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Mark Wahlberg & Steroids: Did He Use Prohibited Drugs for Putting on Size?

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If you watched the movie ‘Pain & Gain’, you probably noticed that Mark Wahlberg looked very pumped up. This is natural, as he had to play a bodybuilder. As you know, many representatives of the industry take anabolic steroids. Did Mark follow in their footsteps? Let’s clarify.

Mark Wahlberg’s Background

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is a famous Holywood actor, businessman, musician, rapper, model, producer, and songwriter. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated him for an Oscar twice for starring in ‘The Departed’ (supporting role) and for producing ‘The Fighter’.

Mark Wahlberg is from a suburban Boston area in Massachusetts. His parents are Alma Elaine, who was a cashier in a bank, and later a nurse, and E. Wahlberg (a truck driver).

As a teenager, they often found him at the local police department. They accused Mark of hooliganism, vandalism, violence to black teenagers, beating Asian students (the guy yelled such phrases as “Kill the nigger” and “Vietnam f**cking shit”), and even robbing a pharmacy. The court punished the 16-year-old boy with a 2-year prison sentence for the attempt to commit a murder on racist grounds. He served 45 days in the Boston jail before being released. The penal institution poured cold water on him and he decided to change his life. They observed some cases of aggressiveness after that, but gradually he became a “good guy”.

After a while, the future star took the pseudonym Marky Mark and created his band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, specializing in hip-hop, which gradually gained popularity.

As a music performer, they invited Mark to play the recruit Tommy Lee Haywood in the ‘Renaissance Man’ with Danny de Vito in the lead role. Then Wahlberg debuted in the biographical drama ‘The Basketball Diaries’. Leonardo DiCaprio was his partner in the film. Step-by-step, acting turned into his main occupation.

Mark Wahlberg’s Relation to Anabolic Steroids

On the Internet, there is information, that the celebrity added a few steroids to his protein shakes to gain the pounds for ‘Pain & Gain’ which he starred in alongside Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Mila Kunis, and Tony Shalhoub. Users stress that for performing a bodybuilder, he put on 18 kg of clear muscle in a limited period (2 months). He probably resorted to synthetic anabolic steroids (not natural steroids) for achieving the desired results so quickly.

His photos, dated 2011-2012 prove his connection with such substances. Mark perceived bodybuilding as a challenge and for sculpturing the appropriate shape, he began the intensive and rigorous training. For the role of the muscular character, Wahlberg became even better than in the days of his youth, when he was known primarily as an underwear model.

He also added protein supplements to his daily nutrition, which dramatically contributed to his bulking. He made contracts with the manufacturers of such additives, advertising them simultaneously with the movie’s promotion.

The unprecedented muscle mass only convinces the society he definitely took anabolics. In general, people could bank on this fact, but the actor’s manager denied Mark’s use of prohibited drugs for attaining incredible physique. He stated that although the movie concerned steroids, Mark wanted to break common stereotypes and achieve the same results with the help of constant exercising. He was inspired by Dwayne Johnson, who motivated him to train more diligently. Mark also confirmed that his perfect form is the consequence of hard work. But his statements aren’t compelling. This smells of shame, but Wahlberg isn’t a person you can shoot down in flames.

Most fans think he is telling the truth and did not use steroids. However, we know that the star is characterized by a large ego and that partnership with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson probably gave him confidence. Johnson’s awesome massive muscles would provoke many men to use steroid pills or injections.

In January 2018, Richard Rodriguez, a jailed steroid distributer in an interview with Jon Bravo named Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel among his customers. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided the founder of Wellness Fitness Nutrition LCC (WFN). Richard alleged that “Ted’s best friend” ordered anabolics under a fictional doctor name or woman’s alias to go unnoticed. The actor disclaimed the allegations.

The question, related to whether Mark has bulked up on steroids remains a mystery.

Possible Steroids Used by Mark Wahlberg

Mark probably used one or more drugs from the following list:

  • Testosterone cypionate. This is a form of synthetic testosterone. It has a universal nature and can promote fat burning and muscle mass gaining.
  • Dianabol. This preparation is very effective for rapid musculature enlargement. It gives the athlete an opportunity to get up to 20 lbs. of muscle mass in several weeks.
  • Primobolan. It is a widespread medication for cutting and one of the few anabolic steroids, suitable for women. It doesn’t trigger severe adverse events.
  • Arimidex. It is an antiestrogenic drug that helps to reduce water retention and male gynecomastia.
  • Cardarine. The drug is used to increase endurance during training. Side effects include an increased risk of developing cancer, but relevant studies have so far only been conducted on animals.

We don’t know for sure whether Mark Wahlberg used these steroids. He, personally, disproves it, emphasizing his huge efforts. Anyway, pay tribute to Mark for his amazing transformation, since as you know, anabolic drugs aren’t wonder-working pills. They are futile without relentless workouts.