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John Cena steroids: real facts about supplements and the meme story!

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John Cena is a famous American wrestler which has 12-times leadership in the world’s championship. During the 2002 year, he is a member of WWE and it is the main evidence of his amazing popularity. There are about 79 movies where he took part in. Sometimes it was roles where he played himself. In the 2005 year, he decided to use his talent in another turf and made a release of a rap album. It brought him real success which was embodied in the 10th place if the Billboard. He was born in the 1977 year in Massachusetts and his amazing physical features were obvious from the childhood.

He was a very healthy boy with amazing stamina.  Once in the interview he confessed that whole childhood he spent on the TV, watching shows with popular wrestlers. He dreamed that one day he will appear on this scene and will fight with them. His first activity in the sport was classic American football. He was a very smart body and when it came a time to find the university, 58 of 60 educational institutions approved his offer. Springfield University was one of them. It wasn’t the most popular place, but John Cena decided that it will be his choice. During his years in this university, he continued to spend a lot of time for sport.

Once trainer understood that this boy has interesting talent and helped him to enter the team. After just one year of active trains, when he was 17 years old, he was entered into the third division where he took the Capitan place. He graduated this university in the 1999 year with the “sports physiology” degree. It is important to explain the start of his career because actual position of John Cena has many doubts about HGH injections for weight loss and equal meds. The thing is that he suffers from complains that his body shape is the result of chemical influence. At the same time in the case, if someone will observe his photos from the childhood and youth, it is easy to find the basis of statements that guesses about side influences are nothing more than just fakes. Anyway, it is possible to make a little research on the basis of comparison with signs which we can find in other wrestlers who used steroids. So, the main idea of this article is to understand is that truth that talented John Cena was forced to use pills which have equal to the HGH meaning results or not.

Some calculations and facts about his body

It is important to use all the information about body parameters because in wrong case it would be impossible to create any comparison. Fortunately, all of them are possible to find in free access. So, here they are:

– length – 185 cm;

– weight – 114 kg;

– about 8-9% of fat.

It is possible to suppose that the mass of his body is much bigger than it possible when someone has equal parameters. Anyway, in all interviews, he swore that every cell in his body is natural and that he hates everything that has any connection with steroids.

Interesting fact! The group of popular psychologists observed some of his interviews and they found that he lied. The main sign which made them think this way was the fact that during this conversation John Cena licked his lips. In psychology, it means that the person is trying to concentrate attention and make his speech presentation as earnestly as it is possible. Anyway, that was just guesses and no one knows maybe he just had dry lips and was thirsty.

Some features which make people think that John Cena is on steroids

– Always pink skin.

This sign means that the person has increased body temperature. It is a very popular side effect of such kind of meds like Superdrol. In case if we talking about the man right after hard physical trains, it can be natural, but in calm condition, it means additional blood flow. It brings reflection to muscles and fast regeneration but at the same time makes people understand the main reason for amazing body shape.

– Special belly form.

In case if someone uses steroids, it is possible to find buffy belly. Sometimes it is the sign of increased water level in the body but in steroids case, this effect always accompanied this person.

– Looks like united blocks.

It is the effect which is possible to get after such kinds of meds like Anastrozole. It is the appearance when you take a look at someone and realize that his body consists of several separated blocks, just like they were united in one shape by someone.

In comparison with earliest photos, it is possible to find the difference which makes understand that this guy at least used Masteron.


That seems that he used some steroids in his practice. It was made with so much care that it is impossible to find any scandals which were based on the facts of use. It is a rare case when even journalists can’t offer any pieces of evidence, just because they do not exist. Yes, appearance shows that he probably sued something but we can’t use this fact as the basis of judgment because it is only our point of view.

Most people compared his body structure with sportsmen who used HGH. In fact, in case if you will compare them, it is possible to find one interesting feature – people who used HGH in their practice always have increased head size. It sounds scary but it is the real effect of this hormone. In case if we will compare John Cena’s photos when he was about 21 years and actual head shape, it is easy to find the difference. The thing is that the head bones can’t growth after 21 years and all kinds of changes mean that this person did something special with his body. At the same time, it is possible to find a huge amount of fans who don’t believe that their idol used steroids. That is their right to choose the point of view. Without real pieces of evidence which have a photo or video materials of real use, it is impossible to say that it is 100% of steroids use in John Cena’s case.

So, as you can see, John Cena embodied all stereotypes about steroids and their influence on the body. Anyway, without pieces of evidence, it is impossible to affirm that his body is nothing more than just the result of long steroids use.