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Natural Anvarol – Great Anavar Alternative Without Any Side Effects!

Many men, sometimes women, decide to buy anabolic steroid called Anavar for an artificial increase in the level of anabolic hormones in the body. Some online stores and online pharmacies sell it illegally via the Internet, attracting visitors with loud statements and promises. But do not risk your health.

Taking anabolic hormonal drugs, athletes expose health to significant risks. The use of steroids is associated with a variety of side effects such as acne, alopecia, liver damage, high cholesterol, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, etc. But you can make a safer choice – a natural drug called Anvarol.

What is it?

Anvarol is a completely legal alternative to Anavar (oxandrolone). This supplement significantly improves sports performance by stimulating the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle tissue. Anvarol is ideal for administration during weight loss (cutting cycle), it gives the athlete the ability to cut fat while retaining lean muscle mass. This supplement can be used by both males and females.


The drug contains only natural ingredients that do not have negative effects in the body. These ingredients are considered superfood, which essentially increases the capabilities of the human body. So, the list of ingredients of Anvarol includes:

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • BCAA
  • Wild Yam Root
  • ATP

Soy Protein Isolate

Anvarol contains a high-quality soy isolate enriched with missing aminos, such as methionine. The product allows you to get a full set of amino acids in time without using animal proteins. It supplies the body with essential amino acids with branched chains (BCAA), L-glutamine, L-lysine and other essential nutrients. Thanks to methionine in the composition, the product enhances the nutritional value of whey protein.

Soy protein will help prepare your body for intense fitness and recover quickly after exercise. It will not only provide muscle tissue with all important amino acids, but also improve metabolism, and also reduce cholesterol. Such a component is especially recommended for use by vegans, vegetarians and persons suffering from intolerance to milk sugar (lactose).

Whey Protein Concentrate

This component is produced by filtration of milk raw materials with preservation of all useful properties of natural protein. At the same time, fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol are removed from it, because they are absorbed longer and are not always desirable in the diet. Whey protein improves muscle growth and slows catabolic processes (muscle breakdown due to lack of protein and intensive training sessions).

Also, whey protein helps keep muscles in a period of inadequate food intake. It actively promotes the natural growth of muscle fibers.

Concentrated whey protein features a high rate of absorption, which ensures the saturation of the body with the necessary substances almost immediately after use. Other beneficial effects of whey protein include:

  • It helps strengthen bone tissue;
  • It can lower blood pressure (according to research);
  • It positively affects the level of triglycerides in the blood;
  • It provides saturation, reducing the feeling of hunger;
  • It has a favorable effect on health in general.


BCAA is a complex of essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine). BCAA are considered essential, since they cannot be synthesized in the body, so they should come with food or sports supplements.

BCAA is the basic building blocks for muscle tissue. They comprise about 35 percent of all muscles in the body. BCAA are essential for muscle growth and prevention of catabolic processes during training. L-leucine is especially important component among BCAA. This amino acid, along with glucose, is used in the production of ATP (a molecule that serves as a source of energy in the body). This helps maintain glycogen stores and increase performance. This is why the product contains an increased amount of leucine.

Amino acids from BCAA group help to intensify the processes of fat burning, and can also cover the consumption of glutamine during heavy physical exertion. The BCAA product is ideal for intensively trained people, as well as those who lead an active lifestyle.

Wild Yam Root

This herb prefers a tropical or subtropical climate, since it does not tolerate low temperatures. The optimal conditions for its growth are the African and South Asian countries. Yams root is rich in carbohydrates and has a cylindrical shape, due to which the plant feels itself perfectly in dry climatic conditions. The useful properties of this herb are proved scientifically. These roots contain a large amount of diosgenin, from which steroids may be produced. Mexican yam of wild origin began to be widely used after laboratory studies in 1960. That year scientists succeeded in obtaining synthetic steroid hormones for the first time. The substance diosgenin is used to synthesize pregnenolone, progesterone or other steroids. Therefore, it has steroid-like effects.


Our body produces ATP to get energy for movement, but often this energy is not enough for active performance in a gym. This substance belongs to the group of nucleoside triphosphates and plays a leading role in metabolic processes in living cells, being for them an indispensable source of energy.

In addition to the energy function of ATP, a molecule is needed in the body for:

  • relaxation and contraction of the heart muscle;
  • normal work of intercellular channels (synapses);
  • excitation of receptors for normal conduction along nerve fibers of the pulse;
  • transmission of excitation from the vagus nerve;
  • good blood supply to the brain, heart;
  • Increase the endurance of the body in case of active muscular work.

According to some scientific studies, ATP supplements can directly increase the amount of ATP chemical in muscles, but they can improve blood circulation in working tissues, promote sports performance and accelerate recovery after workout sessions. At the same time, there are no data on any side effects of ATP at this time.

How to use

The best regime of use of the supplement is as follows: three caps per day with water approximately 15-20 min before visiting a gym or outdoor workout place. If you want to achieve best results, you should use the supplement a minimum of two months in a row. Recommended break-off period between cycles is 1.5 weeks.

Best Used For

The product is best used for:

  • CUTTING CYCLES. Thanks to this product, your cutting days will become like a holiday, because nothing pleases more than the quick achievement of goals.
  • LEAN MUSCLE SAVING. When administering during cutting phase, the product helps to keep muscle mass obtained by hard work.
  • ENERGY. Anvarol provides good energy levels amid diet with restricted content of calories.
  • STRENGTH. Thanks to the product you will feel an incredible burst of energy, you will work with heavy dumbbells like with balloons!

Stack With

The product can be combined with other natural supplements, such as Winsol (Winstrol alternative), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative) and Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative). This will help you achieve incredible results in the sport!

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