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Jay Cutler & steroids: the way of steroids to make dreams come true.

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Jay Cutler never was a silly boy without future. He always knew that the power is the basis of his life. His story is very interesting because difficulties were around his right from the childhood. At the age of 12, he was entered into the family business and this fact made him grew up. It was important to make strong decisions and forget about childhood with open-minded joys. After 6 years he found that he needs enough power and as the only one way to make his body stronger he chose bodybuilding. Even first steps showed that this turf belongs to him because success was amazing, but he had some doubts.

The main reason for them was the degree which he got at the college. He decided to finish just started career in bodybuilding and direct all attention to the new profession. It was a guard in a prison. Anyway, people around him who saw his amazing success in sport make him understand that this choice is going to be wrong. Right after he decided to start his career, different kinds of titles turned available to him. For example, one of the most important wins was Arnold’s competition where young Jay Cutler won 3rd place. It was the first step which told to the world that Olympus of bodybuilding starts has a new one and this name should be remembered. Anyway, the success which came so fast wasn’t so simple.

The thing is that fast-growing results made people talking about steroids in sports. People started to notice that such a young man can’t bring it without HCG steroid cycle or something like that. Anyway, people were wondered about the recipe because it is a rare case when someone’s body can demonstrate such kind of a power in a short period of time. Some companies even started production of HGH for men with the sportsman’s name, but the real situation wasn’t clear. The thing is that Jay Cutler steroids are a kind of riddle because he took the example of his colleagues – it is possible to explain what kind of doses do you use, but at the same time, it would mean the end of an entire career. No one wants to know that his adorable sportsman is a fake, but the information about the recipe is even more interesting than all regrets. So, today we are going to find is that was Methenolone or something else, that brought to Jay Cutler his amazing popularity.

Main recipe which was created on the basis of comparisons with other bodybuilder’s secrets

It is important to understand that Jay Cutler is a real machine and his actual status depends on a large period of time which important to direct to the only one target – muscle growth. So, it means that almost every day someone who decided to repeat the result should spend at the gym because without physical trains all drugs can’t be effective. It is important to be ready for trains and before the start of use this person should learn all features of his body and the exercises technique.

The main period of trains will take 12 weeks. That would be enough on the basis of drugs to create the body of your dream which is going to be similar to Jay Cutler’s sports form.

So, the main pills with doses are:

Sustanon (doses in mgs) – 1500 per every week.

Dianabol (doses in mgs) – 100 per day.

Anadrol (doses in mgs) – 100 per day.

Deca Durabolin (doses in mgs) –200 per day.

HGH (doses in IUs) – 12 per day.

– Cardarine GW-501516 (doses in mgs) – 30 per day.

– Aromasin (doses in mgs) – 50 per day.

– N2Guard  (doses in cups) – 7 per day.

About the diet

Yes, most of Jay Cutler’s wins were made only with the support of forbidden drugs, but at the same time, it is impossible to do not note that his attitude about regime is very interesting. First of all, we should note that he works hard on his daily schedule of nutrition. It is easy to explain by the special way of his activity. The thing is that without correct regime every try to keep the balance will be spoiled. So, that is why sportsman decided to pay attention to this problem.

It is important to learn that muscle creation is not the only one problem. Another one is supporting and results saving. It means that even during having a rest it is important to always support the result which sportsman already got. As the basis of this work, he uses a special schedule of calories. Every day the minimum should include 4000 and the maximum – 7000. Separation is pretty simple – days without trains – 4 thousand and in case if he has trained – 7 thousand.

The center of the whole diet is chicken breasts. This special dish is the best for muscle supporting because it includes everything body need. Another one important rule which sportsman should follow too – it is important to eat every 2,5 hours. Yes, it sounds crazy, but only correct doses of the dishes can bring the real result. In fact, such kind of diet takes much more time than even trains, because in comparison with someone else his attention about food is unbelievable.

Wild-guesses about drugs cycle

It is important to say that during his career there were many people who created wild-guesses about his real cycle of drugs. For example, some people supposed that Deca Durabolin was the only one drug. It is impossible to even imagine that someone can get such amazing result without additional support. The thing is that every drug should be protected from aromatization. It is important because in the wrong case body will get damaged. Other two drugs which were in theories are Sustanon and Androgel. Both of them are less effective and even after a long period of use they can play only the role of support. Even additional doses are too weak to bring effective and healthy muscle growth, which could be compared with the mister Olympia’s one.

So, as you can see, the secret of Jay Cutler can’t be uncovered in the details. The main problem is that it is impossible to share with that information because it can destroy the whole career. Yes, people already knew that it is impossible to reach such kind of results without drugs, but if there are no any confessions, it means that people can’t judge and the only one way is to use schedule which was made with the classic comparison.