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Killer Back Gym Workout Bodybuilding for Mass – Get the V-Shape

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If you decide to get perfect muscles of the back this may not be an easy task. You need to do the following things: regularly visit a gym, adhere to proper nutrition, take sports supplements, and, of course, be dedicated. Men and women often want to get a wide back, the so-called V-shaped back. To do this you need to work hard on your back day, eat properly, and take sports supps like BCAA. In this article, we will tell you how to quickly train V-shaped back for mass and definition using a set of exercises, which were tested by practice and many famous athletes.

Back Workout for Mass Routine

The most important muscles of the back in bodybuilding are the latissimus muscles of the back. It is for them most training programs are built. Here is how back workout for mass may look like:

  • Hyperextension with your own weight (2 sets of 20-25 repetitions) is an excellent exercise for warm-up.
  • Wide-Grip Pull Ups (1-2 warm-up sets + 3-4 working sets). If you cannot do a pull-up (if you are too huge weight), then replace them with the assisted pull-ups. Experienced athletes are recommended to perform pull-ups with extra weight.
  • Barbell Row (1-2 warm-up sets + 3-4 working sets). It is recommended to use an athletic belt during the performance of working sets in order to protect yourself from injuries.
  • Dumbbell Row (3-4 working sets). Doing this exercise will produce a powerful effect only if you know the correct technique.
  • Intense Seated Cable Row (1-2 warm-ups + 3-4 sets). For best effect, we recommend performing this exercise with a special handle, which allows you to hold hands parallel to each other.

In each set, you need to perform 8-12 repetitions. Rest between the set should be no more than 1 minute, and no more than 3 minutes between the change of exercises. For a better anabolic response, it is recommended to train the back with other muscle groups, preferably small ones (arms, shoulders, trapezoids). If you are training your back with any other muscle group, we advise you not to perform seated cable rows, since the load will be too large and can lead to overtraining.

Back Workout in Bodybuilding – Popular Questions

  • What if I cannot progress for a long period? If you have encountered a plateau, and you cannot progress at all, then in the training program, you need to add high-volume methods of training, such as drop-sets, supersets, forced repetitions, etc.
  • Should I do deadlifts? If you do not have problems with your back, you are advised to perform deadlifts. This is a complex exercise that helps to load a lot of muscles. It strengthens the core & gives you 6­pack abs (read more in our article about the best AB workouts for men and women). It can also improve speed, power, and athleticism.
  • Which approach to back training is most optimal for beginners? Beginners who are not used to working with weights should first strengthen their back. For this, it is necessary to perform hyperextensions, pull-ups without additional weight, rows with small weights on your gym back workout day. Working with light weights allows not only to strengthen the muscular corset of the back, but also to understand the technique of performing movements.

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Killer Back Workout Routine

It’s time to start the heaviest workout on your back in your life (it was developed by Men’s Health). Four exercises from the killer back workout program presented below can be integrated into a superset in order to achieve an iron result and provide the best mass building. Good luck!

1. One-Arm Long Bar Row (superset 1)

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 15 / Rest: 0

Put the plate on one end of the bar. Bend forward so that the core is almost parallel to the floor, keep your knees slightly bent. Take the barbell with one hand almost at the plate. Raise the bar upwards without sticking out the elbow until the plate touches your chest. In the upper point, strain your back muscles. Slowly lower to the initial position & repeat (the plate should not touch the floor).

2. One-Arm Dumbbell Row (superset 1)

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 15 / Rest: 60-90 seconds

Go to the horizontal bench, put your left knee and left arm on it. With your right hand, take the dumbbell and perform the row to the right side until your shoulder is parallel to the floor. Slowly lower it back to the floor and repeat.

3. Pulldown Exercise (superset 2)

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 10 / Rest: 0

Stand on your knees in front of the machine with your face facing it. Take the bar with a medium grip on the width of the shoulders. Slightly lean back and stick out your chest. Lower the bar to the chest, then slowly return to the starting position. The torso must always be straight.

4. Seated Cable Row (superset 2)

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 12-15 / Rest: 60-90 seconds

Sit in front of the simulator and put your feet in it. Grasp the handles and pull them toward you, then with controlled movement return to the starting position.

5. Straight-Arm Pulldown (superset 2)

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 12-15 / Rest: 60-90 seconds

Take the rope by the handles, the palms should be positioned towards each other. Lean 30 ° forward in the waist, keeping your arms fully straightened. Without bending arms, pull the handles down, contracting the latissimus muscles until the arms are in line with the hips. Return to the starting position.

6. Chin-Ups

Sets: 4 / Number of reps: 12-15 / Rest: 60-90 seconds

Grab the bar with the palms facing your core and a grip closer than the shoulder width. Pull your body up until the head is around the line of the bar.

This routine looks like the Rock back workout! You should try it!

Back Workout at Gym or at Home

We think it’s better to train in the gym than at home. Why do we think so? First, the gym spirit itself. The situation already suggests that it is necessary not to fly in the clouds, but to train! Secondly, here nobody will call you, do not distract from the exercises & you’ll be more focused on training, which will achieve better results. Thirdly, you observe other gym rats and do not want trail far behind. A gym coach will always give advice and correct, if necessary. You can ignore this point, if you can afford to work out with a fitness instructor at home.

Now consider the advantages of back workout bodybuilding at home. The indisputable fact is saving time, you don’t need to go anywhere and spend time on the road, also you don’t need to wait for your turn to a certain simulator. You can train anytime you feel comfortable. You can choose background musical tracks that sets you up for the training process. If you’re a loner by nature, then no one will irritate you and come up with unnecessary advice. One more moment is your style of clothes. You can train in what you want, without thinking about what other people may think & say. Having finished the session, you always have the opportunity to eat well and restore the expended energy. There are some people who are more comfortable at home for a few more reasons. They may shy of their appearance. Also, there are people who do not want to use sports machines / benches after someone else for hygienic reasons.

Home workouts have several drawbacks. The most important drawback of home coaching (without a coach) are distractions. Additionally, the home relaxing atmosphere does not contribute to the training mood, that is, a person who decides to engage in the home, will need an iron will and self-discipline. Sometimes you may specifically find yourself a thousand household chores and be, thus, busy to skip training. And some persons are inclined to postpone training for later. They find it hard to force themselves to train at home. Having sport machines at home, they find excuses: “I have nothing to worry about. I can use the cycle track at any time. Perhaps I’ll work out after dinner.” After dinner, they think: “Now I have a full stomach. I’ll train tomorrow.” So it turns out that the advantages of having a simulator at home becomes disadvantages. If you’re a social person and like to get acquainted with new people, then you will not get pleasure from training at home either. Some lonely people come to the gym to meet someone.

Summing up, it should be noted that both options have both pros and cons. You can choose one or the other, you can also combine them, if possible. The main thing is self-giving and the desire to train! We hope you’ll get an Arnold back!