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Machine & Dumbbells: Brazilian Butt Lift Workout – Get a Bigger Butt

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One of the most beautiful processions that strikes any inhabitant of the planet is the Brazilian carnival. It is there that you can see a large number of beauties in chic costumes. Slender and smart bodies of girls’ amaze with their beauty. You know, Brazilian buttocks deserve special attention. Therefore, many girls want to get a Brazilian butt. To do it naturally (without the help of silicone and other fillers, and also without the help of illegal steroids) you will have to work hard. Below we will tell you about a Brazilian butt lift workout.

Introduction to Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

How to get a great butt? Some females say that Brazilian buttocks can only be achieved by indigenous women, but this is the biggest mistake. Any woman can make the butt very attractive and elastic. You should work hard and have patience. After a while, a chic result will please you and make everyone admire you. If it was decided to get the big Brazilian buttocks, then you need to understand the following rules:

  • Changing your nutrition is one of the main components of an excellent result.
  • Only regular workouts will ensure a guaranteed result.
  • An irresistible desire to get a Brazilian butt is the main driving force for your workouts.

Butt Muscles Anatomy

Before you start training the buttocks, you need to understand which muscles form them. The human buttock consists of three muscles: large, medium and small. The large muscle provides roundness and beautiful forms of the butt, so if there is a need to work out the buttocks, then all the exercises should be chosen specifically for this zone. Everyone should know that muscle growth is provided by training, that is, by resistance exercises. Giving the necessary stimulus and making the butt big & defined at home may be extremely difficult tasks, since you need to have a large arsenal of special frames / benches for squats, barbells, and dumbbells. Despite this, nevertheless, home training can give an incentive to the tone of the buttocks, give them elasticity, graceful beauty. But if your goal is a Brazilian butt, then you will need to attend gyms. Only hard work will lead to the desired result.

Tips for Bigger Butt Workout

The shape of the buttocks is the decisive factor when choosing exercises. Starting the choice of exercises, many coaches determine the form of the butt. It is completely dependent on the genetic features of a person. It is worthwhile to understand that everything that is inherent in nature cannot be significantly changed, but intervention and correction is real. By nature, a woman can have one of the following forms of buttocks:

  • heart-shaped;
  • round;
  • triangular;
  • square.

The first and the second form are considered ideal and quickly give in to training. But the third and the fourth one are specific. To give them an attractive look, you should work hard in the gym.

First, you need to decide where and how the training will be performed. If it was decided to create a beautiful butt at home, then you need to follow the following tips:

  • at home, without the use of sports machines, you can improve the buttocks only in combination with specially selected physical exercises and probably cosmetic procedures;
  • all workouts must be clearly planned and held in a certain period;
  • if the received load is distributed correctly, perfect Brazilian buttocks can be obtained in a few months;
  • every training should be designed in such a way that the complex of exercises lasts 30 to 60 min;
  • each workout should begin with cardio exercises (up to 15 minutes) and / or warm-up, then resistance exercises should be performed, and the final stage should be a stretching (cooldown), including the work of gluteus muscle;
  • if you are a beginner you can train your buttocks twice a week for a special split and with a small amount of exercise;
  • if you already have experience in training, you can carefully train the buttocks 1 time per week.

If you have decided to train the gluteal muscles in the gym, then read the appropriate section below.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout at Home (Also Can Be Performed at the Gym)

The main part of your Brazilian butt-lift workout should consist of such exercises:

  • Sit-Ups / Dumbbell Squats. This is one of the main butt lift exercises for Brazilian buttocks. One of the main conditions of performance are not just sit-ups, but slow ones, during which the buttocks should contract as much as possible. Standing in the initial position (shoulder width apart), holding straight back, it is necessary to do sit-ups slowly, as if sitting down on a chair.
  • Static Muscle Contraction. This butt toning exercise is performed sitting on a chair. It is necessary to contract the buttocks as much as possible and keep as much as possible. Such an exercise can be performed several times a day, even at work. No one will notice that the buttocks contract and relax, if a person sits on a chair at a table. This exercise will facilitate growth of the butt muscles. Static muscle contraction also has a beneficial effect on the abdominal muscles. During its performing, the muscles of the lower abs are also contracted, so regular exercise will also contribute to the flat belly development (six pack abs).
  • Leg Raises. The starting position is lying on the floor, face down. You need to alternately lift your legs 10-15 centimeters from the floor, with the knee to be contracted. Be sure to monitor the correct position of the body on the floor: it cannot be twisted and tilted to the side. Also, do not perform jerky movements.
  • Lunges. This is one of the main exercises for a perfect butt. Without this exercise, there is not a single fitness complex. Lunges need to be performed alternately, changing your legs. In this case, make sure that the knee of the front leg does not go beyond the shin. This is an obligatory condition on which the correctness of the whole exercise and the future result depend.
  • Static Pelvic Lifts. These lifts are also considered one of the most effective exercises. The starting position is lying on the floor (on your belle). It is necessary to tightly press the entire body to the floor, and raise the hips as high as possible. In this position, it is necessary to “freeze” as much as possible.

