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Dr. Dre & Steroids – Did Famous Rap Singer Use Drugs for Great Physique?

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Often, rap singers use steroids. They want to pump up their muscles to look impressive when performing in public. One of the rappers who pumped his body with steroids is Dr. Dre (we heard this through the grapevine).

Dr. Dre’s Background

Dr. Dre (André Romelle Young) is a North American rap singer and producer. He attained world recognition due to cooperation with many famous rappers, including Snoop “Snoopy” Dogg, Eminem, and Ice Cube. Young created an innovative musical trend called G-funk (a subgenre of hip hop music) causing a tempest in the industry. The music became epic.

The famous musician under the pseudonym Dr. Dre was born in the “City of Angels”, in 1965. Dr. Dre’s father and mother named him Andre Romelle Young. His mommy, Verna, was just 16 years old. After giving birth, the parents of the musician entered into a marriage. It is known that father Theodore, who was an inveterate admirer of “The Romells” band, gave the name of Romell[e] to his son.

Three years later, his parents divorced because of irreconcilable differences, The family lived in “a hopeless place” (as in the song “We Found Love” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna). At first, the young man went to Vanguard Junior High School, but because of prevalent delinquency, Vernet transferred her son to Roosevelt Junior High School.

While the future millionaire learned the ropes, his mother mesmerized Warren Griffin, whom she married afterward. The couple met in Long Beach. Thanks to this event, Dr. Dre had three stepsisters, and a stepbrother named Warren Griffin III, who is now also a rap performer and DJ. The apple never falls far from the tree.

The future rapper changed schools many times. In 1979, the guy entered Centennial High School, from where the musician was kicked out for low achievements. He had to go to Fremont High School. Back in school, the guy tried to find employment. He applied at an airline company but failed to get the job so decided to devote his time to his music.

Dr. Dre – a Prominent Rapper

The musician started to perform in the club Eve After Dark (12823 S. Avalon Blvd, LA). Masterpieces of DJs and rappers’ performances galvanized him. In this club, he met his like-minded friend Antoine Carraby (better known by DJ Yella). Andre became “Dr. J” then changing this moniker to “Dr. Dre”. He also named himself “Master of Mixology”.

The guy’s musical skills continued to evolve. Alongside teammate Ice Cube, he made songs for Ruthless Records. Young people decided to create a rap band with other performers, namely Antoine Carraby, Arabian Prince and MC Ren. It was called N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes). They popularized the “gangsta rap” subgenre, and are now considered one of the most influential bands in this sphere.

They were quickly glorified, as the musicians offered something new and different to listeners. The band used swearwords, criminal stories and other obscene things in their tracks. They released the disc which under the name “Straight Outta Compton” It was recognized as one of the best in rap. The song “Fuck the Police” became especially popular among adolescents.

The next turn of fate makes Dr. Dre go into solo swimming. He started fruitful cooperation with Death Row Records. In the early 1990s, the former turntable performer switched to a new stage in his life. It happened after the duo with Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. On December 15, 1992, “Doc” released his debut solo album “The Chronic”.

The rapper used G-funk style. By 1995, business dealings with Death Row heated up, so the rapping performer left them and established Aftermath Entertainment (which is live now).

Dre sang songs, simultaneously promoting his label. In 1998, due to his acquaintance with the producer Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre decided to take a talented guy from Detroit underwing. This guy was Eminem.

It was time to release the second solo album. The rapper formally presented it in November 1999. Dr. Dre called the CD “2001”. Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem), Alvin Nathaniel Joiner (Xzibit) and Snoop Dogg were the musician’s co-performers. On this CD, there was a song “The next episode”.

The album was extremely popular, so it became platinum 6 times. Even 5 years of forgetting did not affect the rapper’s popularity. This album contains hits, including “Forgot About Dre”, “Still D.R.E.”. 2000 turned out to be fecund for Andre. The young man was recognized as the Best Producer of the Year and was awarded the Grammy.

Dre had only two solo albums. Therefore, he planned to release the third one called “Detox”. This record was supposed to be the end of his career. During one of the news interviews on MTV, Young told some info about Detox. According to Dr. Dre, this album would be conceptual. The work on the recordings was completed, however, the world didn’t hear the hits.

All the attention of the estimable rapper was occupied by the production of young and talented musicians. After a lot of thoughts, Dre decided to present the album to the world in 2005. However, the delay occurred again. As a result, the release date was fixed for 2009. DJ Khalil, Nottz, Bernard «Focus» Edwards Jr. participated in creating oeuvres for the new album.

Dr. Dre spent a lot of energy and time working with the album “Detox”. In October 2009, the rapper admitted that he had been working on this disc for 10 years. The musician postponed the release date for 2010. His friend and performer, The Game said that this record would be incredible and crazy for millions of fans.

When 2010 came, rumors about the release of a new disc from Dr. Dre didn’t appear. By the end of the year, the fans of the rapper’s creativity heard the song “I Need a Doctor”. Eminem and Skylar Gray participated in the track recording. The guys filmed the video, the video was presented in February 2011.

Sometimes there were no tidings about Andre. In August 2015, he presented his third disc “Compton” (not “Detox”, as you would guess). In 2017, the rap singer unveiled the first song in two years called Gunfire. The composition was sounded in the documentary mini-TV series “The Defiant Ones “.

Dr. Dre and Steroids Use

There are many disputes, concerning Dr. Dre’s steroids taking. The most powerful evidence which proves that the “father” of Eminem and Snoop Dog take steroids is his appearance. Look at his photos and you will understand that the performer looks like a professional bodybuilder. This is no exception in the world of rap, 50 Cent, The Game, Nick Cannon, Tyrese Gibson, Ja Rule, Usher, and DMX are also jacked, guys.

He obviously used some drugs like anabolic steroids to enhance his sports performance and physique. Surely, he trains hard in the gym and follows the appropriate diet. We cannot say for sure what steroid cycle he uses.

The probable Dr. Dre steroid cycle is as follows:

  • Testosterone cypionate. This is an esterified option, which features a slow rate of release. It’s half-life is roughly 12 days. This pharmaceutical was created by UpJohn in the 1950s. It is highly popular now and provides good effects both medically and athletically.
  • Anavar. This is a marketable name of Oxandrolone (dihydrotestosterone). Its anabolic rating is about 300-600 (ordinary testosterone has 100). It is a resplendent medication for cutting, which also helps to boost musculature growth. It is good for conditioning and size. Anavar is a non-aromatized steroid, so gained muscle mass is lean.
  • Winstrol. Winny took the spotlight after Ben Johnson waltzed past Carl Lewis in the 1987 Summer Olympics running. Now it is a widespread medication which is a subject that is hushed.
  • Aromasin (based on exemestane, also known as Exemestane Accord, Exestan, Exetu, Nateran, Exegret, X-Cel FC, Exemestan-Hormosan, Exemestano Urquima, Exeregio, Exemin, and Xtane). It protects against estrogenic sides. But in medicine this medicament is used to treat breast cancer in female persons after menopause. It lowers the estrogen levels, slowing down the growth of tumors. However, bodybuilders find it appropriate for combating estrogenic “sides” of anabolics.

Remember that this is not precise information, but it to be entertaining stuff.