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Katie Ledecky and Steroids: Do People Suspect Her of Doping (Steroids Use)?

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Many famous athletes take or have taken steroids. It’s common knowledge that legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger took these medicaments. There are also suspicions that Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Evander Holyfield are/were on steroids. If a sportsman receives champion titles, people blame him or her in resorting to doping. On the Internet, there are rumors that Katie Ledecky also uses forbidden substances.

Who is Katie Ledecky?

Kathleen Genevieve “Katie” Ledecky is an American swimmer who has made significant progress at a young age.

The future Olympic champion was born in 1997. Her father David Ledecky, who had Czech-Jewish roots, was a lawyer and her mother Mary Jen Heigan, who was of Irish origin, also was a swimmer. The grandfather of the sports woman, Jaromir Ledecky, was forced to emigrate from Czechoslovakia to America soon after the II World War in 1947.

Katie Ledecky’s Sports Career


Katie’s debut dates back to 2012 when the 15-year-old girl was included in the US team and performed at the Summer Olympics in the capital of the United Kingdom. She superseded other competitors in an 800-meter freestyle race after taking the leading position from the very beginning of the swim. She received a gold medal. Then, she took part in the following events:

  • FINA (Federation Internationale de Nation) World Championships in Spain, 2013
  • Pan Pacific Championship in Australia, 2014
  • World Aquatics Championships in Russia, 2015

Interesting Facts About Katie

At the 2015 World Cup in Kazan, Ledecky received the moniker Crazy Woman. The nickname stuck to the American after the final 200 m freestyle lap.

That is how all her rivals named her and it quickly passed to the stands. Kathy herself has admitted that she likes this nickname, however, she opined that she does not embody that particular slur, she just adores her occupation.

A breakfast at Ize’s Deli in Bethesda is named in honor of Katie. It’s called Katie’s Gold Medal Omelet. It is ordered for Katie by her mother at 06:30 every day after her daughter’s morning session. In addition, TIME magazine included her in the list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2016 (she was the youngest member). Hillary Clinton, Janet Yellen, Melinda Gates, Susan Wojcicki, Sheryl Sandberg, Mary Barra, and Angela Merkel were also on this list.

In 2015, Ledecky shocked the world, reaching the finish of the 400-meter race with the same time as Michael Phelps: 4 minutes and 2.67 seconds. She proffered Phelps to compete with her, but he didn’t accept her proposal. His pretext was claiming in jest that she too was tired after such a trial and eventually refused.

He was conscious of the high likelihood of losing: “She really overtakes all the guys!” said the athlete. He added that he hadn’t seen an individual who could swim like a pike before. In Budapest, Katie commented on a possible competition with the fastest male swimmer in an evasive manner, saying she’d had several training sessions with him and had examined his capabilities. She would be glad of a match, but he had already retired. She admitted his supremacy and accentuated their different techniques.

Some people suppose that Ledecky is mistaken since she is prepared enough to bypass Phelps, who is now interested in open water, wetsuits, and challenging great white sharks. Besides, their swimming manners are almost identical. Commentators often claim that Ledecky’s swimming style really resembles that of a man’s stroke.

The journalists tried to spin a sexist connotation to such statements, but they failed. Katie herself is satisfied with everything. “I accept it as a compliment. It is true, my technique is borrowed from the freestyle men,” Ledecky said while being interviewed by NBC in 2016.

According to Ledecky, she is distinguished from other swimmers because uses her hips more intensively and makes more powerful strokes. Also, her left arm is held a bit ahead of the right one. After mastering this, her results increased.

Katie Ledecky and Illegal Steroids

In an interview with NBS in 2016 (PBS NewsHour) the channel’s journalist asked her a provocative question concerning the use of doping. She was shocked and flattered simultaneously and answered that she had had no connection with this prohibited method but it was cool that people were sure she had done the impossible.

She was asked about this confusing issue once more at the World Championships in Kazan. The journalist from the German TV channel ZDF formulated the question carefully and called the swimmer’s successes “suspicious”.

What Drugs Do Katie Ledecky Use? Our Assumptions

We have no idea what steroids Katie Ledecky presumably use. Probably, these are Oxandrolone or testosterone propionate (fast testosterone ester). But we repeat, these are just hypotheses we do not verify.

Perhaps Katie is completely natural. However, there is the likeliness of her taking other preparations (not steroids) to increase performance, like natural HGH supplements for sale. It tears the opinions of the internet audience. Some write that it’s strange that Katie beats other athletes with no significant effort. Other reviewers believe she is clean. They think she has the best technique, top-level cardio-vascular endurance, and smarter and stronger exercise plans than other female swimmers.