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Joe Rogan Steroids, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and HGH Drugs.

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You know, anabolic androgenic steroids, such as Deca Durabolin, testosterone esters, and are very popular among celebrities.

Have you heard about Joe Rogan? The UFC commentator and comedian has never hidden that he uses testosterone replacement treatment and HGH medicaments. For Rogan, he administered these drugs to slow down the aging process. He combines his steroid cycle with a healthy nutrition (including foods that reduce cortisol) and vitamin supplements. In this article, we will tell you more about Joe Rogan and his steroid using practice.

Joe Rogan life story

Joe Rogan (Joseph James Rogan) was born on August 11, 1967 in Newark, New Jersey. Until the age of seven, he was raised in Newton (Massachusetts), then he moved to San Francisco (California). And, finally, he moved to Gainesville, Florida. It is also known that his biological father was a police officer in the city of Newark and did not take part in the education of his son.

From the age of 13, Joe was seriously engaged in martial arts and two years later he managed to become the owner of the Black Belt and the title of “Champion of Massachusetts” (the title was held by him for 4 years). Then Rogan won the American Championship in Taekwondo (it happened in his 19 years). But this result was not enough for a young athlete and he, as a lightweight champion, summoned a more serious rival representing the middle category to fight. This fighter was the best in his weight category. Joe, due to his win in that fight, managed to rise to the title of “Great Champion”, having “invested” in his victory all his perseverance, impudence and strong-willed character.

In addition to martial arts, Joe Rogan, as it turned out, had other skills: he liked to make an extraordinary joke. Friends laughed heartily at Rogan’s jokes and unanimously advised him to try to become a stand-up comedian. Joe was trying to brush off the advice at first because he thought his friends were just making fun of him, and he could not be a famous humorist. But it turned out the other way around: the first performance was incredibly successful, and Rogan became known as a stand-up comedian. The most successful project of the actor was “Talking Monkeys in Space”. This project was not only introduced to the live audience during the performance but also recorded into the album.

In 1994, Joe Rogan played a young and self-centered baseball player in the comedy of the popular FOX channel called “Hardball”. In addition, Joe Rogan has successfully worked as a host in such large-scale projects as the “Fear Factor” TV game and the “The Man Show” show. He is also the host of the “Game Show in My Head” project. According to Rogan, he is engaged in television programs exclusively for earning money, while his only and real love is a stand-up. In addition to working as a host of TV shows, Joe comments on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights. He lives in Los Angeles but he performs as a comedian throughout the country.

Joe Rogan – anabolic steroids, HGH medications, and nootropics

In 2015, 48-year-old Joe Rogan told reporters Rolling Stone about his steroid use and nutrition, which helps him stay in top form despite age. He said that they use testosterone weekly. Because of testosterone, MMA fighters may have trouble, but he is not a fighter. He just likes the idea that he deceives the processes of aging and death. However, he said that he understands that this will not last forever. In addition, when it feels bad, it takes nuvigil, a drug that improves concentration (this drug is used by pilots).

Every morning he eats a vitaminized mixture that consists of celery, spinach, kale, garlic, coconut oil, ginger, spinach, and oatmeal. Joe Rogan says that this food tastes like garbage, however after it is digested it feels a rush of strength.

Joe never concealed his use of steroid drugs and marijuana. He said: “I take a lot of things. I take GH, testosterone. I take very light dosages of testosterone. This drug has a miraculous effect on the body.” Of course, Joe Rogan uses high-quality steroids (not steroid in Chinese, which are manufactured by little-known enterprises).

In addition, Joe is one of the owners of the brand of dietary supplements called Onnit. His company produces the drug Alpha BRAIN®, which is designed to improve focus and memory in the elderly. This product increases the level of acetylcholine (a natural mediator of the central nervous system). It improves the transfer of impulses to different parts of the brain. A new drug was tried by one well-known American writer. He notes that after using Alpha Brain he saw more vivid and realistic dreams, got up vigorously and full of energy. The writer also said that the new product made him more emotionally stable. Experts warn of the dangers of using little-studied drugs, but no one denies the effectiveness of nootropics.

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