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Mike Piazza and Steroids – Suspicions of the Use & Hall of Fame Elections.

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Mike Piazza is a famous American baseball player who played sixteen seasons in MLB. In 2016, he was elected to the Hall of Fame, having received more than 80 percent of the votes. His most famous phrase is “Never let your dreams go away”. Like many baseball players, Mike was under suspicion that he allegedly used anabolic steroids to improve his sports performance on the baseball field (which did not stop the athlete from being included in the Hall of Fame). Below we will try to find out whether this is true or not, that is, whether Mike used steroids pills throughout his sports career. Read on to know more!

Biography of Mike Piazza and his career in sports

The future baseball player was born on September 4, 1968 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, the US. Mike’s father was a school friend of the manager of the Dodgers baseball team, Thomas Lasorda. When the Dodgers moved to Philadelphia, his father talked to Lasorda, and he allowed little Mike to watch the games from the dugout (a team’s bench area). This affected the boy’s consciousness and he “got infected” with this sports game. Piazza himself began to do a little bit of baseball, preferring to play in the position of the catcher.

In 1988, Mike Piazza was chosen as the last draft of the Dodgers club draft. This may have been due to the fact that the manager of the Dodgers, Lasorda, was the godfather of Mike’s brother. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the future famous baseball player began to play in that team. For four years, the sportsman played in the low league (the lowest league in baseball), until finally in 1992 the club management decided that Mike was finally ready for the games at the highest league – MLB. The baseball player went on the baseball field as a catcher & hitter 21 times. Already in the next season, Mike Piazza got his first title – “Best Beginner of the Year in Major League Baseball”. As part of the team, Dodgers Piazza played for quite a long time (six seasons). In 1997, he was voted second in the MVP category.

In 1998, the sportsman moved to the NY Mets. In that year, Piazza shone, but the “Mets” still did not get into the playoffs. Mike played for the club until 2005, and it was with his participation that in 1999 for the 1st time in 11 years the “Mets” reached the National League final, where they lost to Atlanta. In 2005, the club refused to sign a new contract, and Piazza as a free player went to the San Diego Padres. As part of this club on July 21, 2006 Piazza beat his 2k hit in MLB.

After the end of the season, the player leaved the team and moved to Auckland Athletics. On July 25, 2007, during a guest match with the Los Angeles Angels, one of the local fans in the ninth inning threw a bottle of water at Piazza. The police arrested the hooligan, and thanks to the suit of the sportsman he received 30 days of imprisonment and a trial period of three years.

In 2008, none of the MLB clubs want to sign a contract with him. On May 20, 2008, Mike Piazza announced the end of his baseball career. “We sat together: my wife, my agent and me, discussing all possible options, and I decided it was time to start a new period in my life. I thank all my fans, as wherever I played – in Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami or Oakland – I always felt their support. And now I want to go on a journey through life again, already without baseball. I’m sure it will be a very exciting trip,” Mike Piazza said in his goodbye speech.

On May 20, 2008, Mike Piazza announced the end of his sports career. The athlete told the media that he had discussed all possible options with his wife and his sports agent. And he decided to finish his sports career. He thanked all his fans and said that he always felt their support, regardless of where he played: in Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami or Oakland. Baseball helped Mike earn enough money to do business. Currently, Piazza owns a network of Honda car dealerships in Philadelphia.

Suspicions of the use of anabolic steroids drugs

In 2010, Jeff Pearlman released a book called “The Rocket That Fell to Earth”. In that book, there was an interview with one anonymous player who played against Mike. That player said that it was obvious that Mike was taking steroids. He and his team watched Mike and noticed that for a while Mike openly lost on the field, but one time everything changed dramatically and Mike increased his performance. When the player was asked to assess the probability of Mike’s using steroids on a scale of 1 to 10, he said: “12. Maybe 13.” A number of well-known journalists and athletes defended Mike, calling the “evidence” unconvincing and false.

Mike Piazza and steroid question during election to the Hall of Fame

In 2013 memoir, “Long Shot,” Mike denied using steroid drugs like Anavar & Andriol. In the summer of 2016, during elections to the Hall of Fame, journalists asked him whether he could comment on speculation concerning steroids. Mike replied that he had been asked this many times. He said that Major League Baseball carried out the necessary investigation in this regard and it did not have any questions.

The positive outcome for Mike

The 2016 Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held on July in Cooperstown, NYC, and a number of new plaques were added to the museum. Among these plagues there was one devoted to Piazza. Therefore, suspicions of the use of steroids didn’t prevent him from being included in the Hall, which cannot be said about other baseball players like Gary Sheffield.