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Giancarlo Stanton and Steroids: Did the Young MLB Star Take Illegal Meds?

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Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton (nicknamed Bigfoot and Mikey) is a US pro baseballer, a former Miami Marlins member, who currently plays with the NY Yankees. He is a charismatic leader and one of the most dangerous attackers. This smashing player has led his team to meritorious success. His fans are literally riveted to his performances. His popularity has led to the emergence of some steroid speculation. Let’s figure out whether Giancarlo Stanton took steroids. But first, read the facts from the athlete’s vita.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Background

The future baseball star was born on November 8, 1989 in the United States of America. He has Irish, African-American and Puerto Rican roots.

Baseballers need nerves of steel, capable of withstanding a strong onslaught and fierce struggle. But Giancarlo has long proven that he is one of the most reliable players on the Earth. Thanks to powerful strikes with an average range of 450 feet (over 135 meters), he has \already participated three times in MLB All-Stars matches.

How did the career of “Bigfoot” begin? They selected Stanton in 2007 in the 2nd draft round by the Florida Marlins and initially appeared in the team’s farm clubs, including the Jacksonville Suns (now Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp), representing the Double-A level. He made his debut in the MLB on June 8, 2010, in a match against Philadelphia Phillies, in which he scored three strokes and two RBI.

In the 2012 season, the sportsman was selected for the first time for the All-Star Game, but he did not play in it because of a right knee injury (he was replaced by Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals), and also had the best MLB Slugging percentage (0.608), which is also called Slugging average. In March 2013, he appeared with the US team at the World Baseball Classic tournament (worldbaseballclassic.com). In mid-2014, the sportsman won the winning grand slam in the inter-league match. The same year, he also received the award of Hank Aaron (“Hammerin’ Hank”) as the unconquerable striker of the League, and a few months later he signed the most remunerative contract in the MLB chronicle.

In September 2014 Stanton sustained a fierce injury: the ball hit his skull bones, fracturing them. According to medical experts, the sportsman could have lost his eyes, if the ball had hit his head higher. Since such injuries are inconsonant with fulfilling the baseball career, many sports analysts stated that Stanton would never completely recover so he wouldn’t be able to perform expertly. However, all opinions can be regarded as conditional. Such a scrape may be a deal breaker for newbies, not for professionals.

The Epoch-Making Contract of Giancarlo Stanton

The contract which Giancarlo Stanton signed in 2014 was considered outlandish. It stipulated the athlete’s income to be as big as $325 million for three years.

The famous American’s salary was not the same during that period: it gradually increased from season to season.

When giving an interview to the Marlins website, the sportsman said that he realized he had to meet people’s expectation. Although some people compared his situation to winning a lottery, he regarded it as an immense responsibility and an impetus to do his utmost in achieving the set goals. Stanton added that he had been longing for that breathtaking moment since 2007 and he was willing to improve his skills.

His contract beat the record set by Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera — a baseball player from Venezuela whose income under the 10-year agreement signed with Detroit Tigers was $292 million.

When discussing why such a deal was offered to Giancarlo, sports analysts provide the following reasons:

  • The 2014 season showed that the athlete was the second most efficient batter (after Michael Trout).
  • His results in that season were proved by stupefying figures: 37 HR, 395 OBP, 159 wRC +, 6.1 WAR. If you are not enlightened enough in baseball-related figures, Giancarlo’s performance can be compared to that of Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Calvin Johnson, Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Steph Curry and other starry athletes in the first seasons in their leagues.
  • In 2014, Stanton turned 25 years old. Miami purchased him while he was in the best years of his career.
  • Stanton was to become a free agent after the season-2016. And at 27, he was to receive a mega-contract.
  • He received his impressive contract from the team from a small market where he grew up. Teams from a small market in baseball often overpay for well-known players.

However, in 2017 Miami had financial problems. In October 2017, it changed owners and was headed for a hard rebuild. Numerous old-timers and advisers were dismissed from the team, soon the new owners began to sell out players. Given the new strategy, Stanton was the main candidate for withdrawal. The administration of Miami managed to make deals with St. Louis and San Francisco for a month, but Stanton refused to move to both these teams using the right of veto. After this, Giancarlo narrowed the circle of teams he was ready to move to four. These were Chicago Cubs, Dodgers, NY Yankees and Houston Astros. As a result, Giancarlo moved to Yankees who committed to pay him under the terms of his famous contract.

Recognition of Giancarlo

In the fall of 2017, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) presented the main award on the results of last season. They gave it to the most valuable player of the American and National leagues. Jose “Gigante” Altuve, the second baseman of Houston, was recognized as the best player, while Giancarlo Stanton, the outfielder of Miami (at that moment) became the best in NL outfielder.

After completing the first full season in six years (without injuries), Stanton was ahead of all the MLB with a serious breakdown in the home runs number with 59 long-range HRs. Although his team was far from reaching the playoffs, his impressive performance on the field caused increased media interest.

The battle for the MVP title in NL turned out to be extremely tense. At the finish, Stanton overtook the representative of Cincinnati Joey “Tokki 2” Votto (first baseman), and the distance between the first and second place was only 2 credits. Stanton and Votto both collected the first 10 places, but the extra 2nd, 3rd and 6th places in the vote provided the minimal advantage of the former Miami Marlins star. They gave the third prize to Paul Goldschmidt from Arizona. The full distribution of votes in the National League can be found on the official MLB website.

Giancarlo Stanton and Steroids

Giancarlo has a barrel chest, rounded shoulders, and delightful trapezoidal muscles. His appearance makes some people think he is a “juicer”. Well, you know that steroids in baseball are a big conundrum. In the 2000s, many players confessed to using illegal steroids. What about Giancarlo Stanton who is the next generation star? His name is clean. But some opposers and criticasters believe that his HR records were caused by the use of anabolic drugs (such as Winstrol or testosterone propionate). These speculations are groundless. Stanton’s performance may seem a mystique, but this doesn’t mean that he hoodwinks official bodies and the public.