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Hugh Jackman & Steroids: Did He Use Juice when Preparing for The Wolverine?

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In 2013, on the screens of movie theaters everywhere, “The Wolverine” film appeared. Everyone who watched it definitely paid attention to handsome Hugh Jackman, his amazing shape, muscle definition, the monstrous veins in his arms and chest that swell so obviously, especially during significant tension. Many noted his dedication: he spent many years training intensively, adhering to a balanced diet. He combined it with a compressed timetable, staying 14 hours on the set. But there were people who suspect that Hugh had been taking steroids. Is it true? Let’s look at this issue by analyzing all the factors that helped the actor get such a remarkable body form. These include nutrition, a workout routine, and probably a steroid cycle.

To begin with, let’s reveal to you some interesting facts about this celebrity. He is originally from Sydney. He debuted in such pictures as Erskineville Kings, Paperback Hero, TV series Halifax f., Banjo Paterson’s The Man from Snowy River and Blue Heeler. In 2000, he played his breakthrough role of Wolverine in X-Men (a superhero movie). The Wolverine: Logan (2017), which is the sequel to the whole story, was the final episode with Hugh, performing this character. His other major roles include portraying of magician Robert Angier in the Christopher Nolan’s thriller ‘The Prestige’ (2006), a neuroscientist Tommy Creo in ‘The Fountain’ (2006) by Darren Aronofsky and the main character in ‘Scoop’ (2006), filmed by Heywood ‘Woody’ Allen.

They also offered him the part of James Bond, before producers opted for Daniel Craig. He is also the co-founder of the production company, called Seed Productions.

Hugh Jackman’s Diet

Hugh Michael Jackman followed a special diet, termed 16/8 fasting. This is a very complicated-sounding name; however, its concept is rather simple. It implies a conventional division of the clock into two separate periods, lasting 16 and 8 hours. A person is allowed to eat for 8 hours (from 10.00 to 6.00 pm), and then he/she must starve for the final 16 hours.

In fact, the food regimen looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 1 serving of oatmeal and 1 protein smoothie. Then the training session takes place.
  • After visiting a gym, there is the next meal, comprising slow carbs (rice or sweet potatoes), and fish or meat.
  • Finally, after 3.00 pm he excludes carbohydrates and consumes only vegetables (carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes, salad), chicken breasts or a cocktail, based on whey protein.

We can conclude that the predominant sources of protein for Jackman are delectable protein smoothies (whey and casein) and chicken (11 chicken breasts every day is the norm for him). Hugh Jackman confessed that he hated them and consumed them forcibly. Before starring in the film, these products supplied his body with 3 grams of a protein/1 kilogram of his weight (simple arithmetic shows it’s 265 gm total). His goal was 91 kg.

Hugh Jackman’s Training Regimen

First, we emphasize that all individuals have different genetics and other distinguishing features. Therefore, don’t emulate the plan blindly. Just read it for informational purposes.

The duration of the workout was 90 min + 10 min warm-up + 10-20 min cooldown. Before the main session, the actor did cardio (mainly running) and then moved on to strength exercises (basic movements). Jackman’s favorite was an interrupted superset (for example, after doing the bench press he immediately began to do push-ups). He kept to the split workout routine:

  • Monday–chest, and triceps
  • Tuesday–legs (quadriceps, calves)
  • Thursday–back and biceps
  • Friday–shoulders, and abs

However, this schedule might change so that the body could experience a shake-up.

He usually trained in the morning and strictly abided by his plan. Jackman preferred training before noon since his mind was clear and he was full of energy at that time of day.

Some Secrets of Hugh’s Excellent Physique

According to the Men’s Health’s report, they regularly examine Hugh with a DEXA-scan, an X-ray device commonly used to determine the body’s mineral concentration, check the bone density and diagnose osteoporosis. DEXA-scan (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) reveals the fat and muscle ratio to Jackman’s coach Michael Ryan so he can make training adjustments.

Hugh always visits the gym to maintain the shape so admired by his fans. When he is acting in a movie, he turns to his trainer, to push his limits. Some Internet-users, say he misses days and they also accuse him of using prohibited substances.

Did Hugh Jackman Take “Juice”?

There are many rumors related to Hugh Jackman and steroids. It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that he turned to such remedies as part of his preparation for his demanding role in “The Wolverine”.

Almost every actor experiences a metamorphosis for acting. To prepare for ‘The Taxi Driver’, Robert DeNiro worked as a taximan for 12 hours a day in New York to make sure he could accurately illustrate the character. For ‘The Soloist’, Jamie Foxx worked with a professional cellist to master the violin and cello

Jackman obtained an impressive physique. Regardless of whether he was taking steroidal medications, he would have had to combine an ideal course with a rigorous workout.

What Kind of Steroids Did Hugh Jackman Possibly Take?

If the Hollywood star resorted to steroids, he probably used Anavar, Winstrol, and Clenbuterol for cutting. Maybe he opted for Anadrol or Dianabol to increase muscle mass. This combination provides fast musculature enlargement without the many side effects of steroids.

He might have combined oral medications with testosterone steroid injections, for example, testosterone enanthate.