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Methandienone Tablets in 10mg or 5mg Dosage – Features of Cycle and Its Results!

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Methandienone (also known as Dianabol, Danabol, and methandrostenolone) is a powerful oral anabolic steroid. Initially, the drug in tablets was used only for medical purposes to stimulate recovery processes, cure burns, and increase the tone of the body. “Juicers” use it primarily to increase muscle mass, although, like any other anabolic steroid, this one has many other beneficial effects (improvement of fat burning, etc.) Usually, it is produced in small doses (5mg and 10mg). However, you can find other dosages, for example, 20mg. In most countries, Methandienone doesn’t belong to legal anabolic steroids.

Methandienone Dosage — Typical Oral Dose and Cycle

Methandienone is not advised to persons under 18 and athletes who have contraindications like liver problems, cardiac disorders, hypertension, prostate adenoma, etc. The safe dosage of oral methandrostenolone is approximately 30 mg. Typically, athletes take Methandienone 10mg three times a day, not the entire dosage at one go. This allows them to avoid sudden hormonal jumps. Injection forms of the steroid usually contain large dosages, but the duration of their administering shouldn’t exceed 6 weeks.

Cyclists usually start using aromatase inhibitors to eliminate the estrogenic effect one week after beginning the cycle. This helps to eliminate swelling, accumulation of fluid and prevent gynecomastia (mammary glands enlargement). In addition, it is necessary to monitor blood pressure. In situations of its increase, athletes need to lower the dose or start taking antihypertensive medications (for example, Enalapril 5mg, Ramipril, and Lisinopril).

Post cycle therapy (PCT) begins soon after the discontinuation of the cycle and is usually performed with tamoxifen at a dosage of 20 milligrams for 2-4 weeks (the dose gradually decreases). To restore normal rates of endogenous testosterone, T-boosters can be used. The main principle is to constantly monitor physiological and hormonal parameters, and make appropriate adjustments in time.

Effects of Methandienone Injection in Bodybuilding

  1. Significant increase in muscle mass. This effect is occurred due to the activation of protein synthesis. However, a large part of the muscle mass is gained due to water retention. Without taking special medicaments, a rollback phenomenon is often observed.
  2. Increase of the athlete’s strength. Due to increased muscular hypertrophy, an athlete can lift larger weights.
  3. Fat burning effect (if a sportsman adheres to proper nutrition and performs cardio exercises).
  4. Strengthening of the athlete’s joints and bones.
  5. Increased appetite. The medication increases metabolism, so athletes begin to eat more.

In addition, according to the study by V. Wynn and J. Landon (British Medical Journal, 1961), in many patients, especially in the elderly and chronically ill persons, the medicine produced a sense of well-being and improved confidence.

Methandienone 5mg & 10mg — Possible Side Effects

Before administering the drug, athletes should carefully study the instructions and determine the dosage and duration of the cycle. A common adverse effect of the tablets or injections is gynecomastia, resulting from the transformation of a part of the active agent into estrogens. To prevent this negative reaction, aromatase inhibitors are administered. The drug-induced liver toxicity is caused by the specific structure of the active substance. To prevent this side effect, choleretic medications can be used. This steroid also contributes to excessive hydration: cells retain an excessive amount of water, which leaves the body after the cycle causing rollback phenomenon (a bodybuilder can lose about 20-50% of the weight gained). This can be prevented by aromatase inhibitors.

Other possible side effects of the drug:

  • increase in libido during the cycle and its temporary decrease after the cycle;
  • testicular atrophy which can occur with very long cycles using increased doses of steroids pills;
  • rashes on the skin;
  • heartburn, a feeling of discomfort and burning in the epigastric area;
  • alopecia (especially in men who are predisposed to this condition);
  • masculinization in women, so it isn’t recommended to take the medicament by females.

Lipid levels are not affected if persons take the anabolic in moderate dosages (M. Verdy, L. Tetreault, W. Murphy, L. Perron, Can Med Assoc J., 1968).

Methandienone Brands

The med is available under a multitude of brands:

  • Alphabol by Alphapharma;
  • Alphabol-Cr by Alphapharma;
  • Diabolic by Cooper;
  • Dianabolos by Pharmacomlabs;
  • Methandienone by (Blue) La-Pharma;
  • DBOL 10 by Valkyrie;
  • Debolan and Methoral by Thaiger-Pharma;
  • DianaGen by Myogen;
  • Metaprime by Eminence;
  • Telmisartan Tablets I.P by Avykt;
  • Methandienone Tabs by Oceanic Pharma;
  • Methomol by Flagship Biotech;
  • VBOL by Shree Venkatesh International Limited;
  • Methandienone Tablets by One-Dollar Healthcare;
  • Alphabol XR by Euphoria Healthcare Pvt.ltd.

What is Better — Oral Pills or Injection?

The injectable form of the drug was popular in the second half of the 20th century, as an inexpensive pharmaceutical that did not require special equipment for the production of tablets. Now, Methandienone injections are becoming popular again. Sometimes manufacturers position them as “innovative” steroid drugs with less toxic effects on the liver. However, they are often unreasonably overpriced.