Home Workouts Good Back Workouts Routine for Men and Women at Home – Get Rid of Back Fat

Good Back Workouts Routine for Men and Women at Home – Get Rid of Back Fat

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Can you train your back at home? Yes, you can. You need no intricate equipment, just two dumbbells, dedication and desire. These tips will be suitable both for beginners and advanced athletes, who want to get a perfect back.

Back Workout at Home – What Do You Need to Do It?

Theoretically, back workout at home can be performed without additional equipment. However, if you want to load the back muscles as efficiently as possible, you need either to go to the gym or buy additional sports equipment. The main thing you need is a dumbbell and a home bar. If you do not have the opportunity to install a horizontal bar, you should at least buy dumbbells, whereas you can do exercises on the bar on the street.

Good Back Fat Workout – the Recipe of Effectiveness

Given the following recommendations, and strictly adhering to them you can significantly increase the effectiveness of home training and quickly achieve the desired results.

At the beginning of your workout, you should perform warm-up exercises. At the end of each training, do not forget about cooldown. You should not forget about these points, since they are important for the development of muscles. Also, warm-up can prevent injuries, while cooldown allows to minimize the discomfort arising from heavy loads. (Cortisone may be used to treat injuries.)

The increase in loads should be carried out primarily by increasing the working weight, and not by increasing the number of repetitions in sets.

The issue of nutrition is fundamentally important to lose back fat and gain muscles. Your diet should consist of 50% of complex carbohydrates, 30% protein, as well as fatty fish, vegetable oils, and nuts (20% fats). In construction of muscles as well as in fat burning, quality nutrition is given a very important role.

The effectiveness of home back fat workout depends on the purposefulness and self-organization of a person, the correct approach to workouts, their regularity, as well as patience.

Good Back Workouts at Home – Main Principles

Adhering to the following basic rules, you can achieve significant results by performing good back workouts at home:

  • Regularity of training for strength & mass should be 1-2 times a week. This is the best option, since less training sessions will not achieve tangible effect, while more sessions are meaningless, since the muscle group needs time to recover.
  • At the initial stage and until the occurrence of ability to feel every muscle tissue, the exercises are performed in 3 sets, each of which includes 12 to 15 repetitions. Subsequently, with the acquisition of the above skill, you can move to training “to failure” – you should perform exercises until your energy is lost.
  • Do not start immediately with weight training, as this can lead to injury. A preliminary preparatory stage (warm-up and joint warm-up) should be included in any training.
  • Due to the fact that the muscles have the ability to get used to the weight and nature of the impact of the load, it is advisable to alternate training programs.
  • Each training session should begin with a warm-up and basic exercises (one or two is enough), during which two or more joints are involved. At the end of training you should perform one or two isolation exercises (one muscle = one joint).

Back Workout Routine at Home for Beginners

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), beginners are recommended to train according to the fullbody routine, that is to train all muscle groups 2-3 times a week. After a couple of months you can switch to a four-day split, for example:

  • Monday – upper body workout (chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps);
  • Tuesday – lower body workout (lower back, legs, and Abs);
  • Wednesday – rest / cardio;
  • Thursday – upper body workout;
  • Friday – lower body workout;
  • Saturday – rest / cardio;
  • Sunday – rest / cardio.

In six months, you can start 4-6 trainings weekly, working out each basic muscle group 1-2 times a week, that is to do back workout routine separately (we mentioned this above). Actually, so many beginners start with this program, believing that this will speed up their progress but they are wrong.

Back Workouts for Women – light version

Strong legs and pumped buttocks in a female are indicators of a trained body. But in order to safely wear dresses with an open neckline, you need to work out your back and shoulder girdle. Perfect forms of biceps and delts of Michelle Obama or some fitness bikini model are examples for your motivation to do your best at the gym.

