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How Often Can You Get a Steroid Shot – a Comprehensive Instruction.

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There are two main divisions of steroids: oral (tablets, solution for inhalation, etc) and injectable. Some of them exist as dietary supplements (such as Halodrol). But the most popular are injectable drugs, which are in high demand due to their incredible effectiveness. The biggest disadvantage of these medications is that they need to be driven into the person’s body with the help of a syringe. This is a distasteful manipulation, which repels many athletes. This article is about the periodicity of steroids injections. We’ll also tell you some informative facts about corticosteroids.

How Often can You Get an Anabolic Steroid Injection?

Many people, engaged in sport, resort to anabolic steroid injections and other products, such as cortisol reducing supplements. Periodicity of anabolic infusions depends on the drug’s kind (long- or short-acting). Soluble steroids with prolonged action should be injected 1-2 times a week, which is enough to attain desirable goals. Fast-acting preparations can be applied at shorter intervals, since their effect lasts shorter.

For example, testosterone propionate should be taken every other day. If a person is on a cycle, comprising 400 milligrams of propionate per week, he or she can inject 100 milligrams on Monday, 100 milligrams on Wednesday, 100 milligrams on Friday, and so on. It’s important to alternate injection sites when using propionate.

Propionate is not widespread among professionals and amateurs, because of the necessity of frequent administration and painful sensations the drug triggers. This soreness is due to (1) the presence of a short ether that irritates the skin and (2) a high quantity of solvents, such as benzyl alcohol (C₆H₅CH₂OH). Some athletes are sensitive to such substances, so they avoid such meds. Some people have even a slight fever against a background of severe soreness at the injection site. Only few choose testosterone propionate as a steroid drug. Often they prefer testosterone drugs with durable influence. Injections once a week are better than injections every single day.

Tips on Giving an Anabolic Steroid Injection

Perhaps the most common question, related to steroids, asked by users, is how to make the injection indolent. To minimize the unpleasant sensations, induced by intramuscular infusions, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Use high-quality syringes with sharp needles and appropriate length.
  • Prone position is the most suitable. Lie on bed and stretch your legs. It provides complete relaxation of the gluteus muscle. It is better to remove all clothing below the waist.
  • Massage the target muscle before the manipulation, rub or shot the place with a cotton swab dipped in spirit (disinfect it).
  • Provide the slow, smooth and gradual infusion, to prevent the muscles overloading and avoid significant pain. For this purpose, a three-component syringe with rubber seal on its pistol, is the best instrument.
  • Make sure that the angle of the syringe during administering and the needle removing is identic. It preserves the tissues from damaging.

If you notice a single air bubble or several in the syringe, don’t panic, since it is not hazardous for your health and life. It is not dangerous, if a miniature bubble appears in the musculature due to its dissolving in the tissues. Typically, the body deals with this air imperceptibly. However, don’t neglect safety measures and not overestimate your organism’s regenerative capabilities. For the sake of avoiding any harm for your health, thoroughly examine the instructions and release your syringe from air bubbles. All medical standards claim that doctor should check the presence of air in the syringe before the manipulation. In case of entering it in the vein, gas embolism can occur. This condition is dangerous for possible fatal outcome.

Alternatives to Anabolic Steroid Shots

If you don’t want to use steroid injections, you can buy some alternatives, such as steroids pills or herbal remedies (e.g. testosterone boosters, best HGH supplements, and best HGH pills). But the best alternatives to anabolic steroids are dedicated, productive, rigorous trainings, proper wholesome nutrition with appropriate caloric intake and necessary amount of macro and microelements (you may add sports nutrition to your diet), and healthy lifestyle without cigarettes and alcohol beverages. With these methods, you will enhance your health significantly and create the awesome body shape (although there is a possibility of not attaining the peak of your sports career). But health is the most valuable thing, isn’t it?

How Often Can you Get a Corticosteroid Injection?

Another steroids group is corticosteroids. They serve remedies for medical purposes (not in sport field). They may be systemic (with general action) and local. Systemic corticosteroids may be administered either via a vein (intravenously), inside a muscle, or orally. Local corticosteroids may be administered as eye/ear drops, and skin cream products, or by a direct shot into joints, bursae (a fluid-filled sac or saclike cavity, especially one countering friction at a joint), or near tendons & other soft tissues.

How often can you get a steroid shot? The frequency of corticosteroid injections determined by the preparation’s type and your healthcare professional’s prescriptions. For example, cortisol injection (such as Ostenil) should be done 3-4 times for a single joint per year. It should be repeated only when it provides substantial pain relieving that lasts several weeks or months.