the needed amount of the medication before its applying on the skin.

Where to buy progesterone cream? You can do it in ordinary pharmacy or online. Many pharmacies also offer cream for men (including testosterone cream) & cream for weight loss.

Scientific proof of the progesterone cream’s efficiency

Progesterone belongs to the group of natural steroid hormones. Women have bigger amount of this hormone in their bodies, than men. In female organism, it collaborates with estrogen and other different steroid hormones, which play crucial rule in various psychological female processes, including menstrual cycle or the period of reproductive system preparation to implant fertilized egg. Besides, progesterone participates in building up bone tissue as well as prevents the estrogen from excessive growing in the uterus’s lining, which is the main reason of endometriosis.

Moreover, progesterone is considered the main prosecutor to many steroid hormones, in particular cortisol, the hormones, which belong to estrogens group (estriol, estrone & estradiol) and testosterone. Female estrogen can drop to 40–60 percent during the period of menopause. At the same time, the level of progesterone can decrease several times more. Despite the fact that adrenal glands keep producing this hormone at any conditions, its dramatic decreasing has a negative impact on the overall hormone balance.

After menopause ends, the progesterone level in female organism is almost nonexistent. That is why it is important follow certain hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and apply particular progesterone cream for the sake of relieving unpleasant menopause symptoms.

There is a huge list of functions, which are performed by progesterone, in particular:

  • Maintaining the normal state of uterine lining;
  • Prevention of excess tissue formation;
  • Prevention the breast tissue from overgrowing;
  • Blood glucose balancing;
  • Metabolism speeding-up;
  • Acts as a diuretic;
  • Blood clotting balancing;
  • Normalizing sleep regimen;
  • Stimulation of new bone cells producing;
  • Enhancing thyroid hormones functioning;
  • Decreasing of stress level and anxiety.

Natural vs. synthetic cream – what is better?

Natural progesterone belongs to bioidentical hormone materials, which have the similar structure to hormones, which are naturally produced in our body. In 1938, it was discovered by R. E. Marker that wild yam’s roots contain diosgenin, which is phytoestrogen that can be changed into progesterone.

Progesterone creams, which are currently on the market are made of wild Mexican yam or soybeans. Oral progesterones are less usable than progesterone creams, which is absorbed better and faster. Moreover, it has less negative impact on the liver.

How to use it? Apply the cream on the skin as indicated in your instructions.  After applying the cream on the skin, it is accumulated in fatty tissues. Then it gradually used by the organism according to its needs. Naturally manufactured progesterone cream is not considered patentable. That is why manufacturers of the progesterone have started the producing of synthetic pills.

As against progesterone with the natural origin, synthetic ones cannot be compared with hormones, which are naturally produced in our body. Their molecular structures are totally different. Synthetic progestins are famous for their efficiency even in small dosages (progesterone cream dosage is usually high). They can prevent the ovulation process and their first usage was as a contraception.

Synthetic progesterone creams unlike to natural ones don’t emulate human body produced progesterone. Consequently, there is higher risk of bad outcomes for those who use synthetically created creams. The common component of the synthetic drug is animal estrogens, which is made of pregnant mares’ urine. To sum up, the application of natural progesterone creams of a high quality is more safe.

Progesterone cream benefits

1. Alleviation the symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a natural ending period of female fertility. After menopause, menstruations disappear. In general, the most optimal age of menopause occurrence is 50-55 years old. However, woman can face it at the age of 40-45 and, in some cases, even earlier. This inevitable natural process is associated with numerous unpleasant symptoms. For instance, woman can suffer from hot flashes, insomnia mood swings, which also have the negative impact on her psychological health. The efficiency of progesterone cream in relieving of these side effects has been proved. Woman can use it and stay sure that it will not damage her health.

2. Fertility boosting. Infertility can be caused by a number of facts. It is caused by poor not balanced nutrition, thyroid disorders, emotional stress, medical conditions, obesity, overtraining, hormonal problems and diseases, which are sexually transmitted. According to success stories, application of progesterone cream leads to balancing the rates of estrogen & progesterone, which make the most appropriate and comfortable base for conception.

3. Fibroid tumors treatment. There are anomalous growths, which can appear in woman’s uterus. Their name is fibroids. According to estimations, more than a half of American women of the childbearing age suffer from these fibroid tumors. Benign tumors are accompanied by horrible pain, excessive menstruation, anemia, infertility. The most dangerous consequence of these growths is hysterectomy. There are 200,000 cases of this surgery in America each year. Progesterone cream is an ideal natural remedy for treating fibroids. It reduces pain and eases other symptoms of the disease.

Nevertheless, there are some cases of powerless of progesterone therapy.

4. Endometriosis treatment. Endometriosis is a chronic disease, which is characterized by enlargement of tissue, which covers woman’s uterus (endometrium). The tissue grow outside its natural location and can take post in pelvis, ovaries, bowel and even pelvic region. This painful disease affects in average 6 million females in America. Million female persons all over the world suffer from this problem. There is no exact cause of this disease. Genetics, uterine tissue disorders, which appear at birth and hormonal misbalance belongs to the list of risk factors. Hormonal imbalance often contributes to decreasing of progesterone rates. Progesterone cream is aimed at preventing this process from occurrence. The size of the endometrium can get smaller under the action of the OTC cream, which normalize appropriate progesterone levels.

5. Hormones’ balancing and PMS symptoms relieving. In general, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is characterized by fatigue, pain in the lower part of the stomach, bloating, emotional disorders, skin problems and breast tenderness. Such undesirable symptoms can appear almost each month and their main cause is hormonal imbalance. Progesterone cream is a natural remedy for relieving of all these unpleasant symptoms, which do not allow the girl or woman enjoy the life during several days/week per month.

Progesterone cream benefits can be other; we didn’t mention all of them.

Natural progesterone cream – takeaway

Natural progesterone is the best solution for those women who keep trying to minimize unpleasant manifestations of hormonal disorders and some women diseases. Is it safe? Unlike synthetic progesterone, natural one is completely safe and usually does not cause any significant side effects. Acting as a powerful progesterone levels booster (like natural testosterone booster), natural progesterone relieve menopause, menstruation symptoms and the symptoms of some diseases, in particular endometriosis.

However, it should be noted that the natural progesterone is not controlled by the FDA yet. It doesn’t mean that it is an illegal steroid, it is just an OTC product. That is why, it is very important to consult your doctor before applying this remedy.