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Jose Bautista steroids and success: main recipe of famous sportsman.

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They base athletic competitions on the abilities of the sportsmen’s skills. Joe Bautista’s team achieved amazing and astonishing results that awed the world. However, their success was not achieved by their natural abilities as statistics and calculations reveal more of the truth. Toronto Blue Jays baseball outfielder Jose Bautista gained the reputation of one of the best hitters to ever step onto the field. He would consecutively hit a home run every time. Speculations run wild about the use of steroids. His efficiency was two times higher than others in the sport.

Fans and Sportscasters Theorize About Bautista’s Steroid Use

In 2010, Bautista raised the bar and his results in 2011 soared. Such amazing progress appeared in just two years. The phenomenal performance made everyone ask questions and fans demanded the truth. Baseball is a game which has many exceptions, but Jose Bautista is not one. Today this hitter is a hero of baseball and perhaps the most talked about. Many continue to say he is an obvious case of steroid boosting. Despite the incessant rumors, Bautista denies the use of any drugs.

Using Steroids in Professional Sports

Few professional athletes will confess to the use of Somatropin or other steroids. Such a confession will terminate their career and end any money-making endorsements. Most conquer that the appearance of Bautista’s face reveals his use of the juice. However, there remains no proof and sports enthusiasts cannot judge without verifiable facts. People will continue to hypothesize on the subject and guess about his impressive hitting results.

The Jose Bautista Story

Bautista’s story has become a classic of what someone can achieve if they set their mind on the correct path. In 2009, Bautista rose from the bed and focused on changing his life. He dedicated himself to professional baseball. He would not settle on being a mediocre player; he wanted to be the best. Prior to his lifestyle revelation, he had been an under-achiever. That day, he hit an impressive two-run homer that flew to the left of Jeff Manship, the Twin’s starter. As the season evolved, he batted 111 times during 26 games and achieved 10 home runs

Bautista’s Popularity Grows

In 2010 his popularity grew. He was a fearsome slugger that made other players cringe. Many hailed it the “Year of the Pitcher”. Bautista still had not attained satisfaction and launched 2011 with mind-boggling performance achievements. His perfect became a legend. Everyone wondered how the wonder player could gain such astounding results naturally. He was unstoppable. He changed history and fans were awe-struck. Even America sat up and took notice. The gossipmongers had a heyday promoting the rumors he used testosterone supplements and similar enhancement drugs. There was no valid or genuine proof so judgment was reserved by the industry heads and professionals.

Bautista’s Hitting Career Explodes with Team Betrayal

Bautista’s own teammates started to turn on him with ferocity. Turncoat behavior caught the attention of the news media. Some did not want to make the accusation of illegal or illicit drug use so they started to whisper about legal steroids. Bautista suffered from the snubbing and jealous behavior of his teammates. In order for a pro sports league to function, it must have partnership and comradery. The press started to act like vultures and publish anything that alluded to illicit drugs. The once rising star started to crash as a hearsay spread like wildfire. Trainers could not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to what was happening. They had to take a stance, so they canceled his contract. The once history-making star plunged, and he lost everything.
The wild-guesses about testoviron depot etc. were beyond destructive, they were earth-shattering. There would be no recovery. The situation was terminal. He was once at the peak of his career and now he was a plague to the sport. The only ones making money off his name were steroid injection sites offer.

Main recipe

The truth is elusive. Talk is cheap. Bautista left Toronto and headed to Washington. Sadly, drama followed on his heels. They placed him on assignment but he was a plague. No team wanted him. Although productive he was also too controversial. He had achieved the highest on-base percentage in history but was quickly released from his contract. No offers were forthcoming. As a free agent, his phone did not ring.

The Bautista Steroid Controversy

Did the hitter use doses of HGH? No one will ever know. Maybe his amazing results were a skill, a gift from the gods, genetic, or the result of rampant steroid use. His adoring and loyal fans will proclaim him a once-in-a-lifetime player but his critics see him as a cheater who bucked the system by enhancing his performance through the use of illicit chemicals. His success was undeniable, but was it real? People will continue to debate the player. For now, he keeps his secrets and vehemently denies the use of steroids.

At 32, the greatest hitter of all time retired. Bautista purchased a home in Connecticut and constructed a baseball field on his property that has a pitching machine. Every day, he still practices his hits on an empty expansive field all alone. He has become an outcast and a pariah to his fellow athletes.