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John Cena & Steroids: Real Facts about PEDs and Stories about the Athlete

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John “The Doctor of Thuganomics” Cena is an august American wrestler who appeared 12 times in the leadership board of the world championships. During 2002, he became a member of the WWE and this is the main bolster to his sempiternal popularity. He is part of the Raw and SmackDown brands. In WrestleMania XXVIII, he faced Dwayne Johnson. He has appeared on many Royal Rumbles and faced Ray Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Gallows, Ric Flair, The Miz and many more. His girlfriend at one point was sexy wrestler Nikki Bella.

There are around 79 movies featuring his person, including ‘The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle’ “Ferdinand’ ‘Trainwreck’ and ‘Bumblebee.’ Some films involve roles where he plays himself. In 2005, he decided to turn his considerable talents to other endeavors and released a rap album in conjunction with his cousin, Tha Trademarc (real name Marc Predka). The release, called “You Can’t See Me” was panned by music critics but fans lapped it up eagerly and it spent time at 10th place on the American Billboard Music Charts.

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. was born in 1977 in West Newberry Massachusetts. His granddaddy is Ulysses John Lupien Jr., a famous baseballer who went by the moniker Tony.

Cena’s striking physical features were obvious from childhood. A healthy lad with amazing stamina, his first foray into sports was classic American football. When it came time to pick a university, 58 of the 60 educational institutions he applied to approved his offer. Cena went with Springfield College.

Once, in an interview he coughed up that his whole childhood was spent with the TV, watching shows with popular wrestlers. He dreamed that one day he’d appear in this scene and fight the cream of the crop.

One trainer understood that this boy had an intriguing talent and helped him to enter a team. After one year of active training, when he was 17 years old, they entered him into the third division and he took the Capitan position. He graduated from uni in 1999 with a Sports Physiology degree.

It’s important to explain this start to his career, because John Cena’s position has always been doubtful about the validity of HGH injections for weight loss and meds, and the place they have in modern sporting events.

He suffers from consistent complaints that his body is the result of chemical influences. But if one peruses photos from Cena’s childhood and youth, it’s easy to dismiss these statements as tall tales with little basis in reality. Gene blessed Cena, and the man created his own sports career. Now, in his later years, he might turn to steroids or HGH as many peeps have before him.

Some Calculations and Facts About Cena’s Body

Below we’ve collated Cena’s stellar body parameters:

  • Height – 185 centimeters (6.06 feet)
  • Weight – 114 kg (251.327 pounds, 17.95 stone)
  • Body fat percentage – 8 to 9 percent

In all interviews, he swears that every cell in his body is natural and he hates everything connected to steroids.

Interesting fact! The group of pop psychologists observed a few of his interviews and found that he lied. The main sign indicating this was the fact that during conversation John Cena repetitively licked his lips. In psychology, this may mean the speaker is concentrating their attention on making their speech as earnest as possible. But no one knows maybe he just had dry lips or was thirsty!

Is John Cena on Steroids? Our Hypotheses

We’ll go on the record here and state that we have no firm knowledge either way. We have noticed a few things though…

Cena always has pinkish skin
This sign can mean a person has an increased body temperature. It’s a common side effect of meds like Superdrol. If we’re talking about the man directly after intense physical training, it may be natural. In relaxed conditions, the hue means additional blood flow. Who knows, maybe he’s just photographed in great lighting…

Belly form

In cases where someone uses steroids, it’s possible to find a unique belly shape. Sometimes it’s a sign of increased water levels in the body but in steroid cases, this effect is always sported by the person.

Looking blocks?

This is possible after the administration products such as Anastrozole. Appearance wise, it looks as if someone’s body consists of several separated blocks like they were united into one shape by a child building a human. In comparison with early photos, differences lead commentators to assume Cena used Masteron at the least.


Images shared presuppose he has used steroids. If true, he did so in a guarded manner to avoid opprobrium. Journalists can’t offer evidence because there is an absence of documentation. Yes, appearance suggests that he uses but we can’t rely on this as a basis of judgment.

Most people boasting his body structure dabble in HGH. But here’s an intriguing fact: people who use HGH have an enlarged head. It sounds frightening but it’s a real effect of this hormone. Compare Cena’s photos from his twenties to now. Be attentive to his head shape. It’s easy to find differences. Skull and facial bones don’t grow after 21. Changes mean that the person in question has done something special with his or her body.

However, multitudes of fans refuse to believe that their idol used steroids. Without real pieces of evidence, all assumptions are conjecture and we acknowledge that correlation does not equate to causation. For that reason we cede: it is impossible to say that John Cena used steroids.