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HGH Before and After Cycle – Results of Real People with Pictures.

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Recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) enjoys significant reputation in the drug market, is widely applicable in the bodybuilding sphere. Athletes are prone to resort to them for improving their performance. Complemented with proper training and necessary nutrition, this drug contributes to the successful musculature growth and its maintenance.

It is used alongside with a wide spectrum of anabolic steroid drugs, such as testosterone injections, Oxymetholone, methyltestosterone, and others. Below we’ll tell you about GH injections’ before and after results, and will show photos of real people.

Mechanism of HGH Action

Being produced with the help of genetic engineering methods, recombinant growth hormone has been applied since the 80s of the 20th century. It epitomizes anabolic and pronounced fat burning impacts.

Somatotropin contributes to protein synthesis stimulation and activates the vital process of amino conveyance directly to the cells. The HGH’s influence is mediated by formed in liver insulin-like factor-1 (IGF1), featuring anabolic nature. Muscle’s and fat’s cells, various tissues (cartilaginous, connective, lymphoid) are covered with this hormone’s receptors. It allows the hormone to regulate different processes (body’s growth and development).

HGH Cycle Results (Beneficial Effects)

The drug is suitable for separate consumption and for combination with other preparations, for example, anabolic steroids. Let’s describe a cycle, containing only somatropin:

  • The cycle may last from 3 to 6 months. This optimal time is enough for achieving noticeable outcomes. More durable therapy may induce addiction to HGH and ceases to be effectual. Some side effects may appear;
  • You should use 5 UI daily at the 1st week of the treatment. Physicians recommend one injection before noon, immediately after the patient’s awakening. This period is favorable, since there is minimized concentration of glucose in the blood;
  • The first week of the cycle is considered experimental and is aimed at revealing your organism’s respond to the medicament. If the reaction is adequate, the increasing of the dosage up to 10 IU is permitted. It is optimal to divide injections into 2 parts with 5 units in each one. The first administration should also take place in the morning and the 2nd one after the workout session. You may also make it during the day (1-1.5 hours before or after a meal), when sugar presence is the lowest;
  • Balanced nutrition with various additives (whey protein, BCAA, vitamins, minerals) and relentless trainings are the key promoters of withdrawing the most significant effects.

Numerous studies and users’ experience have shown the following bodybuilding results of HGH:

  • body’s growth activation (in adolescents) and strengthening and enlargement of the bones’ width;
  • musculature growing, bettering the connective tissue (ligaments, cartilage, tendons) condition:
  • rapid reduction of surplus weight and cholesterol rate diminishing;
  • faster amino acid uptake, better protein synthesis;
  • opposition to the muscles disintegration (catabolism);
  • prevention of glucose absorption by tissues;
  • proper peripheral circulation and the heart muscle contractility.

Possible Negatory HGH Cycle Results

Similar to all hormonal medicine, manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, HGH can trigger adverse events. We emphasize relative rarity of their occurrence. Patients, who exceed the dose, combine it with counterfeited drugs and follow long-lasting therapy are more likely to face undesirable consequences.

Negative HGH outcomes are reversible, they are eliminated if you decline the dose or end the cycle. Tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness of the limbs caused by compression of the growing muscles of the peripheral nerves), high arterial tension, elevated sugar levels, and drowsiness are among the most widespread adverse events. Swiss researchers M Saugy, N Robinson, C Saudan et al. (Institute of Legal Medicine, Lausanne, 2006) argued that GH misusers may develop increased risk of diabetes.

General weakness and body temperature rise are the evidence of the use of a counterfeited product. Prolonged abuse of the drug may cause acromegaly, suppress thyroid function, and trigger internal organs’ enlargement. Its use in strict accordance with the instruction doesn’t provoke such negative outcomes.

It is important: According to MR Graham, P Ryan, JS Baker, B Davies and others at Newman University College, Birmingham (2009), 53% of injectable AAS esters were counterfeit. There is a strong likelihood that the same goes for rhGH.

When it comes to HGH’s positive features, various studies have proved that the substance promotes rejuvenation, boosts skin properties, sculptures incredible physique, purifies the blood from harmful cholesterol, strengthens bones and ligaments, etc. It’s also a wonder-working remedy for healing injuries, induced by age or trauma.

Non-severity of side effects is determined by the action mechanism, which is similar to anabolic steroids, like Andriol & Oxandrolone. The emission of sex hormones is not affected by HGH and the post-cycle treatment with different meds, such as Arimidex, is not required.

HGH Before and After — Reviews and Photos of the Hormone Users

Here are reviews of HGH cycle results:

  1. At first I’ve masterminded training and nutrition plan, expecting for maximal results. My cycle comprised 5 units daily with a single injection before breakfast. I didn’t notice a quick effect (no action for the first two weeks). I was disappointed. But suddenly, when i almost despaired, the process began a month later). At present, my body constantly transforms and really impresses me. To prevent water retention, I’ve reduced carbohydrates and fats, increasing the amount of protein foods. In addition to musculature enlargement, strength indicators grow: 6 months ago, I couldn’t squeeze a 100-kg barbell, but after 1.5 months I worked with a 120-kg one. In general, I gained about 5 kg (11 pounds) and was pleased with this stuff.
  2. I’ve been involved in sport for approximately 4 years. I tried pharmacological drugs six months ago. I can outline some information, concerning HGH’s application. I required it for some serious reasons: I failed to combat plateau, my power was poor and showed none progress, the body stayed in the same shape, despite variable training plans. Injections (5 IU) were made in the morning on an empty stomach. The long-lasting effect appeared immediately. Within 7 days, I bulked considerably. Excellent endurance was a nice bonus. The pre-training complex gave an analogous impact. After a month a wonderwork, namely fat-burning, happened: the muscles became more defined, without diminishing in volume. My health was perfect, only occasionally there was a slight malaise, probably caused by the disruption of the daily routine and nutrition.

As you may see in before and after photos, HGH gives good results. Our article about HGH before and after only shows you some facts. We don’t intend to persuade you to buy the medication right now. Before using growth hormone, make sure you have consulted an expert, who will determine the necessary dose and other nuances.