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HGH for Men, Women and Kids: Replacement Therapy, Clinics, and Prices.

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There are many important hormones in the body. Among them are estrogens, testosterone, and HGH.

Growth hormone (somatotropin) is a hormone having peptide nature. It consists of 191 aminos. It is a single-chain polypeptide, synthesized by somatropic cells of the lateral parts of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis. In this place, it is also stored. Somatotropin stimulates cell growth, as well as their regeneration in people. Somatotropin plays a significant role in the growth of people. This substance is considered a complex peptide hormone and as for 2017, all its effects aren’t fully understood.

In addition to linear growth, somatotropin exerts an anabolic effect on the organism, thanks to which new cells are constantly formed and renewed, the production of protein is accelerated and its destruction is inhibited. Another feature of the hormone is that it reduces the fatty layer, contributing to fat burning, as well as provides a greater ratio of muscle volumes to fat. Growth hormone regulates carbohydrate metabolism, increases the absorption of calcium by bone tissues, and influences the functioning of the pancreas.

This hormone (its chemical version) is often used by sportsmen along with anabolics, such as Anavar & Deca Durabolin). Besides, it can serve as replacement therapy for patients with growth hormone deficiency.

In this article, we will tell you about HGH therapy (somatropin therapy) for kids, men, and women.

HGH for kids – treatment of growth hormone deficiency

Deficit of the hormone sometimes observed in children. Against the backdrop of a sharp growth worsening, a delay in the rate of growth & bone development in children, normal proportions of the body remain. Due to the underdevelopment of the bones of the facial skull, facial features are small. Children have doll-like face, thin hairs, and high-pitched voice. Often there is an excess of weight, but for children with early manifestation of a growth hormone insufficiency (up to 1 year of life), obesity is not typical.

Boys usually have a micropenis. Sexual development is delayed and comes at a time when the bone age of the child reaches puberty.

Since 1985, for the treating children with somatotropic insufficiency, only genetically engineered drugs containing somatropin have been used.

At present, the following recombinant somatropin meds are popular for treating children: NordiLet, Humatrope, Genotropin, and others.

In the treating of the ailment in children, there is a clear connection “dose-growth effect”, especially pronounced in the 1rst year of therapy (that is the bigger the dose, the better the growth).

The advised standard dose of the somatropin for kids in the treatment of typical somatotropin deficiency is 0.033 mg/kg per injection. They should be made subcutaneously, on an everyday basis (every day in the evening – 8 pm to 10 pm).

The criterion of the effectiveness of treating is an enlarge in the growth rate. In the first year of treatment, according to different data, it can reach 8 to 13 cm per year. The maximal effect is observed in the first year of treatment, especially in the first 3-6 months, then there is a slowdown in the rate of growth during the second year of treatment (while maintaining a growth rate of more than 5-6 cm per year).

The experience of clinics in treating children having pituitary abscess with various genetic engineering meds containing somatropin show high effectiveness (high therapy benefits) of recombinant somatropin medicaments. With early and regular treatment, it is possible to achieve normal, genetically programmed growth boundaries. For instance, in one case, a treated child with the ailment reached a height of 180 cm, compared with the growth of an untreated adult with the same ailment and a final height of 124 cm.

In addition to growth enhancement, patients experience some psychological and metabolic improvements during the replacement therapy process.

Somatropin treatment is carried out until the growth zones are closed or socially acceptable growth is achieved.

HGH for men & women in case of adult somatotropin deficiency

Somatotropin is synthesized throughout life. For an adult, it is necessary as an anabolic hormone that prevents aging processes, improves the contractile function of the heart, liver function, kidneys, increases bone mineral density, and muscle tone. Therefore, at the present time, hormone therapy in case of proven somatotropin insufficiency is carried out all life. After the growth zones are closed, growth hormone is used in a metabolic dose, which is 0.0033 mg/kg per day. This dose is applied for people of any ages (for instance, for men over 40, men over 50, etc.)

Over 90% of adults with somatotropic insufficiency have obvious signs of pituitary diseases, which are mainly due to the presence of pituitary adenoma and the consequences of surgical or radiation treatment. Among individuals with pituitary tumors, those with a deficit of one or more pituitary hormonal substances tend to have somatotropin deficiency.

The US FDA approved the use of HGH for men & women only for hypothalamic or pituitary ailments and an insufficient level of somatotropin in the plasma.

There is a strong evidence that somatotropin inadequacy in adults increases the risk of death from the heart & vascular ailments. In three researches with the participation of more than 800 individuals with different stages of hypopituitarism and proven somatotropic insufficiency, the mortality from heart ailments was 1.9, 1.35 and 1.4 times higher than in healthy persons of the same sex and age. The mortality from malignant tumors was half of the level of mortality of healthy individuals or close to it.

According to the FDA advice, the initial HGH dosage for adults is 3-4 ?g / kg once a day subcutaneously. The maximum daily dose can reach 25 mg / kg for patients under 35 years and 12.5 mg / kg for elderly patients.

HGH for women & men for treating other conditions

In 1996, the FDA approved the use of HGH for women & men for depletion or cachexia in individuals suffering from AIDS. This decision was based on evidence that somatropin increased the mass of muscle tissue and reduced the amount of adipose tissue in AIDS persons, although its effect on the death rate of patients was not revealed. The use of somatropin has also been studied in the research of a small number of adults with other catabolic disorders, including conditions associated with respiratory failure, burns, as well as postoperative period, congestive cardiomyopathy, renal disorders, and the condition after liver transplantation. But until now, there has been no clear effect reported. In the study involving intensive care patients with severe systemic diseases, the administration of large doses of somatropin was associated with the reduction of mortality.

Somatropin was used in patients with excess body weight, osteoporosis, muscular atrophy & infertility, but without pronounced effect. Taking the hormone by elderly patients led to changes in the ratio of fat and muscle tissue, similar to those that occurred in adults with somatotropin insufficiency. But, despite this, there was no statistically significant improvement in muscle strength or increased exercise tolerance. A short cycle of growth hormone in athletes is not more effective for increasing strength and endurance compared to training alone. Thus, as it seems, the use of the medicament is not reasonable in the elderly and athletes. Nevertheless, a lot of sportsmen use it.

HGH therapy – clinics and cost

There are many HGH therapy clinics in the US. Among them are Man Clinic of Woodland Hills, Pennsylvania Hormone Therapy Clinics, Colorado Hormone Clinic, and many other therapy clinic facilities. How much is therapy likely to cost? According to reviews, the price for it is around 300 dollars per month.

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