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Jeff Bagwell Steroids: His Position on the Use of PEDs Among Baseballers

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Steroids in baseball have been omnipresent for a long time. For instance, several moons back Anthony Bosch, a former clinic owner in Florida, was sentenced to four years in prison for steroid distribution. He pleaded guilty to selling illicit drugs in his polyclinic, which doesn’t exist now. His wasn’t the only caught up in a mass bust in recent years. One of Bosch’s clients, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, was disqualified for 211 games in August 2013.

In addition to A-Rod, there are many players on contraband meds, crippling their health and deluding fans in the process.

What’s about Jeff Bagwell and his position regarding the use of steroids? Was he a juicer?

Who Is Jeff Bagwell?

Jeffrey Robert Bagwell (“Bags” or “Baggy”) is a former American first baseman. He played for Major League Baseball for 15 years with the Houston Astros team. Jeffrey is the only player in the MLB history to achieve six consecutive seasons (1996–2001) each with 30 home runs. After resigning from his illustrious career, the former baseball player stayed on as one of the coaches in his team.

Jeff Bagwell’s Interview About Steroids

We found an interview which describes Jeff Bagwell’s attitude to prohibited substances. It was conducted by Mike Berardino in 2001. The New York Daily News noted smugly that Baggie “danced” around the issue.

As a participant in MLB’s PED testing regime, Bagwell said he was sure the union of players was against it. At least, it was general practice. He agreed that sometimes checking for steroid presence is necessary. However, no athlete would ever agree to this procedure because of the efficiency of the drugs, the help of which many athletes rely on to gain results. He summarized that it all depends on each person’s individual decision.

When posed with the question: are PEDs more prevalent? Bagwell noted that deterioration was visible. It caused some guys to lose their jobs.

The interviewer asked whether he had taken performance enhancers. In this confusing statement the sportsman said that the temptation was strong, he had to fight against it. He couldn’t say openly that he took illegal tablets. A lot of money circles around it, after all.

In fact, no one has a desire to admit using meds to drive their game results. If you ask athletes both in offseason and on season whether they want to be tested, they’ll answer no. Bagwell personally, wouldn’t like it. Steroids turn players into very successful pro sports machines who amaze onlookers with a significantly improved performance.

When asked what makes players use PEDs, Bagwell commented that people know risks have to be balanced with expected rewards. Everyone decides that on his or her own. Those who take illegal meds should understand the potential for dire consequences.

The respondent clarified the breadth of med usage in the professional arena. There is an average of 40 percent of players who resort to doping. Some teams are overwhelmed with such individuals and in others, cases are rarer.

You may wonder why ballers gamble with their lives, but those who use during the season can gain an incredible 30 pounds during the break. Jeff gained 20 lbs when he finished his streak in 95-96. He was 27-28. Getting older prevented him from achieving similar results.

According to some, PEDs can turn you into a big-league hitter. Indeed, the hardest thing in this sphere is to hit a ball. PEDs are aimed at increasing the player’s bat speed but not their hitting power. However, baseballers have more chances for injury since their muscle mass is bigger. Their tendons don’t change, which ups the potential for injuries.

The player should mostly concentrate on the ball to get that hit exactly right at the appropriate moment. Jeff Bagwell believed that anabolic steroids aren’t a key tool in the recipe for professional success since sportsmen can show leading results without these remedies.

Bagwell expressed his opinion about PED users and said no one can blame them. They have to feed their family. Is that what pushes them to meds?

In 2017, after his induction into the Hall of Fame, the NY Post’s Ken Davidoff reported that Bagwell seemed a little obtuse regards PED questioning. He further noted that Don Mattingly’s arc followed a similar trajectory as his own in relation to minor versus major league stats.

Hmm, not quite the same is it though Baggsy?

Did Jeff Bagwell Use Steroids?

Bagwell’s name never cropped up on the doping list, and he wasn’t mentioned in José Canseco’s books, either. Nonetheless, some folks think he might have used steroids, such as Primobolan and human growth hormone. Many point to his muscular physique during his years as a batter, his physical shape deterioration after retirement was striking.

However, there is no official evidence that Jeff used anabolic roids or other performance improvers, only speculation. Redditors, in particular, seem convinced that our man slipped the anti-dope net.

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