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Make your sports dream come true with Oxandrolone for sale: cycle & dosage!

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Oxandrolone is one of the classic steroids in sports. It is used in many sports disciplines, but it’s the most popular among athletes, wrestlers, boxers and, of course, bodybuilders. This is not surprising because it has an incredibly high anabolic index, which is 4 times more than testosterone. At the same time, it has relatively low androgenic activity and is also recognized as the safest anabolic steroid among all known ones. The medicament gives a quick increase in strength and endurance and at the same time triggers a light fat burning process. It can also be used in medicine to treat certain diseases.

Oxandrolone for sale – one of the best steroid tablets

In bodybuilding, the drug is mainly used during cutting in order to retain muscle volumes and at the same time not to lose strength and stamina. Fighters also appreciate this drug for its ability to give an excellent increase in strength and endurance without increasing body weight. But if an athlete adheres to proper nutrition, performs resistance exercises 3-4 times a week and doesn’t forget about the consumption of sports nutrition, it is possible for him to gain up to 3 kg of muscular weight.
The main features of the drug:

1. Quick increase in strength and endurance.
2. Accelerated recovery between training.
3. The effect of fat burning.
4. Strengthening of bone tissue.
5. Increased immunity (the medicament gives the highest immunostimulating effect amongst steroids).

In addition, this drug is one of the few anabolics suitable for use by females to improve their athletic performance without the occurrence of virilization (if low dosages are observed) or other side effects.

Oxandrolone dosage – 10mg & 50mg tablet strengths and other forms

The most typical tablet strength of the drug is 10mg. However, you can find higher dosages of this drug (up to 50 milligrams). In addition, the medicament can be sold in the form of powder. Moreover, an injectable version is available. Nevertheless, the oral form of the drug is the most popular among athletes. Also, tablets are used in medicine.

Oxandrolone cycle – key features

Oxandrolone cycle typically lasts for 6-8 weeks. Oxandrolone dosage is 20 or 40 mg per day (divided into 3 takings). The drug can be combined with testosterone (to avoid some side effects and increase muscle growth), as well as with Clomiphene (for cutting). Two days after the end of the drug cycle, athletes (except women) usually take Tamoxifen at a dose of 10 mg per day for 1-2 weeks to restore their own testosterone production.

Side effects of Oxandrolone pills

Any anabolic steroid is harmful if an athlete does not follow the regimen or neglects the recommended dosages. The drug usually does not cause side effects in doses up to 80 mg per day. In case of overdose or very long-term use of Oxandrolone tablets, the following adverse effects may develop:

  • testicular atrophy;
  • poor erection;
  • hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • hepatotoxicity (when using in dosages above 80 mg);
  • nausea;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • virilization (in women);

If an athlete has a predisposition to the above-described side effects, he is recommended to start the cycle with the minimum dosages (10 mg per day and gradually increase the dose within a week). If steroids side effects occur, an athlete should reduce the dosage or even cancel the drug taking. Females should not exceed the dosage of 20 mg because of possible problems with virilization.

Oxandrolone 10mg – medical uses

The drug has been repeatedly investigated for the treatment of various diseases. It was approved by the FDA for the treatment of osteoporosis. It also contributes to weight gain and prevents the catabolic effect (tissue destruction) that can result from long-term use of corticosteroids. Recently, it began to be prescribed (off-label) by doctors to accelerate the recovery of the skin after severe burns and to support the health condition of HIV (AIDS) patients. In addition, studies show that the drug can be used to treat alcoholic hepatitis.

Oxandrolone for sale – where to buy the medicament online?

Where to buy the drug? If you have a prescription from a healthcare professional, you can purchase the medicament in ordinary chemist’s shops or buy online in web drugstores. If you don’t have the necessary document and want to use the drug for sports purposes, you can obtain it at the black market (in some countries, it is legal as OTC remedy, below we will describe this matter in more detail). Oxandrolone 10mg price is generally around 2 dollars per one tab. 50mg tabs have a larger price.

Legal status of Oxandrolone tablets

In the USA, the steroid is included in Schedule III and belongs to controlled substances whose legal status is regulated by special legislation. This medication has a similar legal status in Canada and the United Kingdom. In some countries (such as Mexico), a prescription from a doctor is not needed for buying Oxandrolone for sale.