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Jose Canseco Steroids Use Story and His Book with Frank Confessions

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Canseco is considered one of the most famous baseballers in the history of the US Major League Baseball (commonly knowns as MLB). Additionally, he was one of the 1st professional baseballers who have admitted to using steroids. In 2005 he wrote a whole book about it.

The sportsman’s bio

The future baseballer was born on July 2, 1964 in Havana, Cuba. He was one of twins (his brother later became a sportsman). His parents left their country when their children were very young. The Cansecos went to the USA, where José and his brother attended Coral Park High School.

In 1982, José stopped his education, because he was chosen for the famous baseball club named Oakland Athletics. By that time the sportsman had already distinguished himself and attracted the attention of experts due his excellent game and perfect results.

In 1985, after engaging in almost 30 MLB matches, Jose Canseco received an extremely honorable award called Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award. In 1986, there was the period of the player’s rise on the career ladder.

In 1988, the sportsman was unanimously named the most valuable baseballer in the MLB. A year later, the sportsman missed some of the matches because of the trauma he received, but he still managed to perform in some games. The following year the sportsman fully recovered and began to play actively again, demonstrating excellent results. He showed great results during 10 years in a row.

In 2001, the sportsman performed very well. Then he played in the Chicago White Sox, and also played ½ of the gaming season in the Newark Bears club. In 2002, the sportsman left professional baseball. Nevertheless, 2 years later, he attempted to return, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

In June 2006, the GBL offered the sportsman an annual agreement. The following month the baseballer won Home Run Derby. During his outstanding career, Canseco played for Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, NY Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and so on. The sportsman participated in the All-Star Match of MLB six times (in 1980s and 1990s). After the baseballer finally retired of professional sports, he often appeared on TV, in various broadcasts, like Late Show, 60 Minutes, and so on.

The sportsman often had problems with law enforcement bodies. In the autumn of 2008, the sportsman was detained at the border while trying to transport illicit meds to the US from Mexico. After that he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 1 year in prison.

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Incidents and interesting facts

In 2014, the former sportsman shot his hand while being in his own house. This was reported by local media. A 50-year-old former sportsman was cleaning a gun that shot unexpectedly. According to the source, Canseco nearly lost his finger on his left hand. He was treated at the Medical Center of the University of South Nevada.

However, after a while the sportsman almost lost his fingers, playing poker again. He wrote in his tweet: “I was playing in a poker tournament … something crazy happened to my finger”. The doctors assured the ex-baseball player that he would manage to save the limbs, but the athlete himself noted that the finger smelled bad and hung almost in the balance. The media reported that one of the witnesses filmed the incident on video and sold the record to the agent of Canseco.

Let’s tell a few words about the Twitter of the former baseball player. What is most curious is the constant search for an unusual job by the Cuban. And it does not matter at all why he is doing it. Whether it is out of greed for money or having nothing to do, he expresses his opinion very openly. And, feel certain, no matter what kind of work exists in the world, no one, no living person will cope with it better than Jose Canseco. Name anything and Jose Canseco will be as magnificent as the Lord himself. Well, at least, Jose Canseco himself think this way. In particular, he wrote that he could be the creator, the presenter, the producer, the participant in the reality show, the politician, the master of ceremonies, the editor (although his English level leaves much to be desired), etc.

Also, Jose Canseco has become famous for his many amateur fights, which he held with various celebrities, having won in some of them. Canseco professionally practiced karate & taekwondo, and even earned a black belt in these disciplines.

Shaquille O’Neal and Canseco

Canseco held the only fight according to MMA rules against Hong Man Choi (2-3) at the DREAM-9 championship in 2009. Canseco lost to Choi Hong-man by knockout in the first round.

Shaquille O’Neal, who is known as a big fan of mixed martial arts, pays a lot of time training on Brazil Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. The conflict of the two stars was ripe for a long time, and reached its apogee several years ago, when Canseco wrote O’Neill on Twitter: “Hey, pussy!”

Shaquille did not fail to reply: “I’ll kick your ass, rat, the whole world saw you ran away from Hong Man Choi, believe me, I’ll break your jaw.” O’Neal told Ariel Helwani in an interview that he was ready to fight Jose Canseco, because he was firmly convinced of his own skills:

“I’m quite good,” O’Neal said, “I could knock out all the nonsense from Jose Canseco, I probably knock it out in 42 seconds.” At first I play a little with him to give fans the spectacle they paid for. Then I will knock him out, I’m ready to do it in the UFC, on the street, anywhere.”

“I have no complaints, but I really want to be like a UFC fighter, many people ask who I want to fight with, and he is the one with whom I want to fight.” I have no complaints about people,” O’Neal added.

Earlier, O’Neal expressed interest in the fight with Hong Man Choi. Both fighters are 2.16 and 2.18 meters in height, respectively.

“Hong Man Choi did not answered,” Shaquille said. “So as soon as I knock the nonsense out of Jose Canseco, I’ll go for Hong Man Choi.”

Jose Canseco and steroids

In 2005, his book with a long name was published. In the book that became an autobiographical revelation, Canseco admitted that he administered anabolics & PEDs throughout his career, and also named the names of the famous baseball players, who, he said, also used doping all the time.

Despite the fact that some of the baseball stars have publicly renounced this, according to Canseco, the use of anabolics in big sports is a fait accompli.

What steroids did Jose Canseco use? We do not know for sure. Specialists of Evolutionary website suggested that he possibly used the whole steroid cycle, including Anavar, human growth hormone (HGH), Winstrol, and Primobolan.

  • Anavar – this drug is typically used as steroid for cutting and getting ripped.
  • HGH – baseball players may use it for recovery purposes & to treat injuries.
  • Winstrol – moderate dosages of this drug may increase performance in sports.
  • Primobolan – this med is used to stay lean and muscular during a fat-loss diet, Canseco probably used the drug to reduce catabolism while maintaining good physique.