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Great Back Workouts with Cable, Smith and Pull Back Machines

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Muscles of the back are the second largest muscle group in the human body. Only the leg muscles are a bigger group. The middle part of the back is formed by the widest muscles of the back. The development of these muscles makes the back wider & more ripped, and forms a V-shaped silhouette. To get V-shaped back  you can perform not only basic bodybuilding exercises, but also specific (isolation) ones. Among them are exercises with cable, Smith and pull back machines, as well as seated pullovers and special types of rows.

Back Workout Machines that You Can Find in Gyms

Gym workout machines are heavy structures of different shapes. They are designed to perform a limited number of exercises and are used to train certain muscle groups. They have the stack load system. Such simulators are easy to add weight blocks. Qualitative fastenings of all connections guarantee safety during training. Back workout machines are usually those that involve rowing and pulling movements. You can find the following workout machines for back in gyms:

  • A lat pull-down machine. It allows to perform pulldown exercises with different grips.
  • An assisted pull-up machine. This machine is not available everywhere, but if you have opportunity to use it, you can develop your pull-ups skills (if you are a beginner and cannot perform ordinary pull-ups).
  • Rowing exercise machines. There are many varieties of machines for performing row exercises. These machines allow sportsmen to load the back muscles at different angles. There are varieties with a pad for supporting chest and without it. Machines with pads are more safe for the back, especially if a sportsman have or have had an injury.
  • Pullover. This machine has a padded seat with a back rest. You should pull down the bar in front of your torso.

There are also less known types of back workout machines, such as the Iron Cross and the Shrug. You can add some of the abovementioned exercises to your back day routine.

Smith Machine Back Workout – Is It Safe?

The main exercise that may be performed during Smith machine back workout is a barbell row.

The Smith machine is a universal type of sports equipment that allows athletes to perform various exercises. In this simulator, barbell row is one of popular exercises, with which you can work well the middle part of the back. However, before performing the exercise, you need to familiarize yourself with all its features. Barbell row in the Smith machine refers to the basic exercises that are performed by athletes to work out the muscles of the back. Movement, performed by an athlete in this machine, involves about 60% of the back muscles. This makes it possible to give a good load on the back muscles.

While performing Smith barbell row, an athlete contracts one of the largest muscles of the human body, which is called the widest muscle of the back. Because of its large size, it requires constant intense training, otherwise training will not bring the desired result. In addition to the broadest muscle, rhomboid muscles, as well as rear deltas and trapezium, enter the work. The load is evenly distributed over these muscles, simplifying the lifting of heavy weights. Do not think that this exercise belongs to the category of easy exercises (many people think so because they believe that machine exercises are easier to perform than free weight ones). It requires the athlete to have minimal physical training and thorough knowledge of the technique.

This type of row is completely contraindicated for people who have had a spinal cord injury. Too much weight of the bar can lead to displacement of the vertebral discs, hence the old trauma will reopen. To protect your lower back from dangerous injuries, do not exercise with too much weight. Beginners can practice this exercise with an empty bar. It’s much safer than loading an unprepared back with a lot of weight. To provide extra security for the spine, it is important to completely eliminate jerky movements. Any jerk, especially if it is performed with a lot of weight, instantly overloads the ligaments, which is very dangerous, especially for untrained people.

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Features of Pull Back Machine Workout

Pull back exercises purposefully train the middle section of the back. The advantage of doing exercises in the simulator is that your body is securely fixed and the spine does not experience unnecessary overloads. At the same time, you may use vertical and horizontal handles to change the grip and adjust the height of the seat to shift the emphasis of the load to the top, middle, or bottom edge of the back muscles. In other words, by performing pull back exercises, you get a fairly large variation in motion, while the spine is safe. This allows you to work with large scales. In the machine it is convenient to do the exercise (row) with one hand. Some athletes prefer to perform the exercise in standing position, holding their second hand on the back. Among the positive effects that you get by including the exercise in the training program, it can also be noted that the development of the back muscles gives the figure a visually distinct athletic and sporty appearance. It is also worth mentioning about contraindications. In case of problems with the spine or its injuries, any exercises that load the back can be done only with the permission of the doctor. But in general, pull back exercises are very safe.

Pull back exercises are performed as follows:

  • Prepare the equipment. Adjust the height of the seat of the machine according to your own height. When performing the movement, your brushes should be directed to the belt.
  • Sit and lean your chest against a vertical surface. The spine should be absolutely straight, the shoulder blades should be brought together.
  • Pull out your hands and grasp the handle of the machine. If you use a narrow grip, the elbows should be pressed against the body.
  • Pull the handles toward you, maximizing the blades at the end point of the movement. The chest during the movement should be “glued” to the supporting surface of the machine, the position of the spine should not be changed. Do not lean back. Do not turn of the upper part of the body to the side when performing row with one hand.
  • Lower the weight, but do not return it to its initial places. Your back muscles should be kept in contraction all the time.

It is important: a pull back machine workout shouldn’t be a basis of your back muscles development. You should focus your attention on multi-joint exercises like barbell rows and deadlifts. Read more about these exercises in our article on the best full back muscles workout

Cable Back Workouts – Typical Exercises

Cable back workouts are also auxiliary methods to develop your back muscles. You can try the following exercises:

  • Single-Arm Cable Row & Rotation;
  • Half-Kneeling Cable Row;
  • Split Stance Low Cable Row;
  • Face Pull.

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