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HGH – the secret of good health and perfect body shape was uncovered!

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Everyone, even once in their lifetime no matter how sheltered, has heard about HGH (human growth hormone) on the grapevine. It sounds strange, alien, and maybe even a teensy bit menacing. Reputation notwithstanding, most people never give serious thought to its real properties.

HGH is connotatively associated with sports because it helps show the full potential of the human body. Such brevity of description though can’t explain all the exacting sides of this product, that’s why it’s crucial to separate HGH into several key aspects.

In this post, we present and extrapolate on HGH insights, know-how, and all the accompanying information you should comprehend about this twenty-first century breakthrough.

Human Growth Hormone: How Does it Work?

This hormone is a product of pituitary gland activity, activated within our bodies based on the hypothalamus’ (the portion of the brain responsible for hormone production) signals. Our body produces HGH to adapt our growing selves organically. HGH activity displays greater frequency during growth spurts and helps to create muscular and bone structures in growing children and adolescents.

After the age of 20, production decreases, and, as a result, growth is halted and aging processes step into their place. Although it seems odd that we no longer produce as much HGH after this age, imagine for a second that we never stopped — would we become a race of giants living in an age-free Neverland?!

But this is no spray on elixir for everlasting life and immortality. Instead, with the help of human growth hormone, it is possible to stop the signs of aging, create a solid base for your health and bodily goals, and keep toned, slim, fit, and svelte. You can bulk if that’s your goal or just maintain your current weight.

Interestingly, human growth hormone sits at the same level in both genders. With the help of this kind of treatment, it is possible to reach optimal protein synthesis and put the kibosh on decay.

At the same time, HGH ruins fat tissue and keeps it steady at the quantity saturation you need inside the body. Nutritional plans become easier to achieve, and, as a result, all kinds of the body’s cells become stronger. It helps to protect the immune system and, at the risk of repeating ourselves, it turns aging processes back — sounds too good to be true right? Life isn’t a fairytale yet sometimes, magic does exist.

Reasons to use Human Growth Hormone Therapy

There is one main type of case when it’s desirable to use HGH supplements, to get prime results in certain elite sports. It brings your body a full range of proteins and helps make muscular growth more mercurial. Before and after pics stand testament to this.

Tests shows that the correctly chosen HGH supplement dose could make reaching lofty heights and results around five times swifter. This is possible because HGH supplements keep glucose levels under tight control. It helps to fix carbohydrate metabolic breakdown. And, as a result, adipose tissue can be converted into energy.

In essence, you get perfect nutrition on the base of adipose tissue stocks you wanted to rid yourself of anyway. Sounds familiar? If so, you may have been reading about the Keto diet. Yep, HGH helps your body dispose of banked fats in much the same way as high-protein lifestyles do. The Atkins is another such example.

Why use HGH? Proponents do so for the succeeding reasons:

  • The desire for weight loss;
  • Helps you get the perfect body and remedy a buggered up metabolism
  • Support while you work toward your workout goals

It’s important to note that HGH pills have an influence on all bodily systems. It makes them better works. Quality of life may be uplifted and you may feel full of beans and ready to hit the upcoming day as soon as you spring outta bed.

Method of delivery: intramuscular or subcutaneous.F

As the old adage goes, only the best things in life are free, and HGH is not without drawbacks.

HGH for Sale: Who Discovered this Stuff?

The story of HGH’s discovery and invention is an interesting one with a somewhat morbid beginning…

It all began when the scientist and endocrinologist Choh Hao Li, of the University of California, discovered that HGH could be isolated and extracted from dead people’s brains. Yes, you read that correctly. Once freed from its previous host, the hormone was purified and trailed on kids with dwarfism.

Of course, today’s HGH is NOT harvested in Frankenstein scenarios involving cadavers. It took a long time, but eventually, technicians cracked the code and figured out how to generate synthetic HGH. Issues with development included the fact that after a certain concentration, the body rejecting the substance.

In addition, any HGH supplement is a protein and its parts comprise amino acids. Its structure is difficult to recreate and any delays the twentieth century faced were, in part, because of this complexity.

Now, all types of synthetic steroids are based on similar formulas and all are no different from naturally grown ones.

HGH for Men: Main Features of Influence


Nature gave men additional power and strength which is supported by their musculoskeletal system. The best friend of the muscular system is protein. With the aid of HGH for men, it’s possible to engender effective muscle growth stimulation.

When blokes turn to HGH, it causes an additional corollary—an increase in testosterone levels. Thanks to this action, the hormone is popular among bodybuilders, buff boys, and guys training for professional level competitions.

Furthermore, HGH for men may have a sprightly aftermath on the male libido. It’s reported that the hormone may lead to an increased sexual appetite and enhanced orgasms.

Notably, and setting HGH apart from anabolics, there are no nasty after-effects after deceasing use. All the results you’ve achieved will be without change. In this it differs greatly from anabolic steroids where users expect a “rollback” where gains are partially lost.

HGH precipitates a new phase for your health—it’s like you in version 2.0! Even after a short course, your body will benefit from the anti-aging upshot. Experts say HGH can be compared to rewinding the ravages of time or turning the clock back several years.

