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Mike Tyson Steroids: Did “Iron Mike” Use Drugs for Better Performance?

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Mike Tyson — whose monikers include “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite” — is undoubtedly one of the greatest stars in boxing. He impressed people with his speed and novel behavior in the ring.

Some young guys definitely want to be his doppelganger. However, this boxer has some negative aspects to his personality. These are, in particular, aggressiveness, violations of the law, and anabolic steroid administration.

Mike Tyson’s Shortened Biography

Michael Gerard Tyson was born in scenic Brooklyn, New York, becoming the third child of Lorna Smith. He inherited his surname from his mother’s first husband and his impetuous disposition from his father, who left his family before the birth of the boy.

The formidable future champion spent the first years of his life in the working class area of Bedford-Stuyvesant. The neighborhood was rather quiet but Lorna used to throw noisy parties with a great amount of hooch.

When she lost her job, the family had to move to Brownsville, one of the most criminally rife areas in Brooklyn. The family lived in a slum in grinding poverty, with neither heating nor hot water. Mike was growing up on the street: he ran older boys’ errands, broke into other people’s houses, and committed countless minor infractions.

It’s hard to believe, but as a child, Mike was a clumsy boy, In addition, he lisped. He was an ideal victim for others to mock. Mike really only enjoyed pigeons, yes, you read that right. When a fellow youth bandit twisted one of his birds’ neck, Tyson flew into a rage. Having beaten the offender half to death, he killed two birds (forgive the pun) with one stone: he understood what his strength was and he earned respect.

At 11, Mike was a street fighter, ready to fight anyone for money and for no special reason, and a full participator of the plundering gang. They arrested him dozens of times. In 1979 they sent him to a special school and from there to a college for troubled youngsters. One founder of that institution was Bob Stewart, a professional boxer in the past. Bob watched Mike fighting and agreed to train him if he promised to pursue a more wholesome life path.

The guy exercised several hours a day and soon received a formidable nickname “Tank.” Then, he gained gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games and set a record for the fastest knockout (8 seconds). After this, they transitioned him to the professional ring.

Tyson defeated all his rivals. His triumphal march was overshadowed only by one thing. It was the death of Constantine “Cus” D’Amato (his trainer and edifier). The fighter hired a new coach, Kevin Rooney, and continued to work. Over two years, Mike won three championship belts. At age 20 he became the youngest World Champion in the heavyweight category.

Being famous brought Mike certain difficulties. Paparazzi, models, actresses, and prostitutes tagged along behind him. He went off the rails, forgot about his daily routine, missed exercising sessions, got into fights and generally spun out of control. As a result, he fought battles for dubious reasons, engaged in debauchery, and had multiple arrests to his name.

1990 was the beginning of the king’s fall: Mike suffered an early defeat from James “Buster” Douglas, who was not the most powerful boxer. But the worst was ahead: Desiree Washington, an 18-year-old beauty contestant, slandered Tyson, accusing him of rape and the jury agreed. The court sentenced him to six years in prison, of which he served half.

Mike Tyson and Steroids – Early Assumptions


Donovan Ruddock, a boxer of Canadian origin who fought Mike Tyson two times in 1991, alleged that his rival was an anabolic steroids user. His conviction was of a subjective nature, therefore, it needed to be proved via an appropriate test.

According to official information, a test was not carried out before their first battle. Ruddock’s performance at both matches was considered less than satisfactory. In the first fight, the referee stopped the battle by mistake after Ruddock fell down still clinging to Tyson’s leg. In the second one, they awarded a victory to Mike based on gained points which slightly exceeded Donovan’s score.

Many sports analysts and fans expressed similar suspicions grounded on the comparison of Tyson’s physique in his amateur period (1983-1984) and professional one (1985-1986). The difference was so noticeable that anabolic drugs alone explain it.

On the other hand, age-related figure peculiarities shouldn’t be underestimated, the 20-year-old sportsman was undoubtedly more mature than at the age of 17 in 1983. Moreover, Riddick Bowe, a heavyweight champion and Mike’s former classmate, repeatedly emphasized Tyson’s constantly being big for his age. The principal sport for teenage Mike though was robbery.

Mike’s Confessions in 2013

In 2003 The press reported Tyson’s drug addiction. The sportsman himself told fans that in his early teens he had tried alcohol and cocaine. Drugs helped him not only to relax. He may have also used them to raise aggressiveness and endurance during fights.

There are two notorious facts in Mike’s sporting career. In 1997, when fighting with Evander Holyfield, he bit off a piece of his opponent’s ear. In 2002, during a press conference, Tyson bit Lennox Claudius Lewis’ leg.

Tyson admitted that during his career he repeatedly avoided doping tests. He was able to deceive the experts who checked the condition of the boxers before the fights by doing so. In 2000, the boxer came up with a tricky method: he used an artificial penis filled with someone else’s piss for the doping test.

However, there were failures. One day, Tyson simply run out of time to take his “instrument” before the test, and they found components of marijuana in his urine. He had to pay a fine of 200,000 dollars.

In the film “Undisputed Truth” Tyson mentions another scandalous incident in his biography, one which cost him three years of life in prison. According to the film, the ex-boxer denied raping Desiree Washington, a pageant contestant, in an Indianapolis hotel room in 1992.

In 2013, in an interview to “On The Ropes” Boxing Radio (ontheropesboxing.com) Mike Tyson said that he would have defeated the Klitschko brothers if he had had a chance to fight them. According to the sportsman, competing without drugs is almost impossible these days, though a lot of fighters deny using them.

In addition, Mike admitted that he could never have imagined that he would live for so many years, although now, he is not old at all and at the time, Tyson was only 47.

Mike Tyson’s Theoretic Steroid Cycle

Summarizing, we can conclude that Mike most likely experimented with steroids. Some people suggest that he used the following medicines (in a steroid cycle or alone):

  • Anadrol. This is a synthetic anabolic steroid, the main component of which is oxandrolone.
  • Dianabol. This drug has stood the test of time and remains one of the most effective anabolic steroids. Its main component is methandienone.
  • Trenbolone. The popularity of trenbolone (a steroid from the nandrolone group) is due to its zero estrogenic activity and the lack of conversion under the influence of aromatizing processes.

We assume that Mike had no moral prejudices about the use of steroids. He could perform any action including going from rags to riches, maintaining his invincibleness, and starring the “The Hangover.”