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Free Weight Full Bicep Workout – The Best Beginners Workout Routine

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When you saw big guns, you probably wanted to get the same physique. You can do it, but you should do your best in a gym. However, it is not necessary to visit the gym to pack on the bicep muscles. You can perform effective exercises without weights even at home (read about the best bicep workouts with dumbbells at home for women and men). But in this article, we will tell you about beginner bicep workout with sports equipment.

Bicep Muscle in Human Body

Biceps (biceps brachialis muscle) is a well-marked muscle. Probably all athletes want to develop it, because well-developed biceps do not mean strong arms only, it also mean aesthetically pleasing physique. This muscle is pretty picky, some biceps can grow without problems, but in hardgainers the bicep muscle can be a problem zone. The growth of the biceps is not always a simple process.

In the case when the growth of the biceps has slowed down it is necessary to try me the training process, to take other weights – all this affects the growth of the biceps muscle. In general, still very much depends on the technique of performing exercises. If your technique is not perfect, you need to ask a more experienced partner (or coach in the gym) for help.

The parameters of the biceps are different for everyone. Everything depends on the overall constitution of the person. For some people, the normal bicep is 15 inches in circumference, while others have more than 18-ihch biceps, and this is considered to be a normal. Anyway, the growth of the biceps at late stages of training (in experienced athletes) is a difficult task.

The greater the mass of a person, the greater the volume of the biceps muscle. One of the largest biceps was recorded in Sergio Oliva in 1970s (22.5 inches). In Schwarzenegger’s prime, Arnold biceps were 22-inches.

In bodybuilding, the volume of normal biceps plays the most important role, ’cause the bodybuilders’ goal is to bring their bodies to an ideal state, so their biceps muscles are often ideal. For this they make a lot of effort in training. Growth is provided by working with iron, namely with large weights. Unfortunately, one cannot get really big guns with no equipment, but no-weight workouts also has a great effect.

To work out each group of muscles, bodybuilders allocate a certain amount of time. Athletes should spend much time to the bicep in order to qualitatively work it out. Typically, full bicep workout should be approximately 60 minutes. This is enough to load the biceps arm muscle well.

Introduction to Beginner Bicep Workout

Beginners always try to find “ultra modern” methods of training. They say that classic methods have long been outdated and does not work now. But they are not true. In fact, according to a lot of scientifically proven materials, the feature of training the biceps is precisely in the performance of basic (multi-joint) exercises. Moreover, the bicep muscle may not “like” isolation workouts (we mean workouts with isolation exercises only). But basic exercises like chin-ups and curls are good for these muscles. Here are some basic tips for the bicep training.

1. Let the muscles recover. Ironically, the biceps training system is not a daily exercise. Such training is a very labor-intensive process and the muscles recover after 5-7 days. Until the muscles have recovered their growth is impossible and, consequently, your biceps training, at least in the beginning of your training “career”, should be repeated no more often than once a week.

2. Train muscles on a regular basis. To increase the strength and volume of the muscles, the gradual increase in the load is very important. If you train the bicep for mass, it is important not to increase the number of repetitions, but to increase the working weight every 2-3 training sessions (the so-called principle of progressive overload).

3. To increase endurance and strength, you should perform 6-8 repetitions and 3 sets for each exercise. In case of muscle growth, 8-12 repetitions are the optimal amount.

4. Alternate your workouts. Every 3-4 sessions, you should change the training program for biceps. This will prevent you from adapting muscles. Muscles very quickly get used to the load and in order not to raise it so often, just change the style of doing the exercises, the number of repetitions, the order. But it is not necessary to change the exercises (we wrote about this in best bicep workouts with dumbbells at home).

5. Use sports supplements. Many supplements are not worth the money you spent on them. But some supps have scientifically proven effectiveness and may be used to improve sports performance. Among these effective supps are citrulline, BCAA, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Examples of Exercise Performing

1. Bicep Curls. Take a barbell with an average grip and perform curls for the biceps. Do not lift the bar too high (to the chin), it should be raised to the chest level.

2. Concentration Curls. Sit on the bench. The back and elbow are fixed. Take the dumbbell in the left hand, with the right hand resting on the right knee. The starting position is a dumbbell in the palm of your hand, below the foot. Contract the biceps and lift the dumbbell up to the chest.

3. Forearm (Wrist) Curls. The starting position is sitting on the bench. Make sure to keep the feet on the floor. Use your arms to grab both of the dumbbells (or a barbell) and bring them up so that your forearms are resting against your thighs with the palms facing up. The wrists should be hanging over the edge of the thighs. Start performing the exercise by curling the wrist upwards and exhaling. Do not use too much weight.

The most important thing for a beginner athlete is to master the correct technique of exercises and the gradual growth of working scales. It is necessary to learn how to feel the work of the biceps. First of all, you should not move the body forward or backward when performing the bicep exercises. Do each repetition slowly, excluding jerky movements.

Full Bicep Workout with Free Weights and Cables

  • Hammer curl. 4 sets. 12 repetitions. 90 sec rest.
  • Cable biceps curl. 3 sets. 12 repetitions. 90 sec rest.
  • Dumbbell preacher curl. 2 sets. 12 repetitions. 90 sec rest.
  • Barbell biceps curl. 4 sets. 8 repetitions. 2-minute rest.
  • Seated dumbbell biceps curl. 3 sets. 12 repetitions. 90 sec rest.
  • Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl. 3 sets. 10 repetitions. 90 sec rest.

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Bicep Workouts – Extra Tips

  • The most optimal option implies the possibility of performing 3-4 sets of 6 to 11 repetitions. The selected weight should not allow many sets to be performed, since in this case there will not be a good result of training. Weight should stimulate the hypertrophy of the biceps and work “for growth.”
  • You can perform partial repetitions. At the end of each set, it’s a good idea to include these technique. They are best performed after the first or second set of basic exercises.
  • Building a beautiful bicep is impossible without working with the brachialis muscle. Being directly under the biceps, this muscle takes on almost half of the force that appears at the time of flexion of the hand. Due to its location, the brachialis is predisposed to participate in the formation of a beautiful and strong bicep.
  • The following exercises are recommended, thanks to which the brachialis can develop and give the desired shapes and volumes to the biceps. These are, first of all, various bicep curls. They may be performed on the cable machine, hammer curls, and Scott’s bench curls.
  • Free weight bicep workouts are usually more effective for mass than bodyweight exercises. But they have some advantages, such as improving of agility and balance.
  • Some people use anabolic steroids like Trenbolone and Masteron to improve their performance and muscle-gaining process. These drugs are really effective (read more on steroids and sports). But their use is associated with some side effects of steroids.