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Evander Holyfield and Steroids – Short Biography, Cycle, and Training Methods.

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Anabolic steroids are powerful meds that are used as doping in many sports. They are prohibited for such purposes. However, many sportsmen often resort to anabolic steroids, such as testosterone, Deca, and Superdrol (methyldrostanolone), and to HGH therapy. There are many famous former athletes who were suspected of using steroids. Evander Holyfield is one.

Evander Holyfield Short Bio

Evander Holyfield (nickname: “The Real Deal”) is from Atrome, Alabama. He was born on October 19, 1962. He was the youngest child among nine sisters and brothers in the family. When Evander was four, his family moved to Atlanta-his mom’s homeland. The boy began to play sports at 8 years old and achieved great success.

In 1983, a huge sport festival was organized by the US Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. Evander was lucky to become the first in his weight category. He surpassed the tournament’s favorite Ricky Womack in this championship and gained significant popularity in the USA. This victory contributed to his recognition as the best amateur boxer. Also, Evander triumphantly performed at the Olympics. The start of his professional career dates back to 1984. His coach supported him greatly in this path. In 1986 he won his first championship of the world level. He defeated Dwight Muhammad Qaw. It was a sign that his crown would remain on his head for decades.

The most notable and prominent pugilist’s fights were conducted with Mike Tyson. The first boxing match was held on November 9, 1996. The fight concluded with a technical knockout, Evander was the winner. At the after-fight conference, Tyson avouched that the 11th round had been like in a fog. Then the boxers planned a rematch, which took place only on June 28 (not in May as it was planned at first). Doing the clinch (one of the maneuvers), Mike Tyson bit Evander’s right ear tip-off ( a move that would end Tyson’s career).

He is the first boxer since the epoch of Muhammad Al, who has defended the title of a heavyweight champion three times. He avenged on Michael Moorer (to whom he lost), reclaiming the IBF title.

On August 12, 2000, Holyfield triumphed in the fight against John Ruiz. This victory is considered fairly controversial but because of it, he received the dignity of the first four-time world champion in heavyweight. Eight years later Holyfield conceded his superiority to Nikolai Valuev (a boxer from Russia). Being a 49-year-old man, Holyfield mounted the ring for the last time in May 2011. He defeated his rival inside the distance.

Evander Holyfield Steroids: 2007 Allegations

In 2007 mass media issued articles, in which Evander was suspected of collaborating with a macro scale steroid distribution chain. This network was persecuted by American law enforcement agencies. Based on rumors, held in Florida and Alabama, authorities concluded that Holyfield had purchased steroids. Other US football and baseball league players were also noticed in using this drug.

However, immediately after the accusation, the athlete refuted his connection with steroids. At one of the official meetings, he claimed that he had never tried steroids and had never added them to his preparation. He was disappointed because the media didn’t seem to believe him. However, we note that many players said the same. Using steroids is illegal in the US, so the recognition of steroid use may cause the cancellation of many sports awards and high-dollar endorsements.

Some people suggest that Evander used a cycle of several drugs. But at the moment, it isn’t clearly known what drugs were included in the cycle of Evander Holyfield. It is also not known whether Evander used the best HGH injections for bodybuilding and HGH pills for sale. Many wonder how long do steroids stay in your system, but because they are taken in cycles many athletes drug test while not doping.

Evander Holyfield’s Training

Boxers have to develop such skills as agility, coordination, dexterity, speed and explosive strength for short attacks. Besides, they require excellent aerobic endurance to remain unexhausted during the whole match (10 rounds). Dr. Fred Hatfield, who thoroughly considered the above points masterminded Evander’s exercising regimen and nutrition. Such a responsible approach gave significant results.

His preparation implied the 12-week macrocycle with division into 4 separate microcycles. Each period, lasting 3 weeks, was aimed at attaining specific goals. Each further phase completely depended on the previous one. In particular, Evander was engaged in resistance training according to the following workout routine:

  • Moderate intensive sets with minimal rest.
  • Chest zone training: Bench press, including with a dumbbell, push-ups, incline dumbbell bench press.
  • Shoulders: Seated barbell shoulder press, barbell bent over lateral raises.
  • Back training: Dumbbell row, barbell row, machine exercises.
  • Arm session: EZ-bar curl, dumbbell lifts, “French” press, hammer grips, barbell curls on the Scott bench, push-ups, exercises on the peck deck fly machine.
  • Leg days: Squats, pistol squats, hyperextension, deadlift, Romanian deadlift, lunges with dumbbells, seated leg extension.

Training with heavy weights allowed Evander Holyfield to grow muscle mass and enhance force without sacrificing his velocity. This was made possible by combining strength and coordination training, developing speed, flexibility, and plasticity. To save and multiply his speed, he addressed licensed professionals. A team of crack specialists in the spheres of bodybuilding, nutrition, aerobic training, and even ballet, worked with him. Other athletes often laughed at “The Real Deal” (for instance, when he was noticed in ballet tights), but he remained cold-blooded and did his level best. Later it turned out he was ahead of his time and became a premier athlete.

Evander Holyfield Now

On October 25, 1990, Holyfield gained the title of the absolute champion in heavyweight category after combating Douglas. Even today Evander’s weight doesn’t get lower than a 100 kg benchmark. However, the athlete doesn’t desire to return to the squared circle again. In October 2012, Holyfield officially claimed that he finished his boxing career. He now has a business of manufacturing barbecue sauces.

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