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Equipoise steroid for sale: definition, results, cycle & dosage.

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Equipoise, if it sounds vaguely equestrian then you would be right as this steroid owes its existence originally to the veterinary profession. Never mind the horses – the clue is in the name – Equipoise is one of the most effective treatments for enhancing stamina and performance across a whole range of sporting endeavours.

The real equipoise definition

So the actual definition and status of Equipoise is an anabolic steroid the creation of which was driven by a desire for scientists to invent a new form of Methandrostenolone which offered a premium long-lasting action. However, almost accidentally, they invented a special substance with unique and distinct properties.

The technical status of Equipoise is the Dianabol molecule without the 17-alpha-methyl group, crucially the element which helps to deliver Dianabol through the liver without damage. Comparison results between Boldenone Undlessilen and Dianabol will show that the final effect is almost identical. Equipoise is all about maximizing muscular tissue and enhancing stamina levels. There are myriad clinical and anecdotal reviews which prove exactly its effectiveness.

The chemical formula presents testosterone with the double connection between 1 and 2 carbon atom. This formula equals Equipoise’s power with the testosterone, by the anabolic properties. Further, androgenic properties are at least twice as weak. Hence, actual use in the field could show that natural steroids offer more efficiency.

The most popular form of usage is in pill form.

What is equipoise: everything you should know


This commentary is about the use of Equipoise in sport. Occasionally, it is selected as a drug for hormonal therapy but this is generally pretty rare.

Equipoise is not a magic bullet, its principal role is support, for sportsmen and athletes who need fast outcomes. This drug enables nutritional and metabolic change within the body, specifically controlling the quantity and location of adipose tissue. It focuses on functionality and energy deriving from these stocks. Equipose will not lose excess weight and fat just by swallowing a tablet, it’s just not that simple. The key to success is the physical activity which triggers the regenerative processes. Step by step, the body builds blocks of growth and energy resources but this will only occur if the steroid is accompanied by physical activity – gym sessions and working out.

Certainly, 200mg of Equipoise is not the equivalent of the same amount of testosterone, but the influence or net result is on a par. What is best for your situation? Try both and decide for yourself.

Equipoise results

It is important to form your own opinion on this. Here are the most important points which you should consider:

  • 89% are satisfied with the quality of their added mass and the time span taken to gain it;
  • 81% are satisfied with the durability of results;
  • 87% noted that it is vastly superior to all previous supporting supplementation in their career;
  • 90% are satisfied with the impact on their overall health;
  • 81% are happy with the availability of the product;
  • 57% are satisfied with the price;

89% found that the side effects were neither onerous nor troublesome.
Result – 89% of sampled users are happy clients.

Before rush off to your computer brandishing your credit card, you really need to take on board that success with Equipoise depends on multiple factors. These include:

  • correct food habits and diet;
  • no bad habits during the period of use such as excessive drinking or poor sleep patterns;
  • minimal or zero stress;
  • regular physical activity;
  • the correctly calculated dose taken regularly.

Every single case is personally distinct, but it is hard to disregard the fact that a staggering 87% of respondents noted that it is better than everything they ever tried before. Yes, the price is more expensive than comparable alternatives but remember the age-old mantra; you get what you pay for.

Modern equipoise steroid for sale

Many roads lead to Rome and Equipoise is not the only method to achieve top sporting success and triumph. There are other variants not dissimilar to Equipoise for sale worthy of a mention, you have probably encountered them already, you may even have taken some. The most commonplace and famous drugs on the list are:

They saying goes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. These four all appeared as a response to Equipoise but each features an individual and subtle twist making it ever so slightly different.

For example, Nandrolone was produced wholly as a treatment for women. As you are doubtless aware, testosterone is a key hormone in female reproduction and fertility but the levels and interaction are hugely different from male physiology. Put simply, the ladies have less of it so to develop their physique, ideally, she needs an uplift. The challenge is utilizing the immense benefits of testosterone without actually turning into a man! Hence the thinking behind a targeted female product.

The best source for pharmaceuticals is definitely online as this offers a range of items, quality and price comparison not bettered anywhere else. Access is instant, delivery likewise. In this 24/7 culture, you won’t need to wait long for receipt of your goods. The steroid market thrives on the internet because many specialist enhancers are technically illegal in the high street. Always ensure you purchase from a reputable and licensed trader. Check carefully the country of origin, their credentials and any reviews. Read the ingredient list very carefully and don’t always opt for the cheapest price. Clever use of vouchers, discounts and loyalty schemes, means you don’t always have to pay top dollar for a premium service.

What is the equipoise cycle


There is no one standard cycle only principals and suggestions gleaned from other users and gym buddies. Everyone’s goals, lifestyle, physical requirements and training plan varies. Tailor your own schedule to perfectly suit your needs and ambitions. Managing side effects is also key; this is challenging if you follow a programme that was written for someone else.

There are however some generic theories and rules to help you devise your routine and these are universally applicable:

  • plan your activity, be realistic with work and family commitments. Stick to it;
  • structure your equipoise cycle with the support of your online pharmacist, coach or internet forum.

Always check labelling thoroughly as constituents and concentrations can vary even with familiar purchases you have taken on numerous previous occasions. Top tip is order a stock from the same batch which won’t run out before the end of the cycle otherwise you may need to tweak the quantity.

Most reputable online sellers have live chat or a similar support service. Question them until you are happy you understand how their additive works and you have exhausted all your queries. Always keep in mind the premise that the cycle hinges totally on your physical form, activity levels, bad habits and multiple other factors.

Equipoise dosage: main facts

Here are some generic ideas about different dosages for Equipoise. The final analysis is down to you but these statements will help you fathom out the best way forward.

The smallest dose is 300mg per week, this is not daily but single-use once a week. The total course is about 8-10 weeks. Your coach or trusted adviser can assist you in deciding which day is the best to take Equipoise based on your planned regimen.

Personal Equipoise dosage is accompanied by testosterone boosters because this assists in the ultimate recovery of testosterone production. This is a key point which you should not omit.

You should know that at the conclusion of your stack, the increase will cease. Sometimes, this can give rise to some mental issues, be prepared for these, this is totally normal.

So, as you can see, there is more to Equipoise than meets the eye. As with all steroid usage, preparation and detailed understanding is the key to the perfect result.