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Dumbbell Workout Routine for Women: Exercises for Arms and Legs

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Do you want to make your body fit and athletic, while not losing your femininity? The right dumbbell workout for women – that’s what you need! In this article, we will tell you some tips on how to train properly, give sample exercises and explain benefits of dumbbell workouts. Well, let’s go!

Dumbbell Workout for Women – Choosing Weight & Progressive Overload

First and foremost, you need to choose proper weight of your dumbbells. What is the optimal weight for training with dumbbells? Most personal trainers and experts believe that you need to start with the weight that you can safely hold on your outstretched hand. For most women, this is 5 kg (11 pounds). In order to get constant progress from training with dumbbells, you need to periodically increase the load. There are two options for this. First, you can increase the number of approaches. Strive to perform at least 2 sets of 12 reps. Secondly, you can increase working weight. It is recommended to increase it by 1-1.5 kg (2.2-3.3 lbs) every 2-3 months. When can you increase the weight? Carefully observe how you feel yourself during your workout. If you easily perform all exercises with dumbbells for women from the complex presented below and get tired only towards the end of the second set, boldly take heavier dumbbells.

Some females take steroids for women, such as Oxandrolone. That drugs significantly increase progress in the gym, but their use is associated with some severe side effects of steroids.

Benefits of Dumbbell Workouts for Women

Benefits of dumbbell workouts for women are obvious and diverse. Consider some of the most important aspects of the impact of working with this sports equipment on the female body.

  • Weight Loss & Attractive Physique. Diet and aerobic exercises are a classic combination for weight loss. In the minds of folks, an idea of the advantage of aerobic exercises over exercises with weights has been firmly entrenched. It is generally accepted that fat in this case burns faster. In fact, the opposite is true: by doing exercises with weights, you will spend less time losing extra pounds.
  • Body Toning. Weight loss is not the most important thing. Doing dumbbell resistance exercises, women not only just lose weight, but also make their bodies fit. Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss allow them to develop an attractive feminine silhouette. In all cases, to achieve the result you have to work: you should eat properly, use sports supplements like BCAA, do cardio, and perform resistance exercises. Exercises with weights contribute to the appearance of perfect buttocks (read more about the butt workout here), thin waist, and rounded shoulders. Women with well-developed muscles look better than woman with the same bodyweight but without proper muscle volumes. You should bear in mind that 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of fat is approximately 20% heavier than 1 kg of muscle. The best combo for weight loss should include proper diet and exercises with dumbbells.
  • Improving General Health. Dumbbells help to treat heart problems. Physical exercises may become your own psychologist, which can cope with mental “injuries”. Training helps to fight against stress and lead to the release of hormones of happiness. In this state, you can easily deal with daily problems.  Exercises with dumbbells stimulate the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system. In this some training complexes with weights are quite capable of competing with aerobic exercises. For example, circuit dumbbell exercises significantly increase the heart rate, which leads to strengthening of the heart.
  • Blood Pressure Lowering. As a result, the risk of a heart attack is reduced by 15%, and the probability of a stroke is reduced by 40%. In addition, the body receives more reliable protection against many other diseases. In addition, life expectancy increases.
  • Benefits for Bones. There are benefits from dumbbells for the skeleton. Over time, bone tissue becomes more fragile. Training with weights leads to an increase of osteocalcin – bone protein – in the blood. As a result, the strength of bones increases.
  • Good Mood. Psychological health is no less important than physical. There are hormones of happiness called endorphins. Strength training leads to the release of these substances, which are extremely useful for emotional life. Other things being equal, women who regularly exercise with extra weight are more positive than those who do not train in the gym or at home. Well, stress resistance means more colorful, more prolonged, and more productive life.

Dumbbell Workout Routine for Arms

Here is a dumbbell workout routine for your arms:

  • Tricep Kickbacks. Unbend your elbows to make the triceps work. Tilt the body forward, bend your arms. Then you should strengthen your triceps by training with dumbbells. Without changing the position of the elbows, unbend your arms back. There, as in all other exercises, technique is very important. Your arms should not hang out, elbows should be fixed at the waist. Do not make movements in the shoulder joint. Only the elbow joint should work. Do not forget to make sure that the muscles of the belly and waist are contracted.
  • Bicep Curls plus Arnold Press. This is an exercise for the bicep and shoulder muscles. The first part of it is very known, while the second one has been invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s how to perform this combined exercise.
    • feet shoulder width apart, keep dumbbells in your hands;
    • perform bicep curls, elbows should be pressed to the body, do not spread them to the sides;
    • lift dumbbells up, rotating your wrists;
    • in the reverse order, lower your hands with the dumbbells down;
    • perform 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

As for timing, 20-minute workout will be enough for you. We have more information on dumbbell workout for arms. Read our article about the best bicep workouts with dumbbells at home.

Leg Workout With Dumbbells

Start with light warm-up exercises. Stand up straight, connect the arms and pull them in front of you. Slightly bend your knees. Pull your arms forward, round your back. After 10 seconds, stretch upwards, stretching the back well. Then, connect your hands behind your back and take them back. Now you are ready to train with dumbbells.

  • Side Lunges. Take dumbbells in your arms and spread your legs wide. Bend your arms at the elbows and press against the waist. The movement that you will perform is one of the the most effective exercises for the buttocks and legs. Alternately bend your knees, making smooth lunges with your right and left legs. When one leg is bent, the second one should be absolutely straight. Transfer weight to a new supporting leg using the work of the gluteal muscles. In this case, this exercise for the buttocks will not overstrain the back muscles.
  • Dumbbell Deadlift. Stand up straight, feet on the width of the pelvis, slightly bend the knees and tilt the body forward. Take dumbbells in each hand and lower them down in front of you. Now put forward the body, without changing the position of the legs. Movement should occur in the hip joint. Dumbbells should “slip” on the surface of the legs. Return to the starting position using efforts of the gluteal muscles.

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