In fact, even 10-minute butt workout is possible, but do not forget about warm-up and cooldown. If you have kettlebells at home, you can perform effective kettlebell butt workout exercises.

Butt Workout Machine Exercises

If you are a gym rat, you can perform a lot of exercises for bigger butt workout using specialized machines. Among them are:

  • Smith Machine Deadlifts. The deadlift is not only an exercise for the back. It is perfect for the hamstrings as well. How to perform this exercise properly? Stand with the feet hip-width apart and take weights (a barbell or dumbbells). Keep the back flat and the abs muscles in, then bend forward from the hips & lower the trunk until the dumbbells (barbell) reach the shins. It is time to squeeze the gluteal muscles to raise the spine up. The proper technique is very important! It should be recommended that smith machine deadlifts may be unsafe for spine. They are suitable only for experienced athletes.
  • Smith Machine Squats. Step under the bar and position it across the shoulders. Grasp the bar a few inches outside the shoulders. Unlock the bar and lift it off the rack as you straighten your trunk. Position your feet shoulder width apart with the toes slightly turned out. Slowly lower down, sending your hips back & bending the knees forward. Squat down until the thighs are just past parallel. Then return to the initial position. The squat is considered the MAIN exercise for a Brazilian butt.
  • Leg Press. This exercise mimics the previous one in many ways, but one can achieve different positions do develop additional muscle groups. How to perform the exercise? Select appropriate weight & get into the butt workout machine. Position the feet on the platform so they are shoulder-width apart. Adjust the side handles. Lower your legs and then back to the initial position.
  • One-Leg Cable Kickbacks. This exercise targets the gluteal muscles like no other. Hook the ankle to a cable pulley. Stand in a front of the cable machine. Choose your weight. Grasp the steel column of the machine and step the feet back about two feet. Slightly bend the knees & contract your great butt. Slowly extend the leg with the hooked pulley around it behind you making a semi-circular arc. Pause for a while, contracting your butt muscles. Return to the initial position.

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Extra Measures for Sexier Butt – Cellulite Massage & Steroids

In order for the buttocks to have a beautiful appearance and definition, you may be recommended to take special anti-cellulite massage. It is designed to adjust the shape of the body. During such a massage, you will experience intense shaking and vibration of the buttocks with the help of hands or bamboo sticks. This procedure helps to quickly restore the muscles of the buttocks, bringing them into a tonus. Massage movements of hands or bamboo sticks contribute to the breakdown of fat, tighten the skin, give it a good look and elasticity. This procedure should be performed only by specialists who know in detail the technique and features of anti-cellulite massage. At home, it is extremely difficult to perform such manipulations. If a woman decides to massage, he may expect the following beneficial effects:

  • decrease in the volume of massaged parts of the body;
  • improvement of the muscle definition of the buttocks;
  • reduction of sagging;
  • improved blood circulation, which positively affects the appearance in general.

On the Internet, you can find information that getting good muscle mass for women is possible only by taking testosterone from anabolic drugs. Definitely, effects of anabolics like Sustanon and Winstrol are significant. Of course, the main of them are the increase in muscle mass and the development of greater endurance and strength. These indicators are fundamental in the decision of women to resort to the use of steroids. However, there is a fly in the ointment. Along with the growth of muscle tissue and endurance, anabolic steroids can trigger the development of secondary masculine signs. In addition, anabolics may cause the following side effects:

  • excessive hair growth throughout the body (due to masculinization);
  • acne;
  • mutation of voice with a decrease in timbre;
  • obtaining male facial features;
  • menstrual cycle deterioration;
  • atrophy of mammary glands, etc.

You can read more about that in our steroids side effects article.

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