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Manny Ramirez & Steroids – Biography, Achievements, and Doping Controversy

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Manny Ramirez is a baseballer who reached palpable success. He is famous for outstanding home run statistics, antics, and doping scandals. Let’s offer a truncated version of his life path and ‘roiding controversies.

Potted Biography of Manny Ramirez

Manuel Aristides Ramirez Onelcida was born May 30, 1972, in the Dominican Republic. He lived there until becoming a teenager. The boy was fond of baseball and dreamed of becoming a fabled player. He succeeded.

He played as an outfielder and designated hitter in the US Baseball league. Ramirez defended the honor of several teams—the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays.

Currently, he is a free agent, consultant, and coach. Ramirez is considered one of the best outfielders in Major League Baseball, he has nine times received the Silver Slugger Award and is one of 24 players with over 500 home runs.

Manny has acquired several nicknames: “Man-Ram,” “Mannywood,” “Manny being Manny,” and “Manny Angelico.”

During his career, he knocked out 21 grand slams (the third record in the history of MLB). His 29 home runs in playoff games are a record in Major League Baseball. Ramirez participated 12 times in all-star matches of all Major League Baseball.

Ramirez—High-Paid Baseballer

Nowadays, high fees have become commonplace not only for music and film stars but also for popular athletes. Baseball is no exception. In this sport, there are also shining stars and recor holders on salaries.

Some stars shine so brightly that the figures of their annual salaries simply blind and shock people. One internet website made a rating of the highest paid baseball players of 2014.

Manny Ramirez was in third place. Manny managed to play for five different teams in his career. This player is listed among the best outfielders in the world and his skills were celebrated. During his career in baseball, Ramirez earned over 200 million dollars, with the highest pay for one season at almost twenty-four million dollars.

Derek Jeter was in second place among baseball millionaires. This baseball player played primarily for the NY Yankees. During his run, the NY Yankees won the World Series a whopping four times. The amount earned by Derek for his performance on the field was over $265 million, and the highest earnings per season were almost 23 million.

The winner was Alex Rodriguez, who started his baseball career in the Seattle Mariners. At the moment, he is retired. His earnings on the field are higher in comparison with other players. The highest payment for one season was thirty-three million dollars, and in general, the athlete managed to earn almost 357 million US dollars. Baseball teams are ready to pay for a good game without stint.

Forbes regularly calculated the earnings of famous athletes. Experts of the magazine believe that the main source of their income are advertising contracts. Manny Ramirez made the list of the 20 richest athletes in 2005 with an income of $24.2 million. He worked six out of eight years under a contract with Boston Red Sox. Owners of the club have estimated these years of his life at $160 million.

Manny’s “Pranks” on the Field

Every sport has unseen written rules and regulations. In baseball, this list is extensive. Since almost all MLB players follow these standards, the game can often be boring and monotonous.

Nevertheless, fans repeatedly see some players express their ego in various ways, for example, throwing a bat, swearing, or dancing joyfully.

An unexplained error in the outer field, a stupid statement in the interview, a 500-foot kick followed by a slow and pompous jog. All this was a common occurrence in the great career of Manny Ramirez, and each time the situation was chalked up to Manny being “Manny.”

Another player who showed his extraordinary behavior on the field was Roger Clemens. Clemens was nicknamed “Rocket” not only for the explosive filing—this is because he was always quick-tempered. He knew that he was grander, and he would not be shy about telling anyone at any moment.

Manny Ramirez, Steroids, and Doping Scandal

During the “Steroid Era,” steroids in baseball were not uncommon. Ramirez was in a group of 104 players, in whose bodies the testers found banned drugs. In 2009, the MLB suspended Manny for 50 games. This suspension from his taking of illegal steroids. In 2011, MLB announced that Ramirez had again failed the doping control. On April 8, he retired from the MLB, instead of serving a 100-match ban.

What medicines did Manny use? Perhaps these were Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, or Nandrolone.

The Latest News

In 2014, there was news of several MLB clubs showing an interest in Ramirez, who was trying to return to the big leagues. Ramirez considered options with MLB or Japan—either way, he was ready to play. According to the athlete, these were the only options for the continuation of his career.

The last time Manny played MLB was in 2011. He was suspended for 100 matches and retired. His retirement was short-lived, upon his return, Ramirez’s punishment was reduced to 50 matches, which he spent at Auckland’s farm. However, his reinstatement attempts were generally unsuccessful. For a while, he played in Taiwan.

Manny Ramirez, who is in his 40s now, obviously cannot get out of baseball. In 2015, Manny was a kind of a “coach” for the young cubs. In 2017, he performed in Japan for Kochi Fighting Dogs (Shikoku island League Plus), which are part of an independent league that is not affiliated with the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB, locally called Puro Yakyū), the highest baseball league there.