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Murph CrossFit (the US) – Advanced Workout Routine with Heroic Background

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Each workout in CrossFit is called WOD (Workout of the Day). WOD is a task for the athlete for the day. CrossFit routines are so diverse that you are unlikely to encounter a beaten track in the training process. Due to this CrossFit is adored by athletes. We believe that WOD “Murph” is good for many reasons. First and foremost, this is because each time this complex is a real test for the athlete performing it. The training is called “Murph” in honor of Navy lieutenant Michael Murphy. We will tell you about Murph crossfit workout below.

Murph CrossFit Workout – the Background

Murph workout is named after Lieutenant of the Navy Michael Murphy, who was killed on June 28, 2005 during an operation in Afghanistan. He was 29 years old. In 1998, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in political science and psychology, and then declined the offer to go to law school, instead he passed special training courses at the US Marine Academy. After passing a number of special courses and trainings, including training in the airborne school of the US Army, in October 2002, he was assigned to military service in Jordan as part of a fur seal division. As a child, Murphy had the nickname Defender. It is known that when he studied in the 8th grade, he was expelled from school because he fought with two hooligans who tried to shove a child with disabilities into the locker. Gary Williams, the author of the biography of Michael Murphy, also recalls the case when Murphy saved a homeless man from a gang of thugs.

In early 2005, Murphy arrived as part of a Navy seals group in Afghanistan to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). In June of the same year, Lieutenant Murphy led an intelligence group of 4 soldiers in Kunar Province near the border with Pakistan. After the successful beginning of the operation, the location of the special forces was unexpectedly exposed by local shepherds, whom the soldiers left alive and sent home. After about an hour, the Mujahideen surrounded the area and attacked the detachment. Murphy called for reinforcements on the radio, but the helicopter MH-47 Chinook, carrying 16 special forces on board, including 8 Navy seals and 8 night stalker soldiers, was shot down by an RPG over the place of the battle. As a result of this battle, which lasted more than two hours, Murphy, along with two comrades, as well as a dozen Taliban fighters, were killed. Marcus Luttrell, who was hidden by Afghan Pashtun peasants, was found by the search and rescue team in a few days.

Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for courage that day. The remaining three members of the team were awarded the Navy Cross – the United States military’s second-highest decoration awarded for valor in combat. Soldiers who were killed in an attempt to save the team, also received awards. Among them were Sergeant First Class Jeff Taylor and Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, who were awarded Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, and Afghanistan Campaign Medal, posthumously.

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Murph – Perfect CrossFit Workout of the Day

Murph CrossFit workout of the day should be as follows:

  • 1,600 m running;
  • 100 pull-ups;
  • 200 push-ups;
  • 300 sit-ups;
  • 1,600 m running.

You can split pull-ups, push-ups and squats in any way. But in any case, the workout should start and end with running at a distance of 1,600 m. If you have a 10 kg vest or weighting agents, then you can put them on. You see, Murph WOD is very difficult to perform and very exhaustive. Therefore, not every person can perform it. Only well-trained athletes may deal with such as load.

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Basic Tips on How to Perform Murph WOD in CrossFit

As already mentioned above, it is possible to divide the complex by means of circuits consisting of mini rounds, which allow to keep the muscles in a tone and avoid rapid fatigue. Here are a few examples:

1. 5-10-15

  • 20 rounds;
  • 5 pull-ups;
  • 10 push-ups;
  • 15 sit-ups.

These were 20 rounds implying a test WOD, which is familiar to most athletes. Therefore, such a splitting is very easy to remember.

2. 5-5-5-15

  • 20 rounds;
  • 5 push-ups;
  • 5 pull-ups;
  • 5 push-ups;
  • 15 sit-ups.

3. 5-5-5-10-5.

  • 20 rounds;
  • 5 pull-ups;
  • 5 sit-ups;
  • 5 push-ups;
  • 10 sit-ups;
  • 5 push-ups.

This program is suitable for those who have difficulties with push-ups.

Here are other tips for performing Murph workout of the day.

  • Mobility. It is necessary to stretch the muscles carefully. Such training is a load for the entire body, so the wrists, shoulders, lower leg, hamstrings, hips and gluteal muscles will contract. So you should ensure maximum mobility, before you break into Murph WOD.
  • Consumption of water. Murph WOD is called the longest workout in history, so you can sacrifice a few seconds and take a sip of water (this tip is good especially for those who will exercise during heat and high humidity). The goal is to finish training, and not earn dehydration and acute necrosis of skeletal muscles.
  • Body armor. The original version of Murph WOD is performed in body armor, but this condition is applicable to experienced athletes who participate in competitions. If the athlete can not perform the workout of the day in less than an hour, then he should not use the armor or any other weight.
  • Proper pace. In addition to the strategy with repetition schemes, you should apply short pauses between sets. During the workout, you need to remain calm, do not forget to breathe and keep the rhythm.
  • Motivation Issues. It should be remembered that this is not an ordinary day’s workout. This training  was created in order to honor the memory of a man who died in the struggle for freedom. If you remind yourself about this during training, it will be easier for you to pass through this workout.
  • Post-Workout Period. It is necessary to move moderately, to consume as much liquid and food as possible, which will replenish the stocks of nutrients consumed (for example, nuts, bananas or protein cocktails).

Murph CrossFit Workout –Top-Level Athletes’ Tips and Comments

  • Samantha Briggs: “When doing push-ups, constantly change the angle and width of the palm rest.”
  • Josh Bridges: “Do not think about anything while doing this. Try to get rid of any thoughts. Just do what you need.”
  • Ben Smith: “Keep calm, perform the complex at your own pace. Do not pursue others.”
  • Catherine Davidsdottir: “Very carefully choose the intensity of the run for the first 1.6 km interval. If you run too fast, it will affect the rest of the workout.”
  • Karl Gudmundsson: “Watch out for the technique. All the time. The more qualitative your repetitions, the less power is spent for their performing.”
  • Rich Froning: “I like Murph for a variety of reasons, but most of all because no matter how you slice it up, you’ll be well and truly tested by it.”

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