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Drostanolone – Features of Propionate & Enanthate Esters for Good Cutting!

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Drostanolone propionate, belonging to the group of anabolic-androgenic steroids broke into the scene in the 1970s, as Masteron by Syntex. However, the product had already been in development by Syntex since 1959 alongside oxymetholone. After which, the successful release of Masteron started.

The compound is also marketed under other famous names like Masteril, Metormon, and Drolban, produced by Lilly according to Syntex’s license (see the extensive list below). Nevertheless, the Masteron brand is still considered the most widespread among steroids pills for sale.

Being a medicine with perceptible therapeutic effects, it achieved enormous success in fighting breast cancer (carcinoma) occurring in postmenopausal women, sufficiently replacing surgeries. Its anti-cancer properties were studied by Trams G. (EORTC European Journal of Cancer, 1977), M. Chowdhury, A. Banks, W. Bond (Clinical Oncology, 1976) and countless others.

However, the sphere where Masteron currently enjoys fundamental popularity is in bodybuilding, even though its original forms cannot be purchased nowadays. Actually, almost every known brand has been taken out of circulation.

This drug boasts US FDA approval, but its use for the sake of breast cancer treatment is rare, and it does not belong to the category of over-the-counter steroids. The steroid, however, finds gigantic acclaim among competitive bodybuilders and it’s believed to be advantageous in preparing for contests.

Drostanolone Propionate—Cycle and Dosage

The activity and benefits of drostanolone propionate are best illustrated when you’re in the cutting cycle phase, during which your activities and intense training are aimed at losing weight and developing muscle definition. A person must be extremely lean to fully appreciate the real advantages of this medication. Therefore, bodybuilders use it in the final stages of competition preparation, when body fat percentage (BFP) is low. Masteron is essential as even the smallest dosage will propel competitors toward losing the last pound of extra unnecessary fat.

The anti-estrogenic impact is aimed at enhancing the appearance of the body and explosive strength indicators. Those adventurists who aren’t so lean are less likely to experience visibly noticeable effects. A person with less than 10% body fat will probably notice results and continue to work harder. For those with a BFP over that threshold, the result will be basically invisible.

300 to 400 mg consumed each week is the standard Masteron dosing schedule for men. If you prefer injections, 100 mg/day for six to eight weeks is appropriate. This timeframe is ideal for the achievement of desired results.

The drug’s brand names include:

  • Drolban
  • Master 100
  • Masteril
  • Mastisol
  • Masterject
  • Drosbolic
  • Masteron CentrinoLab
  • Mastebolin
  • Remastril
  • Droste-Med
  • Masterone
  • Metormon
  • Permastril
  • Prometholone

Drostanolone Enanthate—Features of Using

Drostanolone enanthate belongs to underground anabolic-androgenic steroids which can be difficult to find (because of discontinuation). Instead, drostanolone propionate is more widely used. Masteron must be taken as an intramuscular injection at least thrice weekly because of the propionate ester (it’s inactive via the oral route). The necessity of such frequent injections and its high demand causes illicit labs to manufacture pharmaceuticals containing the attached enanthate ester.

This combination (called Masteron enanthate) had gained enormous popularity among athletes in the 2000s. Masteron enanthate and propionate are generally synonymous. One compound differs from another by the attached ester’s existence, which is aimed at activating the drug’s action and enhancing its release into the body.

Side Effects of Drostanolone

The anabolic index of Drostanolone is low, so it acts as a great fat burner, which is appreciated by pro and amateur athletes. In the meantime, this factor can cause the risk of various androgenic side effects, including aggression, alopecia, prostatic hypertrophy, acne, and female virilization.

Masteron administration is not associated with fluid retention and blood pressure increase. It does not affect the liver severely either.

Drostanolone—Examples of Using

An Olympic swimming team from Germany once managed to win almost all the gold medals, a considerably challenging feat. However, it was later proved that the athletes had consumed a dihydrotestosterone derivative—undoubtedly, it had been the notorious Masteron. While interviewing, a journalist inquired about the low voices of almost all the athletes, which seemed strange. The retort was short and rude. She said they didn’t have to sing but to swim at the Olympic Games.