There are other reasons that stimulate the desire for working out the back at home and do modeling of the body. Lifts, rows, and other exercises provide the following beneficial effects:

  • strengthen connective and bone tissue;
  • improve the mobility of the wrists, shoulder and hip joints;
  • prevent the development of osteoporosis (by the way, this disease may be caused by corticosteroids);
  • increase the percentage of lean muscle mass (read more about steroids for cutting).

Strong muscles keep the shoulders unfolded, straighten the posture, so that the person seems taller, and the figure seems slimmer.

Here are some effective exercises for back workouts for women.

  • Exercise 1. Sitting Turns. Sit down on the floor and cross your feet. Connect the hands, lead them by the hips and then unfold the body. Align your back, stop in a pause, go back to the initial position. Duplicate the movements for the opposite side.
  • Exercise 2. Glute Bridge. This exercise perfectly stretches the abdominal and femoral muscles, aligns the spine. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, fix the feet firmly. Leave your hands in a free position. Tighten the buttocks and the abdominal muscles, lift the pelvis as high as possible, align the body in a line. Fix at the top for a couple of seconds and gently lower.
  • Exercise 3. «Flying Bird». Back home training for women implies the implementation of practices to improve coordination and elimination of muscle spasms. Stand on all fours on the floor. Strain the Abs, and pull the stomach towards the spine. Now point the left limb back, the right arm forward. Hold the “flight” position for 5 seconds. Repeat for the other side. To complicate the technique, hold the “flight” position times longer.
  • Exercise 4. Side Plank. This is an anti love handles exercise with an emphasis on the forearm and side back muscles. Lay down on the left side, lower the weight of the body on the elbow, lean on the feet and align the body. Make sure that your elbow does not look out from behind your shoulder. Hold in this position for 40 seconds.

Back Workouts for Men – Advanced Version

Training program №1. To build the back muscles several basic exercises are used, one of the most effective of them is a dumbbell deadlift. In the process of its performing, both halves of the back are worked, while the weak half works without “help” of the stronger one.

Starting position: Slightly bent the legs at the knees. Brace your core as if you were about to be punched in the gut. Take 2 dumbbells in your hands. The dumbbells are raised to the maximum connection of the blades, then slowly, stretching the muscles, are fall down to the original position.

Another effective exercise for back workouts for men is traditional pull-up. The position is as follows: medium-grip, palms are located somewhat wider than the shoulder joints. Pull up so that the position of the chin is parallel to the crossbar, then fall down, while the elbow joints should be fully straightened. It is recommended not to use the thumbs to hold the horizontal bar, otherwise a partial redistribution of the load on the bicep will occur.

Training program №2. If we compare the basic exercises in terms of their effectiveness for the development of the back, then one of the best is the deadlift. During its execution, the calf muscles and buttocks are also trained. This exercise is supplemented with work with dumbbells, which is an excellent option for women and beginners. Training begins, as usual, with warm-up. Take the starting position: the your back should be flat, the legs slightly bent at the knees and located on the width of the shoulders. Take dumbbells and lower your arms in front of you.

Perform the exercise as follows:

1. Free weight dumbbell deadlifting is performed slowly until the body assumes a position parallel to the floor. The dumbbells should be in close proximity to the body.

2. Take the starting position, the body must be fully straightened.

In order to deeply work the lower part of the back muscles, close grip pull-ups are used, which have slight differences from the classical version. The difference lies in the location of the palms on the crossbar – the position should be so close that the thumbs touched each other with their tips.

At the end of the training, isolation exercises are performed. For home training, hyperextension is suitable, while a special machine is easily replaced with a hard sofa or other hard surface that can provide a comfortable position of the pelvis and legs.

The main task is the possibility of free movement of the body up / down and good fixing of the legs. When this issue is resolved, the palm should be taken behind the back of the head. Then lower the body with the flat lower back to the lower limit, then smoothly rise up to the maximum level.

Here’s a tip: you can use sport supplements like BCAA and anabolic steroids like Masteron, Primobolan and testosterone cypionate to speed up your progress in home bodybuilding.