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Jeff Seid & Steroids: Is He on “Juice” or Is His Muscled Body Natural?

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Jeff is one of the youngest PRO card holders in the Men’s Physique nomination. He’s only 22 years old and he’s already in the top 20 Olympia. Jeff Seid’s measurements have always attracted girls and made guys jealous of him. Jeff Seid has a large army of fans, many of whom suspect that he uses steroids. Is it true? Is Jeff Side a “chemist” or is he clean? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Jeff Seid’s background

The life of young Jeff Seid is full of ups and downs. He is not just a handsome model. Jeff was born on June 12, 1994 in Renton (Washington), USA. Even in his school years he tried many different kinds of sports. In the end, he chose American football, which “fed” him in college, where he was awarded a scholarship as an athlete. But after his first injury, in which he tore the ligament, he realized that his career was undermined, and he considered his second injury, which was identical, the end of his life. Exercising for a while and spending his free time browsing the bodybuilding sites, he came across a topic about Men’s Physique contests and decided to compete. Jeff immediately won the first place. Soon he won multiple victories which became the confirmation of his great abilities.

By the age of 22 he managed not only to build impressive muscles (for the last 3 years he has been among the 20 best Olympia athletes), but also to become a star of fitness magazines and Instagram, as well as launch a mega-successful brand of clothing – very few people can boast such achievements. If you have not yet been completely impressed, here are his anthropometric data: height – 183 cm, biceps – 46 cm, chest – 130 cm, waist – 76 cm, bench press – 159 kg, squat – 197 kg, deadlift – 233 kg. These data were recorded in late 2016, now, most likely, the athlete has increased his performance.

Some of Jeff Seid’s achievements:

  • 2012 NPC USA’s Championships – Men’s Physique Class D 5th Place;
  • 2013 Jr. Nationals Men’s Physique Tall Class & Overall Winner;
  • 2013 IFBB Pro Wings of Strength Men’s Physique Second Place.

Jeff Seid’s video blogs

For his young age, Jeff Seid is incredibly attractive and extremely popular. Being the idol of millions of people he periodically appears on the covers of glossy magazines. In addition, he owes his popularity largely to the Internet.

On YouTube and other resources there is a large number of videos with Jeff Seid, which demonstrate both his workouts and everyday life. After watching these videos each fan can choose something useful for themselves to emulate. Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule, the sportsman cannot constantly record video; nevertheless he tries not to miss an opportunity to please his fans.

Jeff Seid’s workouts

Jeff Seid’s work-out program consists of a 5-day split. Each day he focuses on exercising one group of muscles. Thanks to this system he manages to work out the whole body thoroughly and look great. He did not come to this system of exercising immediately, but only after a dozen trials and errors. His workout routine changes from day to day.

In the gym, Jeff Seid is a hard worker. Whenever he does cardio, he performs high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Jeff Seid’s nutrition

The athlete’s body requires a lot of energy for intensive training, so Jeff adheres to a healthy diet, namely a diet that is rich in proteins, long-lasting carbohydrates and useful fats like omega-3 and omega-9.

He starts his day with a heavy breakfast, which includes 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, a large banana and ½ cup oatmeal. The athlete has breakfast at about 9 am.

In 2 hours, after a hearty breakfast, he eats an apple and a delicious protein smoothie. At 1 pm he has another meal, which includes a chicken breast, sweet potatoes and a vegetable salad.

At 3.30 pm, he eats a ham and grape sandwich, then at 6 pm he drinks a protein smoothie.

The next meal of the athlete is at 7.30, and it consists of sweet potatoes, steak, salad and broccoli.

Jeff’s last meal is pretty light. He has it between 10 and 11.30 pm, eating peanut butter (healthy fats), 2 cups of milk (proteins), a jelly sandwich (carbohydrates), 0.5 cup of Greek yogurt, and blueberries.

Is Jeff Seid using steroids or is he natural?

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that he is juicing. He says that he is a natural athlete. Who knows? It’s always possible that he uses testosterone enanthate or stanozolol. But to make such a conclusion, the results of the analysis are needed. Taking into account the appearance of the athlete, we cannot say that he uses illegal steroids. Here are some signs indicating that it is clean:

  • No gyno. Gynecomastia is a common side effect of steroids. It appears due to the conversion of excessive amounts of anabolics into estrogens (female hormones). Growth in breast volume occurs due to the swelling of the existing tissue. The bust is hypertrophied. It starts to resemble that of a woman.
  • No acne. The use of anabolic steroids can stimulate the development of very severe cases of acne. This is due to the fact that steroids lead to the increase in such substances contained the blood as phospholipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, and others. Their excess negatively affects blood circulation and causes pathologies, including skin problems, such as acne.
  • Clean skin. The athlete’s skin is like that of a child. You will not see any acne and redness on his skin. In one of his interviews before he started his bodybuilding career, Jeff was a World of Warcraft addict suffering from acne. Does this fact have anything to do with Seid’s taking steroids? We know that acne and other skin problems visible on the face, shoulders and back are common side effects experienced by steroid-users.
  • His face looks like a baby’s. Those who use steroids are more susceptible to aging and wrinkles due to the decreased collagen amount caused by anabolic steroids. Zac Efron, who resorted to juicing when preparing for Baywatch, can serve as a good example of face aging.
  • Absence of water retention signs. As a result of water detention, which is another side effect of steroid use, athletes look bloated. But it does not apply to Jeff.
  • Perfect genetics. When somebody is juicing, it is noticeable in 99 percent of cases as athletes’ muscles increase in a very short period of time. Fast muscle mass gain is impossible when athletes build their physique by natural methods if they are not newbies. Jeff started bodybuilding at the age of 12, thus he has been engaged in this sport for 9 years. His photos suggest that he has not built much muscle mass since the age of 17.

So today we have a motivational conclusion. Jeff Seid has overcome obstacles and sustained injuries. He has had great faith throughout his life. He has been attending the gym with inspiration and impressive motivation. He has become famous not due to the use of anabolic steroids, as some people claim. Dedication to the gym, tireless training, and good nutrition has led him to success.