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Justin Bieber and Steroids: Has the Guy Been Using Prohibited Drugs?

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Justin Bieber is a very famous young singer who became popular as a child. A few years ago, Bieber’s fans noticed that he gained muscle mass with good definition. Accordingly, there were rumors he was a steroid user. Here is a story for the Internet’s jury to mull over.

Justin Bieber — Famous Pop and Rap Singer from Canada

The unbelievably talented singer was born in 1994 in the Canadian city of London (Ontario). His “architects”, Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Elizabeth “Pattie” Mallette, did not register their wedlock, but the dad helped in the child’s nurture (however, Nicki Swift’s website called him “a scumbag”). The boy spent his childhood in Stratford. His parents were poor, they lived in a cramped municipal apartment in a troubled district. According to Bieber, he played piano, drums, and trumpet at the age of three. Nine years after he mastered the guitar. The boy also played football, hockey, and had enthralling skill on a skateboard. Patricia uploaded videos of Justin to YouTube. The videos became viral on the Internet. One of them gathered over 2 billion views.

The teenager’s popularity went through the roof. The record was accidentally seen by an Atlanta manager, Scooter Brown. He was shocked. The man found Justin’s mom and barraged her with proposals to work with her son. He persuaded Pattie and Justin to travel to Atlanta to record a demo song. Soon, an agreement was signed between the RBMG company and the guy. The contract marked the beginning of Justin’s rising star. The guy hitched a jackpot. The list of his mellifluous albums includes “My World 2.0”, “Under the Mistletoe” (featuring Boyz II Men, The Band Perry & Busta Rhymes), “Believe”, and “Purpose”.

Justin Bieber was arrested in the winter of 2014. Miami cops charged him with high-speed racing in a sports car. Later, the guy confessed to having taken spirits in combination with light narcotic. After being detained the singer was released by the court on a $2,500 bail.

That same day, the White House’s official portal (whitehouse. gov) posted a petition from the citizens of the USA demanding to revoke the musician’s permit to reside there and to banish him to the country of his origin — Canada. The incident provoked a social media clamor. Americans jestingly asked Canadians to take their celebrity back, while the latter reproached US citizens with spoiling their good boy by involving him in criminal and drug affairs. In July 2014, they accused the sweet boy of vandalism (egging a neighbor’s house). He had to pay $80,900 in restitution.

The celebrity displays his personal life by posting photos to his Instagram account (@justinbieber) with over 104 million followers. Bieber often shares photographs with his bare torso with his supporters and fans.

Justin Bieber and Steroid Rumors

Did Justin Bieber consume steroids? The celeb has repeatedly been the victim of the gotcha journalism, representatives of which accused him of using drugs, and even stated that he was homosexual. The defective behavior and antics of Bieber in 2013 led to the fact that some people thought he uses anabolics and/or Clenbuterol. This tattle did not come about by chance. Everyone noticed that the guy had significantly gained weight and muscle definition. In addition, people noticed changes not only in his appearance but also his mental state. Justin Bieber became quick-tempered, anxious, and wildly erratic. Such symptoms can signal the use of anabolic steroids (read more on steroid-induced psychosis).

The singer could easily cancel a concert without explaining. Just a few years ago, during a performance in the UK, Justin fainted. Perhaps this occasion was a consequence of improper use of banned steroids. After being examined by a healthcare professional, the singer did not give any remarks about what had happened, and he attributed his fainting to fatigue and a tight schedule. It is even said that the negative energy from some evil haters was at fault. When ascending to the top of his singing career, Justin acquired a host of admiring fans and an equal number of ill-wishers who have caused disturbances at his concerts and have been interminably decrying him in their social media posts.

Soon after the car racing incident, posts about Justin’s involvement in steroid (like Dianabol) use appeared on one portal. The singer couldn’t stand this scuttlebutt affecting his image and made up his mind to confront his offender. In his blog, he informed his fans about his willingness to chat with them, providing the telephone number of the above portal. As a result, the incessant calls with inquiries about the famous Canadian literally blew up the editorial office’s phone. Bieber posted a comment on his social network page stating he was tired of steroid use accusations and associated rumors.

Users’ Opinions About Justin Bieber and Steroids

On the popular Quora website, one user asked: “Did Justin Bieber use steroids?” Users gave the following answers:

  • “If he has, it did not work. He’s a skinny little string bean.” (Ron Mason). Additionally, this user wrote that Justin walks around like he is all that. People need to bring Justin down a peg.
  • “By looking at his body I would say no.” (Perry Moss). However, he noted that steroids are not necessarily used for large muscle mass. They can also be used for better muscle definition.
  • “His body is achievable naturally” (R. Negoro). We agree with this statement, but the singer had other signs of using “juice”, including tomfoolery, aggressiveness, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Thus, there is no clear reason to state that Bieber used or uses anabolic steroids. He’s a pretty skinny guy, but lately, he’s managed to achieve a good physique. At his age, it is possible to make such as physique without the use of anabolic drugs. This has been stated by Dr. Raskin on the INSIDE EDITION website. A violent temper or using narcotics could also cause aggression.