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Hugh Jackman & Steroids: Did He Use Juice when Preparing for The Wolverine?

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In 2013, on the screens of movie theaters everywhere, the film “The Wolverine” appeared. Probably everyone who watched the film could not help paying attention to muscled Hugh Jackman, his amazing physique, muscle definition, and his monstrous veins that swell so obviously, especially at the moments of excessive tension. These veins could be seen on his arms and chest; in general, Hugh was incredibly handsome and muscular. Many noted his dedication: for a long time – for many years in fact – Hugh had been intensively and dedicatedly working out, adhering to the right diet and at the same time spending 14 hours on the set. But there were people who suspect that Hugh had been taking steroids. Is it true? Let’s look at this issue by analyzing all the factors that helped Hugh get a remarkable physique. These include nutrition, a workout routine, and probably a steroid cycle.

Hugh Jackman’s diet

Hugh Jackman adhered to a special diet, called 16/8 fasting. This is a very complicated-sounding name; however, its idea is extremely simple. 24 hours a day are conventionally divided into 16 and 8 hours, where a person can eat for 8 hours, and then he must starve for 16 hours. Food is eaten only from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

That is, in fact, the diet looks like this:

1) Breakfast: 1 serving of oatmeal, 1 protein smoothie. Then the actor exercises in the gym.

2) After training, there is the second meal (until 3.00 pm) including rice or sweet potatoes, and chicken breasts;

3) Further after 3.00 pm he eats no carbohydrates, only vegetables, chicken breasts or a protein smoothie.

From the diet, it can be seen that Hugh Jackman received proteins predominantly from protein smoothies (whey and casein) and chicken breasts, eating 11 chicken breasts per day. Perhaps that’s why Hugh Jackman has more than once confessed that he hates chicken breasts, but he continues to forcibly eat them. Before acting in the film, he did that for the sake of getting 3 grams of protein per every kilogram of his body weight. Since the goal was 91 kg, he had to eat about 265 grams of protein per day (which was almost 3 grams per each kg of his body weight). Again, it is the simple arithmetic: if you want to gain weight, make up the plan, calculate carbohydrates and proteins, and act on it.

Hugh Jackman’s workouts

First we need to note that we are all different and we all have different genetics. Therefore, do not blindly copy and emulate the plan of others. Nevertheless, you will be interested to learn how Hugh Jackman exercised.

The duration of the workout was 90 min + 10 min warm-up + 10-20 min cooldown. Before training, the actor did a warm-up in the form of running, after which he performed strength exercises (basic movements). Jackman constantly used supersets (for example, after doing the bench press he immediately began to do push-ups, that is he exercised without interruption). He trained keeping to the split workout routine:

1) Monday – chest and triceps;

2) Tuesday – legs;

3) Thursday – back and biceps;

4) Friday – shoulders and abs workout.

However, this training schedule may change so that the body could experience a shake-up in the routine.

The workout itself is usually performed in the morning, and it was clear that everything was arranged under the schedule. Jackman says that in the morning his mind is free from problems, thoughts, work, etc. That is, according to him, the morning training gives a much greater effect than the evening one.

Some secrets of Hugh’s excellent physique

Men’s Health reports that Hugh Jackman regularly undergoes examination with DEXA-scan, an X-ray device commonly used to measure mineral concentration in bones and diagnose osteoporosis. Using DEXA-scan coach Michael Ryan studies the ratio of fat and muscle, fixes Hugh’s achievements since the previous examination and even jokingly competes with him to find out whose results are better.

In addition, Hugh never ceases to train and is always in great shape, but when acting in a film he turns to his coach, so as to be pushed to the limit of the possible. Internet users admire Jackman’s incredible physique. However, some of them leave comments like “A good form without any doubt, however he seems to forget to work out his legs”, and “You have forgotten one more point: regular use of anabolic steroids.” Well, let’s see whether Hugh Jackman took steroids.

Did Hugh Jackman take “juice”?

There are many rumors related to Hugh Jackman and steroids. It will not be a surprise or a shock if we get to know for sure that he took steroids. This can be considered part of his preparation for his demanding role in “The Wolverine”.

Almost every actor experiences some transformations for significant roles. To prepare for his role in “The Taxi Driver”, Robert DeNiro worked as a taxi driver for 12 hours a day in New York to make sure he could play the character as nicely as possible. During the preparation for “The Soloist”, actor Jamie Foxx really learned to play the violin and cello with a professional cellist.

Jackman got a really good physique. People with certain body types can get such physical shape with the help of proper nutrition, training and sports supplements, but some people cannot reach this level. They can only get such a physique if they use steroids. Regardless of whether Jackman was taking medications, he would have had to combine an ideal cycle with an incredible workout to get his incredible physique.

What kind of steroids did Hugh Jackman possibly take?

If the actor used them, he probably used Anavar, Winstrol and Clenbuterol for cutting. Maybe he used Anadrol or Dianabol to increase muscle mass. This combination provides a lot of weight quickly without a large number of side effects of steroids.

He might have combined those oral medications with testosterone steroid injections, for example testosterone enanthate.