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Jay Cutler & steroids: the way of steroids to make dreams come true.

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Jason “Jay” Isaac Cutler was never a silly boy without a future. Despite the bright futures obviously ahead, his story is so provocative because he faced some abnormal adversities in childhood. At the ripe young age of 12, Jay entered the world of construction—his family business—which made him grow up fast. He had to work long hours and make difficult decisions. Jay was propelled into manhood too soon and had to forget about being a child with careless joys.

By the time he was 18, Jay chose bodybuilding in a quest to become stronger and more powerful, and perhaps even more successful as a constructor. Even his earliest steps proved that he belonged on this turf—and while he experienced astounding successes very early on, he still had some hesitations.

At community college, Jay studied criminal justice which opened up doors to a new career path. After graduating in 1993 with a degree in hand, his plans to work as a guard in a maximum security prison were soon derailed when he got sucked back into his bodybuilding passion.

He took home his first winning title at the Iron Bodies Invitational in ’93, and throughout the 90s dedicated his life to the sport. By the 2000s, Jay was becoming infamous in the industry, taking home the Arnold Classic win for three consecutive years, and becoming Mr. Olympia in 2006.

However, these titles aren’t the only ways Jay is remembered in this profession. Back in 2001, at the same competition he won in ’06, Jay’s urine came up positive for illicit substances and he’s been under fire ever since.

It’s undeniable that Jay’s impressively shredded physique developed in an unusually short time span, thus provoking the conversation topic of steroids in sports, favored by critics and fans alike. Such ripped, giant muscles don’t develop from some innocent iron pumping at the gym down the street, they grow with the help of an HCG steroid cycle or similar.

For those who were curious about Jay’s Herculean proportions, fair play. Even pharmaceutical manufacturers got in on the action when they started peddling such supplements as HGH for men bearing the bodybuilder’s namesake.

Without wanting to admit he’s a fake to his colleagues and admirers, Jay refuses to disclose the details of his cycling regimen to the public. Our experts, well versed in the steroid sector, can guesstimate and cogitate how he acquired and maintained such crazy musculature, read on for our best guesses.

Following Jay’s suspected routine will leave you with no regrets, just take extra care to follow usage guidelines and recommendations closely. Was it Methenolone or something else? Let’s dive in.

Jay’s Presumed Cocktail

Jay is a machine of otherworldly caliber. With muscle growth as his true main target, it’s evident that Jay spends countless grueling hours in the gym, on the bench, pumping weights and grunting with his gym buddies—we’re not here to negate that fact, we’re merely suggesting that his results were likely achieved with a little help.

Of course, Jay’s workouts could be written about at great length too—including his sets and reps, schedules, and frequencies—because, without these, all the drugs in the world would be pointless.

Should you consider getting involved with a program like Jay’s, ensure that you can set aside at least 12 weeks for training. That’s right, your dream of stacking muscles as meaty as Jay’s in only a couple months away. Based on research and the secrets of other bodybuilders, here’s what we think Jay might have been taking:

About Jay’s Diet

Besides that drugs and other unsanctioned supplements and substances that Jay relied on for muscle creation (and the obvious laborious training sessions), such a god-like form doesn’t come with some very oppressive dietary restrictions.

In order to preserve the fruits of his labor, Jay would have had to pay close attention to his eating. Consuming plenteous calories is the first step toward preservation. On the days of his workouts, in conjunction with his steroids, at least 7,000 calories would need to be consumed. Separate from that, at least 4,000 calories would need to be eaten or drunk on rest days throughout the cycle. Seems like smooth sailing, doesn’t it?

Now imagine only being able to dine on chicken breasts alone. This boring dish might be tasteless and drab, but it provides everything overworked muscles need. Unbelievable as it sounds, protein-rich, plain dishes need to be devoured every two-and-a-half hours.

It takes real devotion to stick to such an outrageous regime.

More Wild Guesses

Commentators have been criticizing Jay’s supposed concoctions from the start of his career. They have thrown around wild guesses, from the obscene and absurd to reasonable and probable.

Some guess Deca Durabolin was responsible for his gains. Bodybuilders love this drug, as it keeps them protected from aromatization effects.

Other theories suggested Sustanon and Androgel—even though both of which are less effective, they still play an important role in support.

As you can see, the secrets of Jay Cutler are secretive. We’ll try with might to uncover his mysteries, but we’d never want to destroy his whole career. Yes, most of us always knew the impossibilities of reaching such results without drugs, but without confessions, we can only judge from afar.

Through comparison, research, and preexisting knowledge, we’ve curated this drug schedule based on Jay’s stunning form.