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Nasal Steroid Spray – Definition, “How to Use” Guide and Side Effects!

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One of the most widespread remedies for treating such symptoms as stuffiness in nose and bunged up nose are nasal sprays containing steroids. They are especially effective for those, who suffer from allergies, which affect nose (for example, hay fever) or nose inflammation (rhinitis). Sprays based on steroids act by minimizing very unpleasant swelling in the nose liquidating mucus in it. In situation of hay fever, you need to apply the medication several months per year. If the problem with nose is more severe, longer using is needed. Where to buy these drugs? There are many places offering steroid nasal sprays. They are sold both in large supermarkets and in local chemist’s shops. What is more, this drug is non-prescription (over the counter).

Steroid nasal spray – what is this?

A steroid nasal spray is a special solution, which is contained in a bottle, allowing to spray the contents in the right amount inside the nose. The main component of this spray is the special type of steroid. Steroid sprays are aimed at eliminating edema and accumulated mucus in the nose. This tool is characterized by very high efficiency. The medicament works locally. Affecting your nose, it has no impact on the other zones of the body or your organism as a whole. It is for this reason these sprays are absolutely safe.

Nasal spray, containing steroid, is used for treating the following symptoms:

  • Running nose.
  • Congested nose.
  • Irritated nose.

The reasons for the symptoms above may include:

  • Allergies, which affect the nose, in particular, hay fever.
  • Inflammatory reactions in the organ (rhinitis).
  • Polyps inside the nose.

There is a great quantity of steroidal nose sprays, including Pulmicort and triamcinolone. Numerous brands manufacture such sprays.

Is it dangerous? Nasal steroid spray doesn’t belong to the group of anabolic steroids (for example, Sustanon 250), which are used by athletes for developing the muscles. The most correct name for nasal sprays, based on steroids, is corticosteroids. The latter are produced artificially, but they resemble cortisol, produced by our body. Being very safe, these sprays have gained big popularity among fighters with allergies and other problems with the nose.

Nasal steroid spray – how to use?

Here are recommendations on how to use steroid nasal spray:

  • Make sure your nose is free from nasal discharge and shake up the bottle.
  • Slightly bow your head forward.
  • Hold the package with the medicament upright.
  • Enter the spray tip into the naris. When applying sprays (once or twice), make sure the other naris is closed.
  • After the injection, you can breathe, but not too sharply, in order to avoid getting the drug into the throat.
  • The spray tip should be located directly in the nose. It is prohibited to twist it to the right or left.
  • In a similar way, apply the medicament to the second naris.

Do you have a too stuffy nose? Unfortunately, nasal congestion, like a runny nose interferes with the effective work of the medicament. In such cases, it is recommended to apply a decongestant nasal spray, which you can find in any chemist’s shop. One of the main components of this drug is xylometazoline (decongestant medicine), which will clean out the nose. After that, you can sprinkle your nose with a steroid spray.

Remember: decongestant sprays are recommended for a short period (several days only) because prolonged use of these drugs is fraught with the appearance of edema. Steroid sprays do not provoke serious complications and they can be taken much longer.

How does steroid nasal spray work?

You will experience visible effect after several days of using this spray. Do not expect relief immediately after the first application of the drug. The perception of steroid spray will take some time. In some cases, the effect of the drug manifests itself in a few weeks.
That is why, to prevent hay fever, you should start a treatment session a week or slightly more before the start of the allergy season.

How much time the treatment with nasal steroid spray takes?

If you use the remedy to prevent the appearance of hay fever signs, the therapy can take several months (depending on the duration of the hay fever time range). If you have chronic rhinitis, the course of treatment will last much longer.

We have already noted that you shouldn’t be afraid of the prolonged use of the remedy. Even if the symptoms disappear, you need to maintain the desired state and prevent the activation of the disease. You may be advised to take lower dosage after eliminating the symptoms of the disease. It is aimed at discovering the most appropriate dosage, which will prevent the reverse appearance of symptoms.

Sudden stop of using the medication may lead to the return of symptoms. Treatment with nasal sprays doesn’t require post-cycle therapy with Clomid or tamoxifen citrate as in the case of anabolics.

Steroid nasal spray side effects

Mayo Clinic says that adverse actions can be caused by any nasal steroid spray. Basically, these are such unpleasant condition as dryness. Among more severe problems there are running nose, deterioration of the stomach function, headaches, nosebleeds and sneezing. In RX List there is a fact that 3 percent of people, who use the sprays, experience a sensation of unease, dizziness, throwing up, cough, watery eye, nasal stuffiness, asthma manifestations, pain in the throat, painful sensations during menstruation, and URTI. In case of occurrence of steroid nasal spray side effects, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Unfortunately, any spray based on steroids can adversely affect the immunity, thus increasing the risk of getting various infections. If you have contacted people suffering from varicella or measles virus infection, always tell your doctor about it. Intranasal corticosteroids, which are components of the sprays, can negatively impact eyes, cause irritation, dryness, provoke blurred vision, severe eye ailments development, increase the eye pressure. Ulcers and fleshy swellings of the nose are non-frequent.

In addition, there is a case of nasal septum perforation occurring in one patient, who participated in the clinical trial. Besides, some people, who take budesonide, also face this problem. This is a very severe side effect, which is dangerous as it can lead to nose bleeding, nasal discharge and what is more whistling when breathing. Sometimes surgery is needed to handle this adverse event.

There are reports about the appearance of allergies in the form of itching, non-explained rash, urticaria, swelling, anaphylaxis (dangerous for life reaction which affects the whole body) and angioedema. Be sure to consult a doctor if you notice any of the symptoms above.

According to some research, durable use of some nasal steroids, as well as abuse of them, can lead to the deterioration of adrenal glands work. Cortisol weight loss is produced by adrenal glands. This hormone plays a significant role in regulating the response to stress situations, metabolism, sex drive, salt & water content in the body and the level of the glucose in the blood.

For whom is steroid nasal spray unadvisable?

You can freely apply the spray if it does not provoke an allergic reaction. You should also be especially careful if you:

  • Have recently experienced nose surgical intervention;
  • Suffer from nose infection;
  • Are expecting a child or breastfeeding;
  • Suffer from pulmonary tuberculosis.

Be sure to consult your healthcare expert if you are going to undergo treatment with the use of the sprays. Note: you should always tell your prescriber about all drugs that you take (for instance, Clomiphene, Desmopressin, and so on).