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Good Chest Cable Workout Routine for Strength – Beginner Level

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For most people attending the gym, the foundation for building a massive chest is a barbell press, chest flyes and dumbbell bench presses. It is not surprising, because these are the best mass gaining exercises for most people. However, gaining bodyweight – it’s just half the battle, you still need to be able to beautifully serve it on a silver platter. For this purpose, you can use isolating movements and cable machines. So cable chest workout should be in your training plan. It is used for definition and getting shredded.

Cable Chest Workout Machine

The movement of hands on the cable crossover machine resembles the birds’ wings. During the exercise, all the load goes into the pectorals, only the shoulder joint moves, the triceps is switched off from work. In the classic version of the crossover exercise, the target muscle group is the sternal (lower) head of the large pectoral muscle. The clavicle (upper) and the small pectoralis muscle also participate and assist in motion, as well as the front deltoids and some back muscles. The upper shoulder girdle and the muscles of the forearm act as stabilizers, along with such muscles as the oblique abdomen and extensors of the spine.

This exercise is often a part of calisthenics workouts. You can read about female calisthenics chest workout in this article.

Advantages of Chest Workout for Strength with Cable Machine

Many people are ignoring this exercise, but by performing it, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Absence of a bench. An important advantage of crossover exercises is the lack of support for the back. When performing chest flyes in a crossover, the shoulder blades can move freely in a natural way, without being pressed to the bench. This removes the load from the back.
  • Constant tension in the chest muscles. Due to the specific design of the machine, it provides the chest with a smooth and continuous resistance throughout the entire motion path. In other words, the load in the muscle holds in the entire range, while the free weights are more impulsive exercises. In addition, the constant resistance in the crossover connects to the operation of small muscle-stabilizers, which can not be involved in classical exercises.
  • Good stretching. Stretching muscles and delivery more blood / oxygen and nutrients to them are important factors in the development and progress of pectoral muscles. The cable construction allows to perfectly stretch the pectoral muscles.
  • Best aesthetics. Isolating work on the simulator has a great effect on the aesthetic component of the chest. It receives more definition and takes shape.
  • Less stress on the shoulders. Undoubtedly, bench press is a cool exercise, and bench press with a lot of weight is mega-cool exercise. However, the shoulders have a different point of view about this, they do not feel comfortable working with huge weights. Heavy bench press may be associated with shoulder injuries. The crossover gives a completely different (not so destructive) type of load on the shoulders and allows them to be protected.
  • Complex development of the chest muscles. The different position of the body of the athlete and the angles of exposure make it possible to diversify beginner chest workout. As a result, it is possible to emphasize the different areas of the chest. This helps to develop the chest muscles on all fronts.

Well, let’s switch to the proper technique of chest cable exercises.

Cable Machine Chest Workout for Beginners – Proper Technique

It would seem that the cable machine is a simple mechanism. Nevertheless, in fact, only 3 of 10 persons perform the exercise correctly, other people make a lot of mistakes while doing it. So that you do not become a looser, let’s take a closer look at the technique of performing chest flyes in the crossover. It consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1. Approach the machine and set the optimal weights on each side of the double block. Pick up both handles and take a stable position in the center of the structure. Keeping your back straight, take a step (stop in the scissor position) and tilt the body slightly forward.  Spread handles with a rope on each side until a slightfeeling of stretching of pectoral muscles. The elbows are slightly bent and are behind you. Take a deep breath. This will be the starting position.
  • Step 2. On exhalation, start to bring your arms to the center of the core. As soon as the arms reach the target zone, stay in such a locked position for a while. Slowly return to the original position in the same arc until slight stretching in the pectoral mucles. Repeat the needed number of times. Be sure that the movement occurs only in the shoulder joint; your arms and core should remain motionless.

Most often, when performing chest flyes as a part of chest workout for strength, you can see the following mistakes:

  • round back;
  • the elbows pressed to the core;
  • strong bending of arms in elbows.

What do you need to know for proper performing chest flyes program on the cable machine?

Remember the following technical tips and nuances:

  • In this exercise, weight plays a role, but the proper form of performance is more important. The technique should involve a wide range of motion, as well as a choreal stretching and contraction of the pectorals.
  • At the end point of the fly movement, when the arms are already crossing each other, further compress your chest and hold 1-2 counts in this state.
  • The movement should be like as if you are hugging your girlfriend or boyfriend (in case you are a young lady).
  • Do not use any impulse movements, do everything slowly and under control.
  • Monitor the contraction of the chest muscles, the weight should be pressed out by them, for this, take your shoulders back, and the chest forward. Your arms should move simultaneously throughout the entire trajectory.

You can find more tips on anabolic steroid forums (they not only contain information about steroids, there you can seek for some workout tips).

Secrets of Cable Machine Chest Workout for Beginners

Use the following two secrets to maximize the load on the chest in the crossover and give it a new incentive for growth.

  • Secret number 1. Superset with Push-Ups. Do the chest exercises as follows. Combine two exercises, performing them in a row without stopping. First perform25-30 classic push-ups, and then about 10-15 chest flyes. Rest for 45 seconds and start a new cycle (total of 3). Upon completion, your chest muscles will be pleasantly surprised and will definitely receive a new stimulus to increase.
  • Secret number 2. Horizontal Crossover Chest Flyes and Sitting Chest Flyes. This is a powerful exercise for the development of pectoral muscles. It is rare when you can see the athletes who change the plane of chest flyes from vertical to horizontal. They are not right, because it is this variation that is designed to work on the mass of the chest. All that needs to be done is to set a bench at the center of the simulator (or at an angle upwards) and lie down not on it. The exercise is similar to dumbbell flyes, but it will be more effective because the load does not go away from the chest muscles.

Also, the “strong version” of cable beginner chest workout is performing cable chest flyes from the sitting position. This position allows you to remove the stabilization work of large muscle groups (back and legs). Due to the fact that your butt is on the bench, crossovers acquire a jewelry precision of influence on the pectoral. The load is not smeared all over the body, it clearly falls on the chest.

The Bottom Line on Good Chest Workouts with Cable Machine

Our article has come to an end, which means that you have become one step closer to the body of your dreams. So that the theoretical knowledge obtained will not remain an empty sound, go to the gym and apply them in practice. We which you good chest workouts! Good luck!

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