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Jeff Bagwell Steroids: His Position on the Use of PEDs Among Baseballers

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Steroids in baseball have been widespread during a long time. For example, several years ago Anthony Bosch, a former owner of a clinic in Florida, was sentenced to four years in prison as the main person involved in the case of the spread of steroids. He pleaded guilty last October of selling illicit drugs in one American clinic, which doesn’t exist now. One of Bosch’s clients, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was disqualified for 211 games in August 2013.

In addition to Alex Rodriguez, there are many baseball players who may have taken forbidden medicines. Below we will tell you about Jeff Bagwell and his position regarding the use of steroids. Also, you will find out whether this baseball player used steroids or not.

Who is Jeff Bagwell?

Jeffrey Robert Bagwell is a former American baseball player who played as a first baseman. He played for Major League Baseball for 15 years in the Houston Astros baseball team. Jeffrey is the only player in the MLB history to achieve 6 consecutive seasons (1996–2001) with each of 30 homeruns. After completing his career, the former baseball player was one of the coaches in his native Houston Astros team.

Jeff Bagwell interview about steroids use

We found an interview, which describes Jeff Bagwell’s position on steroids. This interview was conducted by Mike Berardino in 2001.

Being one of the participant of MLB’s PED testing, Bagwell said that he was sure that the union of players forbidden that. At least, it was general practice. He agreed that in some cases checking for steroid presence is necessary. However, no athlete would ever agree to this procedure. It is due to the efficiency of steroids, with the help of which many players achieve better results. He summarized that all depends on each person’s decision.

Answering the question concerning the worsening of the problem with PED the respondent said that deterioration was visible. It caused some of guys to lose their jobs.

The interviewer asked whether he had ever taken PEDs. On this a bit confusing question the sportsman said that since the temptation was more than strong, he had to fight with it. He couldn’t say openly that he took steroids till he was in the case. A lot of money circle around it. He argued since its taking is helpful, it really worth a try.

He said that the question of PEDs taking is really touching. In fact, no one have a desire to admit the fact of using it. If you ask athletes both in offseason and in season period whether they want to be steroid tested. He, personally, wouldn’t like to be the tested one. Anyway, steroid taking turn the players, in particular baseball, into very successful ones, who amaze the fans by significant play.

Answering the question “what make the players use PEDs” he said that most people believe that no risks can be compared with expected rewards. Each person decides it on his/her own. The person who take it should understand possible consequences of such taking. If the player think it worth trying, why not give it a try.

The respondent clarified the widespread of using of this substance. There are in average 40 percent of players who use this drug. Some teams are overwhelmed with such players, in other cases of using are rare. You may be wondered but athletes who use it during the season period can gain incredible 30 pounds during the offseason. The respondent personally gained 20 pounds after the season period ended in 95-96. He was 27-28. Getting older prevented him from achieving the similar results.

According to the opinion of some people, PEDs can turn you into the big-league hitter. Indeed, the hardest thing in baseball is to hit a ball. PEDs is aimed at increasing the player’s bat speed, but not the power of the hit. One of the disadvantages is that the player has more chances to be injured since the muscle mass is much bigger. At the same time, his tendons don’t change (it increases the risk of injuries). Bat speed while combined with the power turn the balls longer (batted). The player should mostly concentrate on the way of the ball to put his bat on it in the most appropriate moment. Nevertheless, Jeff Bagwell believed that steroids are not the key tool of the player’s success, since in some cases players can achieve even greater results without these drugs.

Bagwell expressed his opinion about those who wish to try PEDs and said that no one can blame such players. They have to feed their family, that is what make them to use steroids. They have to be efficient on the field. Players should make a decision whether they are ready to face possible risks or not.

Did Jeff Bagwell use steroids?

Jeff Bagwell never appeared on the doping list, and he was not mentioned in any of José Canseco’s books. Nevertheless, some people think that he could use steroids, such as Primobolan and human growth hormone. Many users point to his muscular physique during his playing days, while his physical shape deteriorated significantly after retirement.

However, there is no official evidence that Jeff could use anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. There is no evidence, it’s just speculation.

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