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HGH for Men, Women and Kids: Replacement Therapy, Clinics, and Prices.

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There are many important hormones in the body. Among them are estrogens, testosterone, and HGH.

Growth hormone (somatotropin) is a hormone having peptide nature. It consists of 191 amino acids. It is a single-chain polypeptide, synthesized by somatotropic cells of the lateral parts of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis. In this place, it is also stored. Somatotropin stimulates cell growth, and their regeneration in people. Somatotropin plays a significant role in the growth of people. This substance is considered a complex peptide hormone and as of 2017, all its effects aren’t fully understood.

In addition to linear growth, somatotropin exerts an anabolic effect, which maintains constant renewal of cells, speeds up protein production and inhibits its destruction. Another significant peculiarity implies a contribution to fat amount reduction and musculature to fat ratio increase. Growth hormone is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism regulation and calcium absorption enhancement. It has a beneficial impact on pancreas functioning.

This hormone (its chemical version) is often used by sportsmen along with anabolics, such as Anavar & Deca Durabolin). It also serves as a part of replacement therapy for those who deal with the deficit of growth hormone.

In this article, we will discuss HGH treatment (somatropin therapy).

HGH for Kids in Case of Growth Hormone Deficiency

The deficit of the hormone frequently occurs in children. Sharp growth worsening, deterioration of bone development rate affect normal body proportions. The facial skull bones are underdeveloped, which makes facial features small. Children have doll-like visage, their hair is thin and fragile, and the voice is high-pitched. Typically, children with a durable manifestation of this condition (more than 1 year), are overweight or obese.

Boys usually have a micropenis. There is the detainment of sexual maturation, which stops when the bone-related age reaches puberty.

Since 1985 healthcare specialists have practiced genetically engineered medicaments with somatropin for preventing and treating somatotropic insufficiency. No other remedies have been used.

Nowadays, there is a rather wide list of pediatric drugs for this purpose, including NordiLet, Humatrope, Genotropin, Nutropin AQ, Norditropin, Omnitrope, and others. They contain recombinant somatropin.

The standard dose in pediatrics, which is recommended by most licensed specialists, is 0.033 mg/kg per one injection. The subcutaneous application, made on a regular basis (every evening from 8 to 10 pm) is necessary.

The main criterion which proves that the treatment is efficient is growth rate enlargement (the most positive consequence is from 8 to 13 cm every year). According to studies, the first year may show the most significant results. After that, the decline of the progress takes place with lower results (approximately 5-6 cm each year).

Clinics’ experience in combating pituitary abscess in children with genetic engineering preparations, based on somatropin testifies to huge therapy benefits of recombinant somatropin meds. Regular treatment on the first stage of the disease allows for attaining appropriate, genetically programmed boundaries of bones’ growth. For instance, in one case, the treated child reached a height of 180 cm, when the untreated adult with the same condition will get the final height of 124 cm.

Therapy with somatropin should last till the closing of growth zones or achievement of socially acceptable appearance.

HGH for Men & Women in Case of Adult Somatotropin Deficiency

Somatotropin synthesis lasts for an entire life. It is necessary for adults, since this anabolic hormone promotes numerous essential processes, in particular, retards age hardening, enhances heart contractile function, positively influences liver and kidneys operation, facilitates bone mineral density, retains muscle tone. That is why somatropin intake during the whole life is widely practiced. When the desirable bone growth is gained, growth hormone should be taken in metabolic dose (0.0033 mg/kg per day), regardless the patient’s age, for instance, in men over 40, men over 50, etc.

More than 90% of adults, who suffer from somatotropic insufficiency, face pituitary diseases’ signs. It’s triggered by the pituitary adenoma and after a surgery or radiation course. Patients with pituitary tumors, who have pituitary hormonal substances shortfall, are also at risk of dealing with somatotropin deficiency.

The American FDA approved HGH’ efficiency for both sexes for removing only hypothalamic and pituitary maladies as well as for maintaining sufficient somatotropin amount in the plasma.

There is strong evidence of correlation of somatotropin inadequacy and the heart & vascular ailments with the fatal outcome. Research shows that among 800 individuals, suffering from hypopituitarism on different stages and clinically manifested somatotropic insufficiency, more than a third is at risk of the mortality from heart problems. Premature death, possibility due to malignant tumors, is doubled compared to the healthy part of the population.

FDA recommends the initial HGH dosage for grown-ups in the amount of 3-4 mg/kg daily. It can be increased to 25 mg/kg (maximum) for those who are under 35. Elderly patients can raise it to 12.5 mg/kg.

HGH for Treating Other Conditions in Women and Men

In 1996, the HGH was recognized by the FDA as the powerful remedy for folks with depletion or cachexia in individuals suffering from AIDS. Somatropin’s activity was monitored in terms of its use for other catabolic disorders (respiratory failure, burns, postoperative phase, congestive cardiomyopathy, renal disorders, and the disorders following liver transplantation). However, the results of such studies are still not reported. The study, concerning applying this drug for fighting severe systemic diseases, has proved that somatropin in large doses reduces mortality level. Statistics illustrate no dramatic improvement of muscle strength, endurance, or high training productivity. Elderly people and athletes are not advised to use this medication. But it doesn’t stop many athletes.

HGH Therapy — Clinics and Cost

There are many HGH therapy clinics in the US. Among them are Man Clinic of Woodland Hills, Pennsylvania Hormone Therapy Clinics, Colorado Hormone Clinic, BioMetrix, Limitless Options Men’s Clinic, Revive Hormone Clinic, Seattle HGH Therapy Clinic, Vitalize Medical Center (Rochester NY), and many other therapy clinic facilities. How much is the therapy likely to cost? According to reviews, the price for it is around 300 dollars per month.

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