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Luis Gonzalez and Steroids Use – Real Evidence and Our Assumptions

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Unfortunately, steroids in baseball are not uncommon. The good news is that now the situation in this sport is better than before. Nevertheless, some modern baseball players use illegal medicines. As for the players performing during the so-called “Steroid Era”, we can assume that many of them probably used steroids. There are suspicions that Luis Gonzalez was on the juice. Is it true or not? Let’s figure it out.

Key Life Bio Facts and Baseball Teams

Luis Gonzalez is a retired Major League Baseball athlete. Most probably, he is best known for his excellent hit heard worldwide during the Seventh Game of the 2001 World Series. This hit gave the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team (in which the sportsman played) the first victory ever in the World Series. His nickname is “Gonzo”. The sportsman received Silver Slugger Award in 2001. He played in the following baseball teams:

  • Houston Astros (1990s);
  • Chicago Cubs (1990s);
  • Houston Astros (1997);
  • Detroit Tigers (1998);
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (1990s-2000s);
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (2000s);
  • Florida Marlins (2008).

Luis Gonzales and his family members are residents of Scottsdale, Arizona state. His family includes wife Christine and three children who are triplets. At 2017 Major League Baseball draft, which began on June 12, 2017, Jacob Gonzalez (Luis’ son) was selected by the professional baseball team called San Francisco Giants.

Luis Gonzalez and Bubble Gum Occasion

Luis Gonzalez was so famous that some people could purchase a gum spitted out by him. In 2002, an inhabitant of the American state of Wisconsin paid $10,000 for a chewing gum, which was spitted out by baseball player Luis Gonzalez. The original price for this chewing gum was only $ 20.

Luis Gonzalez spit out the chewing gum on March 7 after a training game in Tucson, where the Arizona club was preparing for the Games of the Higher Baseball League. The “relic” was given to Jason Habert with the permission of the guards. This citizen later decided to sell his booty via the Internet in order to donate received money to charity. He announced that earned money would be spent for sports equipment for a school in the town of Lakeview, Minnesota.

Initially, the chewing gum was not evaluated more than $20, but gradually the price grew. The media questioned the authenticity of this chewing gum. To eliminate doubts about the authenticity of the gum, Gonzalez agreed in the presence of witnesses to chew on another specimen, which he spit into a bottle, which was then sealed. This was followed by a jump in prices at the auction, and in the end the lot went for $10,000. It was a good deal, wasn’t it?

Luis Gonzalez and Steroids Rumors

Like all baseballers, the sportsman has experienced some setbacks with allegations that he took steroid medications and other performance-enhancing drugs during his career. In 2006, Ken Kendrick, the leading executive of the Diamondback’s made some allegations about Luis using steroid drugs.

Luis Gonzalez reacted angrily after the Diamondbacks’ leading executive told a magazine there have been “rumors” about whether the 5-time All-Star used performance-improving meds. “Just to have your name thrown in it – I have had phone calls from 7:30 this morning till right now,” the sportsman said. “I do not want to be in this situation. Also I do not think any of my teammates do.” In addition, the famous athlete said that he does not understand why he has to justify himself “for no reason.”

Luis Gonzalez and His Potential Steroid Cycle

As you saw above, we have no real evidence that Luis Gonzalez used anabolic steroids. However, Evolutionary experts suggested that this athlete probably used the following steroid cycle:

  • Equipoise. It main active agent is boldenone. This is a well-known steroid medication used for enhancing speed and endurance. It is popular among baseball players. These are the main positive properties of the drug, for which it is valued by athletes. Athletes may also notify improving muscle definition and vascularity. This anabolic medication is often used by bodybuilders during preparation for important tournaments. Boldenone is one of those anabolic steroids that can be used by female athletes (that is, it is one of steroids for women). As for the side effects, they are unlikely to occur. If you do not exceed the recommended dose, then the problem is unlikely to arise.
  • Cardarine. This medication is well-known for improving endurance, cardio-performance and speed in the field. Cardarine is perfect for MLB athletes, so probably, some of them use it. This drug is a PPAR receptor agonist and belongs to the SPPARMs group (selective PPAR modulators). PPAR agonists play an important role in the treatment of cardiometabolic disorders due to obesity and complications associated with it. Cardarine was developed in 1992 by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline for the treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. This medication is one of the most effective fat burners. The action of the drug is aimed at accelerating the process of lipolysis in the body, as a result of which the process of cleavage of fat molecules is accelerated, followed by transformation into free energy. However, its use is associated with many side effects.
  • Winstrol. Famous track-and-field athletes used Winstrol (stanozolol) to run faster. Therefore, this steroid in sports may be also useful for baseballers. In addition, this medication is used by other professional athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders. Those people who use stanozolol, usually use 50 mg per day. The drug does not give a significant increase in muscle mass (2-5 kilograms or 5-10 pounds), but it affects the improvement of the relief of muscles and effectively burns excessive fat deposits. Effects of Winstrol use include increased strength and endurance, increased appetite, burning of excess fat and an increase in the effects of other steroids. Androgenic side effects are manifested in rare cases, which is due to the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular athlete.
  • HGH (human growth hormone). This substance is used for faster recovery during prolonged training sessions. In addition, it improves recovery time. Growth hormone (somatotropin) is a drug created using recombinant DNA technology. It has the same amino acid sequence as the natural human growth hormone. Growth hormone is important in the body’s vital system. It is secreted by the pituitary gland, stimulates the growth of muscles and bones, helps regulate metabolism and affects sexual pleasure. The production of growth hormone slows down with age, so many genetic engineers are struggling to create amplifiers for the action of the natural hormone. It is believed that biosynthetic growth hormone can increase the ability of athletes to exercise. It reduces the recovery time between workouts and accelerates healing of damaged tissues. This is good news for both bodybuilders and athletes from other sports. It strengthens ligaments and joints, increasing overall athletic performance. It can also be used to burn excess fat from the body. In addition, during the “Steroid Era”, anti-doping tests were less sensitive to synthetic growth hormone.

This steroid cycle is an estimate of some experts. We do not know exactly which steroids Luis Gonzalez used. Maybe he did not do it. This steroid cycle does not pretend to be true. But given the high prevalence of steroids at the time when Luis Gonzalez was an active baseball player, we can assume that he was on “juice”. Of course, now few people can honestly admit that he used steroids even in the distant past. This is due to the fact that no one wants to spoil his / her reputation. In addition, public admission of steroid use may lead to the deprivation of titles and multiple litigations, as was in the case with the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong.