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Joe Rogan: Steroids, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and HGH Drugs.

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You know, anabolic-androgenic steroids, such as Deca Durabolin, testosterone esters, are in great request among celebrities.

Have you heard about Joe Rogan? The UFC commentator and comedian have never hidden that he uses testosterone replacement treatment and HGH medicaments. Rogan administered these drugs to retard the aging process. He combines his steroid cycle with healthy nutrition (including foods that reduce cortisol) and vitamin supplements. This article is devoted to Joe Rogan and his steroid practice.

Joe Rogan Life Story

Joseph James Rogan’s hails from Newark, New Jersey, where he was born August 11, 1967. He spent his early childhood (until the age of 7) in Newton (Massachusetts), then his parents moved to San Francisco (California). His final domicile became Gainesville, Florida. His biological father worked as a police officer in Newark. He didn’t take care of his son and didn’t contribute to his education.

Joe’s serious engagement in mixed martial arts (MMA) started when he was a 13-year-old adolescent. At 15 he managed to obtain the Black Belt and was titled “Champion of Massachusetts” (he owned this trophy for 4 years). His next achievement was winning in the American Championship in Taekwondo art, when he was only 19 years old. But that result didn’t satisfy the young ambitious athlete and he, belonging to lightweight category, summoned a more serious rival, who performed in the middleweight one. This contender was considered the best in his field. Joe, showing his advantage in the battle, gained the crown of “Great Champion”, having “invested” in his victory all his perseverance, impudence and will power.

Joe Rogan was also proficient in other skills: he liked to tell extraordinary jokes, which made his friends laugh heartily. They unanimously advised him to try his hand in this genre and become a stand-up comedian. Joe brushed off such absurd ideas, suspecting his friends were making fun of him. He couldn’t imagine himself in the role of a successful humorist. But he was mistaken: his first performance amazed the spectators significantly, and he gained the fame of a great comic. The most famous actor’s project was “Talking Monkeys in Space”, which was both introduced to the live audience and recorded into an album.

In 1994, Joe Rogan played a young and self-centered baseball player in the comedy “Hardball”, which was released by the well-known FOX channel. Bruce Greenwood, Mike Starr, Chris Browning, Alexandra Wentworth were his colleagues in this sitcom. In that year Rogan signed an exclusive contract with Disney corporation and showed his worth in “Hardball”. When it comes to sitcoms, he starred in NewsRadio to rave reviews, where he played a role of an electrician and handyman Joe Garelli. In 1999 he secured a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Inc. (US huge record label).

Joe Rogan succeeded as a host in the “Fear Factor” TV game and “The Man Show” show (large-scale projects). He is also the narrator of the “Game Show in My Head”. According to Rogan, he is engaged in the television industry for earning money and his irreplaceable passion for stand-up. Joe’s activities are diverse. He is also a commentator of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fights and a podcast host.

Other facts from his biography: in 2010 Joe charged Dane Cook with thieving his jokes; in 2011 he played in Zookeeper (major role); the former champion worked on a book, called ” Irresponsible Advice from a Man with No Credibility”.

He lives in Los Angeles but is on tour as a comedian throughout the country.

Joe Rogan — Anabolic Steroids, HGH Medications, and Nootropics

In 2015, the 48-year-old sportsman in the interview for Rolling Stone discussed with reporters his attitude towards steroid use and his nutrition. He explained how he could maintain the awesome form. He admitted that MMA fighters used testosterone weekly, which was fraught with triggering many troubles. But deceiving the aging processes and death appealed him. However, he stated that he didn’t intend to follow such practice for the rest of his life. He added that when his health condition deteriorated, he took nuvigil (Armodafinil), a special medication typically used by pilots to improve concentration.

Every morning he eats a vitaminized mixture comprising celery, spinach, red pepper, kale, ginger, garlic, coconut oil, spinach, and oatmeal. In Joe Rogan’s opinion, this food resembles garbage, however after it is digested he feels a rush of strength and power. This super cocktail is fuel for his body.

Joe never concealed his use of steroid drugs and marijuana. He said: “I take a lot of things. I take GH, minimal dosages of testosterone. This drug has a miraculous effect on the body.” Of course, Joe Rogan uses high-quality steroids, not Chinese steroids, which are manufactured by little-known enterprises.

Joe is the co-owner of Onnit, which is a dietary supplements brand. His company produces Alpha BRAIN®, which is designed to improve focus and memory in the elderly. This product increases the level of acetylcholine (a natural mediator of the central nervous system). It enhances the transfer of impulses to different brain parts. This new remedy has been tried by one famous American writer. He notes that after Alpha Brain he experiences more vivid and realistic dreams, gets up vigorously and full of energy. He also claims that the preparation makes him more emotionally stable. Experts warn of the dangers of using little-studied drugs, but no one denies the effectiveness of nootropics.

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