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HGH Before and After Cycle – Results of Real People with Pictures.

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Growth hormone (somatotropin), which almost instantly gained a fairly high reputation in the sports drug market, found its wide application in bodybuilding. Complemented with regular training and balanced nutrition, this anabolic drug contributes to the successful growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

It is widely used alongside with different anabolic steroid drugs, such as testosterone injections, Oxymetholone, methyltestosterone, and others. In this article, we will tell you about injections before and after results, and will show some photos of real people.

HGH results – mechanism of human growth hormone action

Recombinant growth hormone, which is a product of genetic engineering, began to be used from the late 80s of the last century. It has proved itself to be an effective drug with pronounced anabolic and fat burning effects.

Somatotropin stimulates protein synthesis and enhances the transport of aminos from the bloodstream to the cells. The effect of HGH is mediated by insulin-like factor-1, anabolic-like, formed in the liver. Receptors to this hormone are located on the cells of muscle, fat, connective, lymphoid and cartilaginous tissues, which allows it to participate in the regulation of growth and development of the whole body.

HGH cycle results (beneficial effects)

Growth hormone can be used separately from other drugs or in combination, for example, with anabolic steroids. Let’s consider a cycle consisting only of somatropin:

  • The duration of the cycle can vary from three to six months. This is the optimal time, which is enough to experience a noticeable effect. A longer cycle causes the body to become addicted to HGH and ceases to show proper results. Moreover, some side effects may appear;
  • The first week of the cycle should start at a dosage of 5 IU of the drug per day. It is recommended to make one injection in the morning, immediately after awakening. This time is most favorable for the injection, as the concentration of glucose in the blood is low;
  • The first week of the cycle is experimental. If during this time the body’s response to the introduction of growth hormone has shown to be adequate, then the dosage can be increased to 10 IU per day. It is optimal to make injections twice, 5 units at once. The first administration is also after sleep, the second after exercise, or in the middle of the day, when the blood sugar is low (at least 1-1.5 hours before meals, and 1.5-2 hours after meals);
  • Sports nutrition and exercises will help you get more results from the cycle(you can take protein supplements, amino acids, BCAA, etc.).

Numerous studies and user experience have shown the following bodybuilding results of HGH using:

  • stimulation of the body’s growth in length (in young persons) and increasing the width and thickness of bones;
  • growth of muscle mass, improvement of the condition of connective tissue (ligaments, cartilage & tendons):
  • reduction of fatty layer and a decrease in cholesterol level;
  • increasing the efficiency of amino acid uptake and enhancing protein synthesis, leading to an increase in body weight;
  • opposition to the disintegration of muscles (catabolism);
  • an increase in the level of glucose in the blood and prevention of its absorption by tissues;
  • increased peripheral circulation and contractility of the heart muscle.

Possible negative HGH cycle results

Like any other hormone drug produced by pharmaceutical companies, growth hormone has side effects. However, it should be emphasized that they are observed rarely, and only in case of the dosage and duration of the cycle is exceeded, and also in case of counterfeit products are used.

Negative HGH results are reversible, that is, they are quickly eliminated after dose reduction or cycle termination. The most common side effects include tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness of the limbs due to the compression of the growing muscles of the peripheral nerves), increased blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and daytime drowsiness.

Sensation of weakness and a rise in body temperature is evidence of the use of a counterfeited product. Prolonged abuse of the drug may cause the development of acromegaly, lead to suppression of thyroid function and an increase in internal organs. If the drug is used according to the instruction (in moderate doses, and for short time), side effects, as a rule, do not develop.

All side effects are reversible (if you do everything right) but in case of abusing severe diseases may develop, such as problems with the thyroid gland and diabetes. Therefore, it is important to do everything right.

But at the same time, it is proved that HGH is able to: rejuvenate, improve skin properties, improve the physical form of a person, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, strengthen bones, ligaments, etc.

Non-severity of side effects of HGH are due to the fact that it does not have the same mechanism of action as anabolic steroids, like Andriol & Oxandrolone. That is why HGH does not affect the production of sex hormones and does not require post-cycle treatment with different meds, such as Arimidex. Moreover, growth hormone itself can heal your body from many injuries caused by age or trauma.

HGH before and after – reviews photos of the hormone users

Here are some reviews of HGH cycle results:
1. “At first I have made a suitable plan for training and nutrition to achieve the maximal effect. The cycle has started with 5 units of the drug per day, one injection in the morning on an empty stomach. The effect of the drug hasn’t reached quickly: I have not received any results for the first two weeks, but a month later the process began. At present, I see my body changing every day. To prevent water retention, I had to slightly reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats, increasing the consumption of protein foods. In addition to the growth of muscle mass, the strength indicators also grew: 6 months ago, I couldn’t squeeze 100-kg barbell, but after a month and a half I worked with a 120-kg barbell. In general, I gained about 5 kg (11 pounds) and was pleased with the effect of growth hormone”.

2. “I have been doing sports for about 4 years and my first experience of applying pharmacological drugs was six months ago. I want to share information on the use of growth hormone. I have bought this drug, because the need for it had been occurring for a long time: I couldn’t overcome the plateau, strength indicators did not grow, and the body did not change, despite the new training plans. Injections (5 IU) were made in the morning on an empty stomach. The effect of the drug appeared immediately. After a week of taking, I gained a lot of muscle mass. A nice bonus was the increase in strength and endurance. A similar effect I experienced when I took the pre-training complex. After a month and a half something like a fat-burning effect appeared: the muscles became more definited, but did not diminish in volume. I felt normal, only occasionally there was a slight malaise, but this is more likely due to the disruption of the daily routine and nutrition”.

As you may see on before and after photos, HGH gives good results. Our article about HGH before and after is informational in nature, and is not a call to action. Before using growth hormone, it is necessary to consult a sports doctor so that he will accurately choose the necessary dosages for you.