HGH Supplements for Health Support

Growth hormone (GH) in medicine is most commonly prescribed to children who are not growing as they should. Human growth hormone is also offered to adults who have a deficiency of HGH below normal ranges.

In adults with a deficit, the follow advantageous sequelae occur with replacement therapy:

  • Bigger muscles
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Improved cardiovascular capacity
  • Greater energy stores
  • Less cardiac risk factors
  • Sharper cognitive function
  • Obesity control
  • Immune system support

As imagined, sports people also like these advantages and currently, HGH is banned by:

  • The International Olympics Committee
  • Major League Baseball
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency
  • The National Football League

And many similar international and national organizations. Because of HGH’s insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which is linked to the growth of every single cell in the body, it’s in smoking hot demand among many top-level athletes.

HGH Pills and Dosage

Now, we’ve come to the prototypical time to give you some explanations about possible dosages. As known to all consumers with even half a cup of nous, questions about where to buy steroids are fixed. Remaining, we are left with the problem of determining the perfect dose. This is dictated, in part, by the reasons why you’re wanting to take HGH.

In non-HGH deficient adults, the primary driving forces behind GH usage are:

  • Obesity, being grossly overweight
  • Sporting performance

Regards being chubby or overweight, you should get precise information about your real weight first. Second, decide upon a few activities you’ll take part in. Don’t forget that without physical activity it’s difficult to get sterling results.

By the way, being overweight is not the same affliction in all cases. If obesity appears as the result of ongoing health problems, book a consultation with a medical expert before partaking of any added hormones. If you just want to lose the weight you stacked on because of a junk food passion, your dose should be twice as low as people taking HGH for sporting reasons.

In sports cases, the dose should be 0.05 to 0.08 mg per kilogram of body weight. For instance, if someone weighs 90 kg, the starting dose is about 13 to 21 mg.

This is not a hard and fast rule. Everyone differs in their physiology and additional factors such as age come into play here too. It’s woefully naive and incorrect to think that upping the dose will result in wonderful outcomes—everything should be calculated to an acute. If you can’t do it yourself, just use our support service.

HGH Supplements as a Weight Loss Treatment

Oh, weight loss, where would the modern world be without this booming, hungry industry? We’re fatter than we’ve ever been before. A unique combination of fake yet addictive foods, inactivity, and a collective lackluster desire to move our asses more have all contributed to an obesity epidemic.

Step by step, adipose tissues attach their fat, insidious selves to our bodies. getting rid of them, the next step, is a war of attrition as anyone who’s ever worked bloody hard to remove weight would attest to.

It’s possible to use hormones as the apex of overweight therapy treatments because it takes bodily nutrition into control. It helps create the perfect kind of exchange—your body will use those superfluous stocks of adipose tissue, and, on the base of this new nutritional boon, you will get gradual weight loss.

If someone needs to address this problem in the fastest way, the best booster is to use injections. Kim KR et al. found in 1999 that calorie cutting in tandem with injectable GH shots accelerated weight loss. This isn’t a pig in a wig style therapy, rather it’s actionable and has proven results.

What You Should Know About HGH’s Side Effects

When life grants you a free tumbler of lemonade, you have to accept a few lemon pips inside your glass. It’s the same with HGH. Although, HGH has fewer of the repugnant side effects flouted by anabolic steroids.

In cases of abuse, misuse, or a protracted period of use, the following side effects are possibilities:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

And you thought it was just the way you were typing on your keyboard. Turns out, carpal tunnel may appear as the result of speedy tissue growth. When your body gets a new muscular tissue, it needs a blood supply. Unfortunately, blood vessels can’t be created in such a short period of time. This symptom is not such a blight and most patients do not suffer.

  • Increased blood pressure.

Could appear as the result of incorrect doses during therapy. Cease use if blood pressure spikes beyond normal levels.

  • Nerve pain, neuropathy
  • Edema, swelling because of fluid retention
  • Acromegaly, the growth of certain facial features, such as brows and noses
  • Liver damage
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Heart enlargement
  • Numbness and/or tingling in the extremities (arms, legs, fingers, toes)
  • Fatigue (rare)
  • Engorged feet (improbable)
  • Gynecomastia, man boobs (lovingly referred to as “gyno”)
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Diabetic risk factors, prediabetic potential

HGH for Women

Ladies around the globe are raving and waxing lyrical about the benefits of HGH therapy for both weight loss and cutting. Bodybuilders and bikini models alike profess their deep love for GH. Women taking HGH should heed a few exceptions to the rules laid down for men.

Women’s health is not the same playing field as men’s — that’s a fact, but we’re interested in female reactions to HGH. The main deviation is that women always need additional doses. This may be explainable by the lowered testosterone levels in the female body.

A woman’s dose should be under tight control during the entire period. Every unexplainable, random feeling should be accompanied by a dose decrease.

Say what you will about female bodybuilding, and far too many priggish men have already, but muscle laden chicks are hot to trot in the opinion of many.

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