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Laron Landry Steroids: the Use of Prohibited Drugs & Steroid Cycle.

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Laron Louis Landry (“Iron Man”), an ex-safety of the NFL, is a dedicated athlete who has called the gym his sanctuary. Laron’s career proves that his passion for bodybuilding is incredible and that he has managed not only to use fully his natural physique but to hone it to perfection, due to his 10-year persistent workout. Admiring Landry’s arms, his peers call them “unnatural.” Laron enjoys teasing his fans by demonstrating selfies taken at the gym, illustrating his fascinating shape, great strength and relentless workout regime. His athletic talent was revealed at a young age, and when still in school, he was ranked among the 5 most talented US school athletes. His brother was also engaged in sports, playing in the NFL. Did Laron Landry take steroids?

Laron’s Life Before NFL Period

When studying at college, Landry played for Louisiana University’s football team, coached by Nick Saban and another famous football guru, Les Miles. The young player started in forty-eight straight games, compiling three hundred and fifteen tackles and twelve interceptions, and ascending to the top of the college sports rank. His mentors and peers noticed his unique superordinary capabilities. He was listed on the Academic Honor Roll.

After graduating from college, Laron took part in the NFL Combine and demonstrated excellent results, having run the forty-yard dash in 4.35 seconds and completing a 38 inch vertical jump. Hence, the young man was considered a sportsman with an auspicious ground for becoming a real star. He ranked the seventh among drafted football players, which was a promising prospect for his career.

Being six feet in height and weighing two hundred and thirteen pounds, Laundry had the perfect physique for pursuing his football path. When he started playing for the NFL, his weight increased to two hundred and thirty pounds.

Laron’s NFL Period

In 2007, Laron Landry joined the NFL, having signed a forty-two million dollar agreement with Washington. In the very beginning, he was appointed a starter. He was undoubtedly suited for that position due to his ability to use his jarring hits to scare off rival receivers who appeared within his area on the football field. He started every game and boasted about a hundred tackles that year. What’s more, he was invited to the Pro Bowl as an alternate, which was a real sign of the rookie’s acknowledgement.

Laron played with the Washington team for four years. The final game season was baneful, however, because of the groin and hamstring injuries the player sustained. Landry refused to have a surgical operation and dealt with his traumas resorting to alternative medicine, which triggered disagreements with the team’s management. As a result, Landry had to leave the crew and move to the Jets, and it was while playing for them that he reached a higher level of expertise by earning his appearance in the all-stars championship called Pro bowl, significantly improving his tackle technique and breaking his own records for forced fumbling. In the 2013 season, Laron started with the Colts after signing a twenty-four million dollar contract, which further contributed to his development.

Laron Landry’s Suspension

Hardships started in 2014, when Laron’s use of prohibited medicaments for improving performance became known to the public. He was punished by being suspended from 4 games. Soon after he parted with the Colts, he failed another test control and was banned from ten more games. The situation was aggravated even further when the sportsman failed the checking, revealing presence of the prohibited substance in the blood, for the third time in a row with a subsequent 2-year ban.

Assumptions About the Drugs Laron Landry Used


Although there is no substantiated evidence, some assumptions regarding what Laron used to enhance his power can be made.

According to 2014 media reports, the sportsman’s workout program resembled a bodybuilder’s schedule rather than that of an NFL representative. This speculation could be proved by the joking of Landry’s Jets teammates that he trained twenty-three hours a day.

A closer look at Landry’s workout schedule helps us to single out the exercises he performed on a daily basis, even when his peers were relaxing. His routine included working out different parts of the body on a particular day: legs (Monday), chest/back (Tuesday), core (Wednesday), legs (Thursday), shoulders (Friday), arms (Saturday).

Landry’s friends said that he would exercise on Sundays if he didn’t play football. On the Internet you can find Laron’s post containing an especial workout called the “arm assault” (30-set exercises), and another one known as “German volume shoulders”. This post proves that Landry is a dedicated athlete who is not afraid of over-training and who is ready to train incessantly.

Judging from the information given above, we can suppose that Laron Landry took HGH in large doses and such preparations as Winstrol, Testosterone, & Trenbolone. He used them also to fuel his organism with energy.

To sum up, to recover after such harsh workouts the player regularly practiced the drugs to become stronger.

Steroid Cycle Practiced by Laron Landry

According to Evolutionary website, the steroid cycle used by Laron Landry could be roughly presented in the following way:

  • Tren acetate steroid injections — 400 mgs/7 days (week 1-12)
  • Testosterone enanthate — 1000 mgs/week (week 1-12)
  • Winstrol — 100 mgs/day (week 1-12)
  • Cardarine (GW501516, a PPARδ receptor agonist) — 20 mgs/day (week 1-12)
  • Proviron — 50mgs/day (week 1-12)
  • Exemestane (Aromasin Exemedac, Axelta, Cleopa, Exemestan AL brand names) — 20 mgs/day (week 1-12)

So, Laron Landry probably used both bodybuilding steroids and PCT drugs.