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Forearm and Wrist Workout with Dumbbells: Best Home Exercises for Mass

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People often say that because they do bodybuilding exercises for the tricep & bicep muscles, they do not need to do workouts on their forearms & wrists. There is some truth in that statement, but you should know that weak parts of the body can limit your abilities in other workouts. For this reason, you need to do specialized exercises. Below we will tell you about them.

Why You Need Forearm Workout

In most sports, the forearm and wrist are involved in performing important movements. Any sport which implies throwing needs strong forearms & writs. And, of course, the forearm and wrist are crucial in arm wrestling. For most gym rats, forearm and wrist workout sessions will be useful for developing a strong grip, which will help to lift larger weights. In addition, the forearm muscles comprise a lot of the arms volume, which is also an important factor.

To train your forearms, you do not need to invent some unusual exercises, despite that fact that there are hundreds of different exercises. In addition, this group of muscles can be trained quite often, unlike other muscle groups. However, it is best to do this at the end of the workout. Because if you tire them up at the beginning, then you will not be able to effectively perform other exercises. For example, the bench press will become an unrealistic task for you even with a small weight if you performed heavy forearm exercises.

What are the functions of the forearm muscles? The muscles of the forearms give you the opportunity to perform a wide variety of movements with hands and fingers, such as take objects, hold weights with your hands, play musical instruments, draw, etc. Therefore, exercises for the forearms are a very important part of any strength training, especially in men.

Well-developed forearm muscles make your arms strong. Of all the muscles, it is the muscles of the forearms that attract the attention of the woman (except the tricep and bicep, of course). Due to natural instincts, a woman subconsciously chooses a man with strong arms and with strong forearm muscles.

Here are important tips for you:

  • Working weight. I case of training this muscle group, the use of large weight is ineffective. You simply will not able perform the movement effectively and correctly. The best option is average or even minimal weight.
  • Number of repetitions. The optimal number of reps is 10 to 20 per set. If the load is static (for instance, if you perform hanging from a pullup bar), check how many seconds you can do this exercise to failure.
  • Speed of execution. Regardless of the chosen exercise, move smoothly, at an average speed. Jerky movements may lead to injuries.

Forearm Workouts with Dumbbells

How to get big forearms with dumbbells? A precise answer cannot be given, because if you use only isolation exercises, then you should not expect a large increase in muscle tissue. But if you perform basic forearm workouts with dumbbells, for example, hummer curls, which are described below, then there are more opportunities to increase your forearms.

The fact is that when working with dumbbells on the biceps, the forearm begins to be included in the work. Several joints work at once, which increases the area of the involved fibers. When working with dumbbells only with wrists / forearms (wrist curls, etc.) one can receive only the pump of forearms or better muscle definition if performing many repetitions with small or medium weight. You cannot develop great muscle mass with the help of isolating exercises, even if you use large weights. This is not the kind of exercise that you need. First and foremost, you need basic multi-joint exercises, like bench press. Read more on the chest workout here.

Forearm and Wrist Workout Exercises

Your forearm workout for mass should consist of the following exercises.

  • Dumbbell Wrist Curls. This exercise belongs to an isolation ones, as only one joint and one muscle group are involved. Do it this way: sit on a bench or other surface, so that the hips are approximately parallel to the floor. With both hands (or with one hand), you should hold the dumbbell. Hands with a weighting should be placed on the hips so that the palms look up. Now you can perform the exercise: lower and raise the dumbbell by performing wrist curls.
  • Reverse Wrist Curls. Unlike the previous exercise for your forearm workout, where the inner part of the forearm works, in this case another area of the arms is involved, namely the outer part of the forearms. The starting position is similar, with the only difference being that the palms are pointing downwards, and the fingers hold weight. The amplitude of the movements is constant: up and down to failure.
  • Standing Reverse Bicep Curls. In spite of the fact that in this exercise only one pair of joints works dynamically, we mean the elbows, while the wrists work statically, this exercise refers to the basic exercises (more specific, special exercises). Stand straight, holding dumbbells in your hands. The palms with the upward movement should be directed down to the floor. When bending the elbow joints, the elbows themselves should be pressed to the sides. Raise arms while not tearing off the elbows from the sides. Lower them to the full straightening of the arms.
  • Hammer Curls. This exercise also belongs to specialized basic exercises. The starting position is similar to the previous exercise, but the palms should look at each other while working, that is, the dumbbells are kept in the dynamic phase mainly vertically. It is necessary to perform until the arms are completely bent, bringing the weight almost to the shoulders.

In some gyms, you can find a specialized machine for the wrist / forearm workout. Such a machine is especially popular in arm wrestling.

Forearm Workout for Mass & Strength at Home

You can easily do forearm workout at home (without weights). Below are the most effective exercises for that.

  • Hanging from a Pullup Bar. This is the most basic exercise on the muscles of the forearm: you just hang on the bar, preferably with a load. Due to the fact that the hands have to hold onto the crossbar, the muscles of the forearms are in constant static tension, which leads to their pumping. The extra weight only contributes to the increased result. It can be attached to the belt with straps. Systematic execution of this exercise in a couple of months will allow you to easily win a prize in competitions.
  • Metal Hand Gripper. This is a good alternative for developing the forearm muscles at home. The tool should be precisely rigid, as soft variants develop basically the wrist or fingers. So before buying it in the store, be sure to consult with a seller which gripper is more suitable for training the muscles of the forearms. Probably you will need other sports equipment.
  • Gyro Ball. This is a type of powerball, is a piece of exercise equipment in the shape of a small ball that may be used to strengthen muscles of the forearm & wrist. Inside the gyro ball is a rotor that spins and provides resistance that loads muscles.

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